2004-08-25-Control Over Time, Learning In Sleep

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Topic: Control Over Time, Learning In Sleep

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh, Zeen

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "Welcome. We begin today by talking about the nature of time. Time as you know it within the human world is not how is it known in many other places of the galaxy, of the universes. In most places we flip between "nows" with a regularity that would surprise you.

Lesson 1

"Our time does not move in one direction only, but we see the potential of All in all time and space. This enables us to see more clearly the results of our actions and the events, which have brought upon us the experiences we are learning from today.

"There is much confusion around this concept of time. It is not to say that we conceive of all time at all points, merely that we have that option, otherwise we would not have our own forms of progression. Our way of experiencing time is as a Dance.

"Imagine yourself gliding across the ballroom floor. One step forward, a swirl, back, and to the same point as a new lift-off, a new step that may be taken. We experience the potentialities of each step at our point of "now".

"When we make judgment, we make our choice with the information to support it. Through seeing the aspects of time, the branches and connections, we have the ability to experience every point whenever we wish. However we sit fully in consciousness at one point only within our now. This removes the concept of linear time yet still gives us the opportunity to weave our own paths.

"On the earth plane this is very different. The majority of you experience time in a strictly linear fashion, though many of you have experienced the dilation effects and the expansion effects caused by experiencing time at different rates. Regardless of this, you assign a direction to time that seems to us, at times, as almost arbitrary.

"You don’t trace forth in direct lines a particular lesson through its start through to its completion, nor do you understand how each point always relates to the others. This limits you in many ways that brings an excitement to your life, which is not possible without this structure of time.

"In experiencing time in a linear manner, you weave many threads together and so your dance is more that of a team. 30 sets of partners whirling around each other and your consciousness flitting between each set of partners as you follow along your path.

"This also limits you in that it becomes easy to forget the connections between everything that occurs within the course of your life. You do not see how one event triggers another and how you create your learning experiences. This is an enigma to you and something that confuses you greatly. However, the times are coming when the patterns which you are drawing become more apparent to you, and when this occurs you can surely and truly start to take control of your own destiny.


"We leave you with love. Armesh and Zeen."

Lesson 2

"When you awaken in the morning, the first thing that jumps to your mind is that you have been elsewhere, and that you are coming back to reality. Ponder this for a moment; that the reality you have been to during your sleep times is just as real as that within which you spend your waking days.

"Does your soul leave your body whilst you are asleep? Do you lose the ability to be aware when you return? You sometimes remember what you have experienced during your sleep time, and so it is with life itself.

"It is easy to spend much time judging between those lessons formed within your waking reality and those formed within your sleeping excursions, but know they are equally valid. Both can teach, but may use different channels, like the child that prefers to learn through pictures or the child that learns through sound.

"Some people require information in their sleep more than others. Some do most of their learning in that state. They wake with the answers to their problems and know the course of action. Others find it preferable to work logically through their problems and asking for guidance during the daylight hours. Both are equally valid and both can give you the information you desire.

"By limiting yourself to only one set of instructions, of lessons, of learning, you limit all that you are. For your God-self does not differentiate between these moments.

"They are merely different phases of consciousness. All that experiences both is the same, and neither is the one more real than the other. There is purely a different frequency, a different resonance behind the different states of being.