2004-08-25-Pride and Poetry

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Topic: Pride and Poetry

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "There is one more thing we have to talk to you about today. There have been many wounds made in the past on this Earth that have been deep. They have cut through into the Earth, and they have cut through into the soul of humanity. There have been many events that have been triggered by greed, by anger, power or self-righteousness and many others by arrogance, by fear and by a need for pride.

"Pride is one of the hardest lessons to learn. To admit that you have made a mistake, that you have flaws, and that perhaps things that happened to you are not always the fault of others.

"It takes pride to create nationalistic feelings that have caused so much turmoil and pain to humans during the last century. And it takes humility to let those feelings go. This world has been surrounded by conflict for many thousands of years. It has become a way of life for you, but finally now people are learning that this is not the way to progress, and they are laying down their arms and greeting each other in peace.

"The situation with Libya, is one such of these situations that shows great hope for forgiveness and humility within humankind. This was only possible because of many individuals casting off their pride and coming together to settle their differences—for each side to admit their wrongdoings, and to release them.

"This is one of the hardest jobs for all of you here. And I understand it causes much hurt and pain to many. This may not be physical violence that has caused by the pride, but arguments with loved ones, bitterness between colleagues and such daily conflicts as you all experience.

"Working upon these aspect of yourselves is the greatest works you can do. For by not judging yourself, and by allowing yourself to be wrong, you allow others into your heart, and from there all bridges can be rebuilt.