2004-08-02-Earth's Children

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Topic: Earth's Children

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "Welcome dear one. Today we talk of the way you live your life, or the pressures and expectations you place upon yourself and allow you to release some of your fears and concerns.


"The world is spinning faster, moving from a place of denseness into the higher octaves available to it. Soon the octave will be reached, and the shift will occur into the next octave frequency of life as you start to work as one organism, Earth with Humanity, rather than working in opposition to each other.

"Earth has been most forgiving of your people as a mother is of a child, but soon you grow up and learn to take responsibility for your actions and deeds, and after a somewhat sulky adolescence can bond in true partnership as adults together.

"You seem on the surface to be so different, a planet and a people, yet the impulses surrounding you are so similar. You live within the same space of creation and enhance each other in ways you do not dream of.

"There are releases occurring right now as more and more of humanity are prepared to ‘grow up’ and to take their place in the galactic society. Each race is different, forged and molded by the planet or system on which they have been nurtured, shaped by its aspects as a parent moulds its children.

"Unwittingly, when small, you can hurt your parents and as you grow older you appreciate more what difficult times you caused during your learning, but know your parent, your beautiful Earth has nothing but love for her child Humanity, alongside her other children, the trees, animals and birds. Each child group is different, each play a different role, but all are precious in her eyes, and she is proud of you.

"You stand wiser every minute and show understanding, growing from moment to moment until you are ready to be fully adult, and Humankind reaches its graduation.

"The fear of despoiling the earth is a valid one, but as you grow you understand more fully how you hurt without intent. Soon you will work it out for yourselves. Do not berate you past behaviors. These were but lessons in the schema of all things.

"The next thing I wish to discuss is how you handle emotion. Emotion is not something to be bound in chains to, neither be it something to shirk, to ‘rise above’. It is a useful part of your makeup that allows you to fully experience being alive. It teaches you when you are headed in a good direction, and teaches you when things seem less beautiful.

"Your pain, anger, fear and doubt all serve purpose as they point to infractions against the truth of responsible behaviour. You should look first to see the mirror within yourself, and if that is not present then to look to infraction around you, to stand and fight in righteous path.

"This does not mean to tread the path of violence, far from it, but that there are times you must stand firm against those that wish to hold back your freedom, and the freedom of humanity.

"Stand and talk with the resonance of internal truth. The oppressors need to learn too, and it is by challenge that each individual grows within their own self and learns more fully what resonates within their heart.

"When you all speak to one another through your hearts and join with your brother and sister races in the same way, and to your parent planet, then there can no longer be conflict as you will seek only harmony and celebrate your differences.

"The war is still waging but the supplies of fear are waning, and the seeming lack of concern shows there is little need to give that energy more fuel.

"Most on your planet are no longer interested in fueling bitterness and rivalry and that is to be appreciated and applauded. The trees in your forest shelter many species and you learn slowly to do the same, protecting those of vulnerability by bringing safety around them, the security of love and nurture.

"This is the strongest gift you can give each other: to treat all alive as kin.

"When the sunset fades to night, know always that dawn is coming and with it the dawn chorus, heralding the new day. That song is close now and the birds are stirring.

"Smile often, and watch it spread around the world ‘til the whole planet is laughing together and seeing the beauty of life, love and joy.

"We hug you and fill you with light to sparkle through your evening, glad as ever for your efforts. We honour you, Sister, and gratefully receive the love you share for us in our humble duties as messengers and guides.

"We love you all, and enjoy your smiles, too, as you enjoy time with child of innocence and delight, even when you squall for food or water or howl for affection. The eyes of Humanity sparkles with a beauty you cannot see yourselves, and giggles as it erupts into dancing and bounding playing, joyful and so, so much fun.


"I leave you now, enlivened and grinning, and am glad to have been the one to place it on your face.

"We love you. I speak for all on this side who work with you and wait for you. In peace and play. I am Armesh."


Cheshire, UK