2004-08-12-A Lesson on Will

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Topic: A Lesson on Will

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown


August 12, 2004


Today we will discus the meaning of the subject of will. Many entertain pre-conceived notions as to what will really is. Is it to want something, to will something and make this happen, to bend others to their will? The most important one; to learn to do the will of God, is often the most puzzling and confusing, and yet the simplest of all. The true spiritual meaning of will is ‘an allowing to let some things happen’ -- an allowing for an inner Voice to lead you -- rather than for your own baser animal instincts to lead you.

In the beginning you start out on the spiritual path of seeking that indefinable ‘something.’ You have the urge to make sense out of life, and the start of this can happen at any age in the mortal lifetime. Ideally this happens when a child reaches the age of ‘discernment,’ makes a conscious correct choice, rather than a wrong choice, and at this point the Inner Pilot comes to indwell that child. From then on, the child often makes unconscious choices to be led by this Indweller, and true soul-hunger develops.

During the formative years it depends a great deal on the outer circumstances how the willingness to be led develops. At times, this is very gradual, but sometimes they forget, and mortals have to be ‘brought to their knees’ so to speak and be made to realize that there is more to life than just ‘wine, women and song.’ It is very much a matter of where the conscious or unconscious attention is placed, as to the level on which the person lives.

So if it lives on the surface of life, then everything is superficial and mundane. When one begins to think a bit more independently, and begins to question the true purpose of life; starts seeking for the deeper meanings and values and develops a hunger to ‘look behind the veil’ into eternity, then the true soul begins to grow, and seeks to be fed and nurtured. It then feels a need to belong somewhere.

This urge and search to belong does not stop until it finds the eternal God. Until it realizes that in all actuality it has always belonged to God, because it simply cannot exist without God, for everything is inclusive in God.

God has given mortals the Gift of free will. It is up to each mortal to choose to do the will of God and live in that consciousness of mind to conclude what all this means, and then start acting on the leadings and the prompts of the God-Fragment within them.

Ponder what ‘doing the will of God’ means to you.

Session 2

August 13, 2004


Come before Me with an open heart, so I can impart a deeper truth. We earlier discussed the doing of the will of God, but it needs to be understood that this is never a must on your part, neither is the doing of God’s will coerced on the part of God. The doing of the will of God is simply the desire to do what is right for others, without recognition or recompense. It is following the instincts of your heart, which in actuality are My prompts for you to act.

The doing of the will of God needs to be a desire, a joy in the human heart, and the spreading and practicing of random acts of kindness. It is being of service with a sincere, truthful and loving heart. In love, light and peace, are embedded. If you consider yourself to be a ‘lightworker,’ or a ‘peaceworker,’ then you work under the umbrella of love.

God is love, His will is love, His acts are love, and this love finds further expression in the lives of myriad created and evolving creatures. The created beings express themselves in loving service, and the doing of God’s will is inherent in them, and thus they serve Him willingly. Not so the evolving creatures, as they are different in that they have the choice to love or not to love. Having choices and the making of decisions creates individuals, who greatly differ from each other -- personalities, in which either the weaker or stronger characteristics can become the dominant trait, and this depends again on how much self-discipline and self-correction is engaged in.

The personality living on ‘the surface of life,’ who does not engage in independent thinking, falls prey to all sorts of addictions and self-indulgences much more easily, but the personalities who actively seeks for the purpose and meaning of life and find value therein, will become more harmonious and balanced within themselves.

Worldly education and letters behind one’s name are no sure indication of a well-developed and harmonious inner life. The more unpretentious one is with no discernable false ego, the better off one is, and the more likely one is to go about doing God’s will in an unassuming manner. There is then an innate drive to be of service. The greed motive is never connected with altruistic service. Many works done in the name of God are just that -- in name only, as there is often a hidden agenda present, and the urge for recognition.

The Father always knows the intent and motivation of the human heart, even if it is not apparent to the outside world.

Again, ponder what ‘the doing of God’s will’ means to you.