2004-08-24-Nature's Creatures

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Topic: Nature's Creatures

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "When you go for a drive through the countryside you see many animals and birds, many flowers, many plants, many aspects of life on earth that you may forget at times within your own little house. Occasionally, Mother Earth intrudes upon that house, with insects, with spiders, ants and other such creatures. Usually this is seen as an imposition, the offending creature removed, and your house made inviolate again.

"In truth there is nature everywhere you are. You are of nature. Within your own body you provide a living experience and culture for many, many invertebrates, parasites and other tiny microscopic creatures. These do not harm you, for the most part, and generally you are even unaware of their presence. But they live on you. You provide everything they need to live in combination with the greater emanations from the Sun, and so it is for humans living on Gaia. [see note.].

"For the most part she is unaware and unconcerned of your comings and goings, except when you start to hurt her. When you provide an infestation in one area and start to harm her skin. Likewise, as to the Sun providing some of the energy needs of the tiny creatures living upon yourselves, so you, too, require emanations from areas further away.

"Gaia provides most of what you need, but there are additional signals without which you would surely die. These are signals from higher sources. As the sun is for the microbes, so it is for you, and so the greater universal objects, souls and spirits within those, shine a light upon yourself that you are unaware of.

"These rays sustain you throughout all. They make no judgment, but shine equally on every living creature, whether a human, whether a microbe, whether an elephant, or the earth herself.

"They are these rays that will assist you muchly in your progression over the Correcting Times. For there is a steady source of energy, of love, and of light, which sustains you no matter what your failings, what your foibles, or however many your mistakes.

"Even if the Earth rebels against you, or your own body is allowed to run away, then know that you are held within this light of spirit, which does not judge, cannot judge.

"Seek always to emulate this light within your own life, towards everything that keeps you alive, and all aspects of what makes you who you are.

"Allow others into your home. Do not fight them. Do not box yourself away, for there is so much beautiful, beautiful energy outside of your house that you miss in this way.


"So we bid you get on your bike, and ride through the countryside, and come to experience all the other creatures, the other beings, the other entities, the other sources of beauty that are around, and are yours to be with for the taking."


The term, Gaia, was first espoused by James Lovelock, a scientist, who suggested that climate, evolution and many other natural occurrences could be better explained if the Earth was considered as a single living organism, rather than a collection of such occurrences.