2004-08-28-The Merkaba

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Topic: The Merkaba

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Athena

TR: Gerdean



Tomas: Good evening, all of my friends in the network of those of us who reach for the connection and find the network within. What a joy it is for me, Tomas, to recognize your lights all twinkling from afar in the starry heavens, alive and bright in His universe. Glory be to God in the highest for being the creator we would have hoped to find when we looked for perfection.

Yes, you are amusing Gerdean, for concerning yourself about the technical aspects of the finite existence, which indeed take up so much of your time. But what can I say that the paradigm of existence that you have, that is the paradigm of existence in which you are created. Rejoice in it and be exceedingly glad. How fun it is to learn your phrases to put these concepts and feelings into a mode of communication which bridges the gap between us. Thank you, those of you who serve, all of you Transmitter/Receivers and the mechanics who tape record the lessons, the skilled helpers who provide the written word for the mortal eye to see, thus expanding the expression that all of us receive from on high. Granted, we have our own personality with which to express Life, but we owe those personalities to that Life as well. (And that life, in both cases is worthy of capitalizing.)

I have great joy because you are here. Let us communicate. I pause now to delay one more time because I am associated in many minds with this transmitter. It is perhaps assumed that I will hold forth when she is the T/R, but in this case it is appropriate to think in terms of having gotten hold of a piece of equipment, having gotten hold of a broadcast system, if you will. How do you want to use it? Think on that.


In the meantime, I have a question from our friend Evangel in Florida. Evangel would like to know a Teacher’s interpretation of what is a merkaba. And so I will answer that first if I may, or at least respond to it, for it is not meant for me to know everything. Thus, there are other teachers that… [Ed: problem with static on the phone line.]

It is what you call technical difficulties. Those in communications ought to be familiar with that, for it allows you an opportunity to handle yourself in the field so as not to try to expend energy that will not be heard because of the level of static in the atmosphere. And I am conveying to you a greater definition of static than the one which we just experienced.

We were discussing merkaba, and I had suggested there were other ways you could use this system. And I specifically meant to plant the seed that if you would like to hear from a specific teacher or entity, if it is possible to bring it through this receiving station, and/or possible in a "physical" sense, I will try to accommodate that. And in that context, in terms of a merkaba, I will open the floor to see if there is a celestial in attendance that would like to volunteer, if you will hold just one moment. Yes, Athena, a Celestial Artisan is coming forth. One moment, please.

Athena: Dear ones, I am Athena, a Celestial Artisan, familiar with much of what is going on on the planet where you live, for we are intensely interested in the developments that you are going through at this time in your planetary history. You are in some ways like the infant who is born prematurely, a very fragile piece of life in an incubator. And you are hovered over night and day by attendants who are watching you and caring for your every need, awaiting the potential and the appropriate follow up support that can be provided in order for you to become healthy and whole. And so I have been able to observe a number of what I will call phenomenon, and yet which are natural laws of the universe, but which have been given certain interpretations so that these ideations, paradisiacal concepts, can be portrayed to you in order for you to utilize them to the best of your ability, and such is the merkaba.

The merkaba is a structure, it is a pattern, and it is a tool. You are familiar with the construct, some of you. Well, the merkaba is somewhat like a three dimensional construct, or a demonstration of a construct. It is somewhat like a hologram in that if you have created it in your mind, it is no longer a figment of your imagination; it is a truth according to your perceptions. But that which sets the merkaba apart above that is that it actually assumes the patterns of paradise that contribute to a physicality of godliness. If you have studied Yoga, and have been the I AM, indeed you have experienced merkaba. Profound is it in its impression, and yet it is sufficiently elusive, it cannot be said to be manufactured by your imagination. I don’t know what else to say about merkaba.

Many teachers find that use of the merkaba allows you to comport your being in such a way as to invite the wholeness and the holiness that can be had by way of merkaba. For those of you who are here and interested, are there questions regarding merkaba?

Q: Is merkaba something like macabre?

Athena: Perhaps we are abutting language barriers. Macabre is another definition, if our appreciation for those words have the same spelling, or the same frame of reference. How are you spelling your word?

Q: Kind of in a sneaky way.

Athena: Merkaba as I understand that word, I understand what is does probably better than I understand that which it is called. You will notice I do not call it a merkaba, as if it were a noun. I call it merkaba, as if it were a verb, in fact a state of being. But macabre is more like gothic or ghostly. A merkaba might seem to be macabre to most people, but not at all. A merkaba, as I understand it, is attractive, light and lively, even while it is dynamic. Now I am calling it a merkaba because I am discussing it as if it were a reality rather than objectively, rather than experientially. Nuance of language is all. I have finished.

Manu: In reading some of the past transcripts, some of the groups build merkabas while sitting around in a circle, some kind of an energy field persists for a while. That is my understanding of what a merkaba is. What is it really used for? What is it a tool for as you alluded to earlier?

Athena: Oh dear, I must resort to imagination here because my receiver has no competence or confidence regarding science, and so I cannot revert to scientific terms.

But let us say you have a cue ball up from the pool table dangling in space. Next to it is another ball, the 8 ball perhaps, dangling there in space next to it. Each one of those is whole, complete and perfect in and of themselves, just as you are and you are and you are. And each individually and independently is able to assume the merkaba reality. But the power is made a million fold more potentially when you all in unison assume the position of the merkaba because then you are one mind, one heart, one spirit, one virtual thought together that can patiently, lovingly, attentively and perfectly perceive direction, intention, dimension. It is that same old saw about exponentially becoming more when you work together than you can do when you work alone. It is a math empowerment, if you will.

And yet it is for you Agondonters yet and still an act of faith. You must still believe in what is happening, and therefore you want to be as pure in your intentions and your ambitions as possible, as you will be able to bring this power to the group. Individuals in the group then can weigh the value, the meaning, the potential of that power and allow it or disallow it, not based on ego projection, but on perception of the whole, the original I AM aspect. It is like a melting pot when this occurs, and the end result is like a common denominator that has leveled out all the peaks and valleys, all of the extremes, all of the oddities, and allowed it to present itself as something real. And then you can perhaps look at it in the consciousness of your mortal identity and influence the future of this reality that has come from your community merkaba expanding your community and making your community more effective.

Yes, it is Gerdean very Zo’oidal.

The word merkaba is perhaps from the Ayurvedic traditions of India [Ed note: Ayurvedic is the ancient Hindu science of health and medicine.]

Manu: To me it sounds very Arabic. I have heard prior to the Teaching Mission in other parts of the world, it is intriguing what it meant.

Athena: Yes, well, this is the fascination we have with your world today, for these various threads are being woven into the culture of the new dispensation. The globe itself, in this case, is a merkaba that is even now leveling out its extreme differences. Look at your current country politics. It is running 50 – 50. But it is not paired off as seraphim do, providing greatness in having both sides available to act with and for, instead of always against. It is such as waste of time and resources, but that is a matter of my perspective. I am not enduring the experiential race you are enduring, and so I admit to having a prejudicial viewpoint. But that only serves to enable me to admire you more, those of you who give consciousness to this awakening of the next plateau of reality on Urantia. You are the ones who are allowing the balance that will enable the new paradigm to become stable in faith of the transition. Transition times are always intriguing on any world. It might be as if you were to think of the Academy Awards or the political conventions. They provide such entertainment and are so notable to your lives. I thank you for this opportunity to chat with you. I have overstayed my visit. I will return you to Tomas. Farewell.

Tomas: Thank you Athena for your contribution this evening. This is Tomas returning to embrace you once again in the spirit of friendship that is provided through the intimacy of the student teacher relationship. How wonderful that your trust me, and how wonderful that I have such faith in you. It makes our jobs all so much easier. What value there is in adult cooperation, a cooperation born of united desire to be effective in those values which are most likely to reveal the highest and best definition of truth, beauty and goodness? And this is certainly an exercise, isn’t it? Are there questions this evening?

Marty: Is it true that Anatolia is no longer going to be in the Rio Rancho lessons?

Tomas: Alas, Anatolia will be devoting much of her energy around the New England states and assisting in establishing a viable base of operations there, however this is part of the divine plan, and nothing to feel unnerved about, for she is certainly not released from my association with her, and we will hear from her on occasion in Rio Rancho. But more to your personal taste is perhaps is that Anatolia will be serving the LightLine, utilizing Matthew as her receiver in transmissions from Bangor, Maine, where they will be boning up on their scholastics and learning the arts of administration through the church.

Manu: That is correct, Matthew has promised to be on LightLine as often as he can to be a voice to Anatolia.

Marty: Thank you for that explanation very much. I was wondering if we were going to hear from her any more, or what was going on.

Tomas: Yes, of course, and hopefully she will help bring about a teacher base thereabouts where the message can extend to that part of the country. It has been growing there in its own way for some time, and I had a chance to do much work with the students and believers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and that part of Canada while I sojourned with the Pittsburgh Pumpkins and the Butler Berries. I say that with deep affection and some amusement.

Marty: That’s wonderful. I would like to comment that the community in New England is an outstanding group of people. We don’t have a formal teaching mission group, but we do have wonderful contact here with teachers. I am sure that the whole crowd up here is very close to heaven.

Tomas: I am very much aware of that truth, my friend. There are some very bright lights in that area, nearly like beacons, they are so bright.

Manu: Can I have just a few words on my personal progress in trying to better myself spiritually, as well as trying to make better contact, more and more consciously as much as possible with my Father pilot?

Tomas: I need to give this question to someone else, Manu. I am not qualified to say. One moment.

Manu, I am your personal teacher. I am part of you. You have no handicaps. Your progress is sure. Have patience. Know that growth is unconscious, and that all things come to fruit in their own time. Perceive not yourself to be less than perfect in desire to be good. Look at your fruit. How are they inferior in any way? Only as you allow yourself to refine that which is already good are you able to critique your own progress. Manu: I believe so.

You do well, Manu.

Manu: Thank you very much.

Mark: There are a lot of folks here in Salt Lake growing and seeking to grow. We have a teacher base here. We do a lot of things on an informal basis here. I am looking forward to not miss out on opportunities that could be for folks that are growing. There is always a question of another group, or a group that we could put together to practice T/Ring sessions, or what have you. What are your thoughts on that, on what we are doing here, and how we are moving forward? I know that there is a lot of personal growth that I need to get on to as well. I know that a lot of seeds are getting planted as well.

Tomas: There is no problem in your teacher base as far as my perspective is concerned. What you are undergoing is community development. I have watched your group, as have we all, and appreciated all that you have all undergone. I cannot tell you the extent to which we have marveled, and these observations are on record in the archives of eternity, all the contributions that have been given to the advancement of your world by those of you in the community known as Woods Cross. There were times when in your own home you, Simon, were burgeoning with students such that people sat shoulder to shoulder lining the wall with attentive hearts, minds and souls focused on the voice of a teacher, on the noble and much revered Abraham, who is the unique individual in our teacher corps for his having had previous experience on Urantia. Perhaps no one else would have been able to get your attention. However, we are grateful to Abraham and the work he has done with, and for, and through the reserve corps and the teacher corps.

There is every reason to appreciate that the growth from that teacher base would be extensive and far reaching, and even tumultuous, because what else could we expect from such a dynamic assortment of individuals all following along the way they feel led to be drawn into the advancing corps of those who would be finaliters, the Agondonter corps that you are. It is going to require a great deal of focus, love, devotion, meditation, negotiation, conciliation, forgiveness, fortitude, mercy and character on the part of all of you. And yet it is unquestioned in my mind how marvelously Michael will succeed with you all, and with the future of those of you in that area who have sprung from the womb of Woods Cross. I hope these words have been helpful to you. I have not given you a set of instructions: 1, 2, 3. But prevail in faith. You might even try operating with a merkaba. It might seem like a very dangerous New Age movement to some of the conservative elements of your area. But the miracle of the engineering corps would be proud to recommend paradise pattern as a method of growth, not only for a material community, but more specifically for a spiritual community.

The fact is we live in a virtually morontial reality when we acknowledge the reality we truly share. I am not privy to the price of eggs in your town. And you are not privy to time as it is registered in my architectural sphere. However, it is not necessary that we all seek alike to be alike. It is not necessary that I think like a mortal to be like you in intent. It is not necessary for you to think like a supernal desire what we desire. It is unity of purpose that is our prayer at this point in your development. Unity of purpose is our prayer at this point in time.

Mark: Thank you, Tomas. That helps me instantly. Thank you for the foreknowledge and the aft-knowledge of your infinity.

Marshall: Tomas, I was talking to Anatolia last week on this, and I have got some insight tonight regarding merkaba. Going back to the Urantia Book 1222, this has been with me for years as a carrot up there, I’ll read this one sentence, "Through the intelligent use of the body mechanism, mind can create other mechanisms, even energy relationships and living relationships by the utilization of which this mind can increasingly control and even dominate its physical level in the universe." Is this applicable?

Tomas: 100%. You go to the head of the class.

Marshall. Very good, Tomas. Now on one other thing, in the Urantia Book, under the reserve corps of destiny, this was in parentheses and it was a statement presented by the Chief of Seraphim here on Urantia. It says in regard to the reserve corps that "I am forbidden to reveal the real nature of the function of this unique group of living human beings." The real function, not what is revealed in the Urantia Papers, that is my question. Could you maybe, having been 70 years since these were laid out, 50 years since publication, could you maybe enlighten me and this group as to what may have been forbidden then, and reveal the real nature of the function of this unique group, the reserve corps of destiny?

Tomas: But that would be telling.

Marshall: Indeed, but I thought that might have changed somewhat over the last 50 to 70 years. Tomas: You clever fellow!

Marshall: So I take it this is a no dice kind of Ham answer here.

Tomas: Secrets of Sonarington, right?

Marshall: That would be the Son’s secrets.

Tomas: Secrets are not negative in the higher realms they are to provide solutions, even as they create curiosity. I cannot answer.

Marshall: OK, I understand the instructions. I thought this may be the case.

Tomas: It is not that old a text. All you young fellows and gals like to think you have got so much under your belt, but you have not scratched the surface of the benefits of this book, of these papers, of these concepts. You are like children who feel you have tasted everything on the table, but you have not realized yet what a smorgasbord you have yet ahead.

Marshall: I did get the feeling on something Sondjah said. I like to put things together, and either they click or they don’t. He mentioned, at the Northern Colorado group, I believe it was, that there are about 2,000 people on this world that are really of a higher consciousness than others. This was talking about the cosmic stream of consciousness, the spectrum of consciousness, and creating your reality, and so forth through mind. But I am gathering that the reserve corps is probably increased double at least in the time since these papers have been put out, at which time it was around 1,000. Am I correct in my conjecture here, Tomas?

Tomas: If not, more so.

Marshall: Very good, so I get further the idea that this new order of experimental blended morontial material co creative being, those that are co creating this being, this ambassador order. I tend to believe, as Elyon has spoken, and others, since they will be under the tutelage or supervision over them will be of the 12 different corps of Master Seraphim planetary supervision. Of course the 12 different groups are the groups that the mortal corps of destiny function in, and obviously this new group of co creative creatures that are creating themselves are going to be also under the supervision of these 12 corps of Master Seraphim. It only seems logical to me that these co creating beings are in essence potential corps members, too. Am I correct in that? Tomas: It is also possible, however, that those which have finished service leave a vacancy.

Marshall: Certainly, when the dying reservist the information is transferred, is that what you are speaking of?

Tomas: Without getting too specific, I want to point out, Marshall, that we have a new volunteer to type these transcripts, and at the rate we are going this evening, I fear he will resign on his first day out. It is also my opinion that in many regards your approach to the teachers is more academic than most. I am not saying this as a criticism, but as a fact.

Marshall: More specific, academic in a sense that I am looking for knowledge on a mind to mind level?

Tomas: Yes, and utilizing the text. It is just an observation.

Marshall: As long as it is in balance with the spirit, and the stillness reaching into the super-consciousness. Is this considered something that I might continue to pursue?

Tomas: Yes, you well might. However, be mindful of those with whom you are growing. We are a one room school house here.

Marshall: I’ve got you, Tomas.

Tomas: I have no objection to an occasional question, but let us not stretch the capacities of those who have only just arrived.

Marshall: Indeed. Maybe we could do another LightLine, like 201, this being 101, we could do 201 for those who want to continue it more, and I could help put together some that might be able to transcribe or whatever might be done.

Tomas: This being an experimental planet, it is not outside the bounds or reason. I don’t know who one would discuss that with. Let us bring it to the attention of Ham, who has authority in this corps.

Marshall: I have a feeling that Ham would not immediately say no dice on this one, Tomas.

Tomas: I am not averse to consulting with teacher, Ham, if you are not.

Marshall: I would certainly recommend it highly, and I will converse with Ham, but being a little closer to him, you could get with Gerdean, and I could get with Gerdean after I have spoken with Ham, and maybe see what we could come up with. I think this has been co creative here on the phone, and I like it, Tomas. I will leave it there and let others have their say. Thank you.

Tomas: Thank you, Marshall; it is good to see you. I will take it up in the morning session with my peers and see if we can get something substantive in response.

Marshall: I have no less than a dozen thoughts here, one being reflectivation, and there are a number of others that have come up, merkaba building, in other words anchoring and getting the meridians.


Tomas: You must read the lesson you missed before you got here. Much of this is discussed. I am fading. My machine is failing. I have to disconnect. My love is with you all, and thank you all for this opportunity to serve. Good night.