2004-07-17-Intention & Sincerity

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Topic: Intention & Sincerity

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Sondjah

TR: Daniel Raphael



SONDJAH: Good morning, this is Sondjah. Your regular teacher is away today. We appreciate this new location and know that it will be filled many times over in the future. You will see new people come and go, some will stay a few weeks and others will never return again, and that is fine. It is a blessing for all to have their presence here, and we and you convey a blessing to everyone here. You are in a very thriving locale; there is something about the aridity of the climate that provides a parched perspective of leanness, of wanting, of thirsting —thirsting for that which sustains you in spirit and in body, socially, emotionally and intellectually. In years to come, you will reflect back upon this area as being almost pristine, as it is today, for it will grow immensely in the future. For some of our celestial teachers, this reminds them of home on their planet, so for many it is good to be here —it is familiar.


Your last lesson, as we recall, had much to do about courage, which challenged you in many ways. Today, we wish to discuss another elemental topic, that of "intention." We had good preparation for this topic today in meditation. What use is courage, if there is no intention for its use? What bravery is expressed in saving lives and saving souls is of any good, if there is not intention? Courage and bravery are only just so much happenstance in time, spontaneous events that are saving to others if there is not intention. Your language describes intention as "purpose, objective, goal, reason, and reason for doing something, for some situation." It is the plan that exists before will commits it to action.

You my friends are potential that is unexpressed and is simultaneously in the process of expressing. You are immense potential; you have little idea in your brief lifetimes–even in the later stages of your lives–the depth, magnitude and grandeur of the potential that lies within you. We know it as infinite. We are taught that it is infinite and we are informing you that your potential is infinite. Yet that potential with only courage, has the probability of leading you from one temporary goal and objective to another. Now you know, that your Creator–your Father/ Mother/ God Creator–has imbued in you, placed in you, a kernel of a plan for your life. Yet that plan has great difficulty expressing itself in your potential until and unless you declare an intention for your life.

Even if you are unconscious that you have a plan for your life–if you say, "I want to be a landscape engineer, I want to be a forester, I want to be a physician, I want to heal people; I want to do...anything," then your half of the co-creative puzzle is apparent. You have seen those around you, those whom you read about in the newspapers and in the media, who have wandered through life seemingly without a plan. We are not saying that they haven’t participated in that plan, and we are not saying that they have. It may be that they are wanderers, and that is their plan. It may be that they are wanderers and they have intentionally been wandering. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, and in fact it can lead to great wisdom for themselves, and if it is shared, for others. Your bumper stickers say a truth, "All those who wander are not lost." Some, however, are.

What is your intention for your life? Do you have a plan? And it does not make any difference whether you are five years old, fifty years old, or ninety-five years old–if you have an intention for the remainder of your life, you have the possibility of expressing huge potentials within you, co-creatively with spiritual assistance. What is your intention for your religion, for your spiritual beliefs, for your practices of life? Are you mindlessly going to church, with no intention? Are you obediently following another’s guidelines as guru to student? You see your intention helps define who you are. It helps fulfill or to develop a container, parameters of your potential for one particular area. You may say, "This year I want to plant a flower garden–a wonderful flower garden," and that is your only intention for this season. Believe me my friends you can become greatly enhanced with wisdom in the quiet time that will occur during the hours that you work in the garden. Your intention may be, "My intention is to be to become a care-giver or a compassionate teacher or a teacher’s aid to children. My intention is to bring something more into their lives than simply learning and being cared for." You will have a tremendous influence on that environment, and you in turn will be influenced immensely by it.

Your intentions are a plan that you make. It may be that you say in your intention, "My intention is to be a teacher’s assistant at a daycare center, and I want spirit to teach me through the children and that work place if it is possible." Now you have expanded your intention, your plan for your life to include the reception of wisdom from experiences that teach you in good ways. You do not have to commit your life to world peace. You do not have to commit your life to philanthropic efforts on a grand scale. And why is that? It is because you are the focal point of the universe. Each individual is the focal point of the universe.

Now let me turn this magnifying glass backwards so that we are now looking from the telescopic end of the looking piece, from the perspective of God to you. The universe truly is a benevolent place, and you mortal souls are scattered throughout billions of cubic light years of space–billions upon trillions of planets, filled with mortals with souls, seeds of God strewn across the sky, the universe and all the stars and planets, and it is here, this garden in the universe, is where God planted you. And God’s plan for you, God’s intention for you is for you to become as much like the Creator as you possibly can, right where you are, as humble or as grand as your circumstances are on your planet. When you declare an intention, then request the participation of God’s universe of light-workers and helpers, and your Father fragment within–your Divine partner–you have, so to speak, shaken hands with the Creator, have made an intention–perhaps not an agreement–but an intention that is co-creatively shared, whether it is for one season of gardening, or whether it is a lifetime of work with children, or with others, or whether it is for your growth being a highway engineer. When you shake hands, make that contact with your intention for your life, for the unlocking of your potential, you have begun a grand, glorious, exploration of your life-plan. You may not have a clear idea of what your life-plan is from the Creator’s perspective, and you may have only a foggy idea of what your intention is, your plan for your life, but that is surely enough when you have made agreement with your intention with the Creator.

Now the nutrients of your spiritual environment of course are tragic and filled with travesty, difficulty, challenges–and yes, much good. There are "gardeners" among you, who assist you, as myself, the midwayers, other celestial teachers, and of course the glorious angelic corps. You are not without assistance. When you begin to be in tune with the harmony of the universe, you will feel this vibration that fills [the entire] universe; you call this love. This is a simple one-word category for abundance, beneficence, good, generosity, and all the wonderful things, values and beliefs that support that. It is not necessary to go from chore to chore, in doing your daily work, to exhort the wonderful things of love. You may not even talk about love; it may not even be your intention to be a loving person. It may be your intention simply to be in tune, in harmony with the universe, to flow with the grand pattern of the universe, be one with the energy that fills all the universe, and to be a resonant, respective and responsible participant in that flow. You contribute much to the welfare of your people, your planet and the universe when you do this. Your planet has some old and ancient religious philosophies of this life-style, this way of living. You have other contemporary religions that teach the fundamentals of this type of life. We encourage you to look at the word "encourage"...to take on courage to express an intention for your life.

The young woman who recently, moments ago, said she was wondering what the Father’s will is for her life has only to express her intention for her life and feel the attractiveness of herself drawing in the resources to bring all these things into existence. This is participation, a co-creative embracement of your life with the larger life of the universe. All that you need is before you. All you have to do is to encourage it to come to you, and that is to take the courage to literally go out into the garage and into a closed space, or out into a field, and announce to the universe that you are ready to receive, and what your intention is for your life. Be "one" with this and know that you are one with it already. You set the example and the sample, you are the mark of excellence, you are the emanating point of love.

We have a second topic to speak about, after a brief question and answer period, if you have questions at this time.


Student: I’ve been trying to learn to meditate and contact my angels and whoever wants to contact me, and I’m having problems with it...is there something I can do better?

SONDJAH: It may never occur that you actually hear your angels speak to you. Many of you do not hear your angels or the teachers. It is not for lack of trying or intent or sincerity, or even from a busy mind. It may be just that it doesn’t occur. We always encourage you to be still in your mind and in your lives, to go to the stillness, to be at peace, to open yourself. This one who speaks, for decades never heard. Yet, look to the "outer" for the coordination of events that would indicate that all was in alignment, and [you] wondered why, when it was not. If you do not hear, you have eyes to see, eyes that acknowledge the opportunities that open before you, and the doors that close behind you. Do not turn and try to open the doors once more, for those opportunities, those passages are closed. Look now to open doors, and open windows to the grand views before you. Go see, make a choice, make an intention, take action and if that door closes, then open another door, and move on.

Hearing is something that for some is definitely not an advantage. Some who hear do not listen or take in the admonishments, guidance and wisdom, but live their life as though they had never heard. It is not necessarily a blessing to hear, but to have faith that you are on the path, open to opportunity, open to your intention to express itself in your life and [in] the years, months and weeks before you. So be at peace with this. It may be that you never do hear, but you do see and you do know what faith is. Try to be at peace with your universe, to be in harmony with it. Live in the moment; accept that which comes to you–even the challenges. But acknowledge them as challenges, not to overcome you, but to strengthen you, and know that those challenges are only temporary, that there will be another day to grow and to move forward. You do not live on an easy planet. This is a most difficult, adversarial, hostile place to live and you are challenged every day. You know this as well as I. Be at peace; seek for inner guidance and listen. These are my only words to give you for this situation of yours.

Are there other questions?

Student: I have a question I am trying to form about intentions. There are so many stories of people who have done work all their lives and come to a place where they realize that maybe that’s really not what they are supposed to be doing. If you just go out and declare your intention for what you want to be doing, how can you...I don’t understand the coordination of that with the Father’s will, that each of us have a purpose within us, aligned with the Father’s will and plan for our lives.

SONDJAH: Yes, each of you does. It is a matter of allowing it to express itself in your life. You hear, you see, yet you wonder. [Just a moment...This is Daniel. I’m having a hard time with this, girl. I’m just going to be still with this. Sondjah has much to say about this, but I’m getting in the way. Hang on.] (Pause) It is with great heartfelt connection that I feel your quandary, yet this is probably the most magnificent era and moment that could occur in your life, where you are so much yearning to be in touch with your Creator, so yearning to be in touch with the plan for your life. This is exciting to us, to see one who yearns so strongly, who is seeking for the way. This is a time when often that the plan appears suddenly and magnificently, or quite the opposite. You must live out the struggle, of seeking it and finding it. When you are in tune with your plan of life, when you are open in harmony with that plan, it will find you. Be at peace about this. In the meantime, go about your daily life as though the plan were there, and it will express itself and reveal itself to you. Be confident that you are on the right track. Be aware that you are being guided. And as you prepare your life, as you wash windows, scrub the floor, and rearrange things in your home and prepare to move on, be open in those moments as opportunities rather than moments of struggle. We do not have the answer for you; the answer lies within you and around you. We could not tell you the plan of your life, if we had it, yet we would go to great extent to reveal the next opportunity for you.

Your worst situation would be to make no intention for the next day–or for this day–and make no decisions. Then your situation would be hopeless for us all. Make your intentions small for today, and for tomorrow–beyond that, do not fret over it much. You know that you must live simply, easily and comfortably; this does not mean that you have to have a grand house to live in, or wonderful furnishings around you, but that your security is not challenged, and that you are at peace. Your work may be simple. This is desirable. It may not be lucrative, and it may mean that you must be simple in your life’s activities. Yet you know, that you are at once the church, the convent, and the sister. The wisdom is there to learn, around you.

You live in God’s universe, the grand and glorious place to experience its wonderful abundance. Within you is a fountain of knowledge and a wealth of love. Be at peace about your life’s work, and it will come to you. It is very much like the Zen Buddhist way of life–you will see it by not looking for it, and it will appear when you least expect it. Have faith. Do not place overly large expectations upon yourself, but to be at peace. And most of all, be not anxious about tomorrow, or regretful about yesterday, but accepting of today and its grand abundance, its generosity of love and life. You have friends, you have acquaintances, you are accepted and you are loved. There is much to be grateful for, as you know. We do, however, bless you. We anoint you in your path. Your commitment is solid. We are deeply respectful of the commitment that you have made. We will close our address to you with that. (Thank you.)

Now, on to a challenging topic following this heartfelt message, and that is "sincerity." While we see the intention factor as quantitative, we also see the sincerity factor as qualitative. [Also, sincerity as commitment.] You may see intention as a black and white television image; you may see the sincerity factor as the color, vibrancy and vividness/brightness of what is portrayed. You may have a plan, but what is the quality of that plan? You may have an intention to do something–you may see it clearly–and you may have the will to do it, but if it is of little meaning to you, if it is a triviality to you, if you have a flippant attitude towards its accomplishment, then the sincerity factor will come into play. If you go to church and pray for another as obligation, and you are insincere, only fulfilling the form of helping another through prayer, then your prayers will not have much effect. We have on occasion advised those of you who do things hollowly, to not even do them, for you set a pattern, a habituation of insincerity, of hollowness, of superficiality in your commitment to your spiritual work when you do this. If you pray only once a week for others, and you do this diligently, sincerely, with much energy, with much emotional commitment and you will the good to occur to others, and your intentions do not include yourself, my friends, you have gone a long ways to help others.

Now, surely it is all right–and we encourage you–to have intentions for your own life. This is not selfish. This is simply not squandering good resources, but unlocking and tapping into the potential that is within you. Surely, there is nothing wrong with sincere requests to spirit to aid you in your life’s journey. When you do this with sincerity, do so with the sincerity you would pray for another soul, with the sincerity of a child to request a glass of water, who is thirsty. There is need to be filled; there is need to be satisfied; there is need to unlock and initiate and begin the expression of potential. You may say sincerely, "Show me the way; show me what to do." This is sincere, though it sounds like pleading. How to get around the old habits of pleading and begging, and wheedling with God, is a hard habit to break.

Let us say that you have a wonderful neighbor, a neighbor who helps you at every instance, who is always welcoming you to ask for assistance, just as you offer your assistance to that neighbor, sincerely, knowing that they will never ask without it being needed, and that they always repay in kind and more, in time. Would you not go to your neighbor and say, "George, help me. I need to move the piano into the front room. Do you think you can help me?" "Why sure, I’d be glad to." And he comes over and helps you. Or you might say, "And, I have company coming, will you help me prepare the house?" "Why certainly, I’d be glad to. Let me get my things, I’ll be right over." You say to another neighbor, "I have come into a windfall and I have this money, this investment that I need to use appropriately. Would you come over and advise me how to do this?" "Well sure, I’d be glad to." Now know that your "Neighbor," the Creator, lies close at hand, within you, a representative of the Divine, one who embraces you, who has already accepted you, does not reject you and never will. Speak to your "Neighbor" this way, as you would your earthly neighbor. Your "Neighbor" knows you are not helpless, knows that you are not blind, knows that you are not deaf, knows that you are not stupid, but have a good mind, wants to move in a good direction. Your Creator/partner is willing to help. This is sincerity at its best. Approach your spirit helpers with the same sincerity that you know they will approach you. They will not jeer you, they will not tease you, will not be cynical, bitter, biting or conniving–they love you, sincerely, right where you are. Your requests only need to be made clearly and sincerely. You don’t need to plead or bargain or connive or manipulate–simply be who you are. Be sincere, and you will have sincere results.

We offer you a proviso about sincerity. When it comes to other mortals, sometimes their sincerity is truly endearing, but it is self-serving. Be cautious of others who appear to be sincere, for even those who would do you wrong, may sincerely wish to do so. This may sound humorous, it may sound even comical, yet, we truly mean this, that sincerity is not shared with just good people, but also who may want to do you wrong as well. So be advised when you are dealing with other mortals, that the sincerity factor is examined. The test of those who seem sincere is to ask them to share their intentions. So this is a quantitative and qualitative test that you can have for your life and for the plans of others. What is your intention? You can apply these two factors to your relationships as well. What is your intention for being here? What is your plan, what is your objective? How do I fit into that, and vice versa?


We wish you well. Now do you have questions concerning this? (Pause.) Blessings to you this day. We "sincerely intend" to include you deeply, fervently, in all future discussions. Our intentions for being here are to aid you. We have the sincerity of light upon us as the sincerity of light is upon you. We are here to enhance your life, not make it more difficult. Your challenges are many and we are not saying that this is a simple box to open and that all good will come to you, for there are still challenges in life that you must deal with. But knowing your intentions and the intentions of others, your sincerity and the sincerity of others, will assist you in living your daily lives more completely and more fully.

Student: I don’t have another question but I want to thank you for coming to our group and for your celestial guidance. [Ed. Paraphrased because the voice was too far away to be picked up clearly by the mike.]

SONDJAH: Your gratitude is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time and opening your community, your home to us. We look forward to our next meeting with you. Good day.