2004-09-05-You Make This Project Possible

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Topic: You Make This Project Possible

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers



Elyon (Mark): This is Elyon, and I would embrace your warm feelings and affection for myself and the others involved in this heretofore unknown process on your world. However, it is my desire to shift the emphasis and to refocus your appreciation back upon yourselves at this time, because truly it can be said, and truly it is known by the universe at large, that you are the individuals who make this entire project and process possible through your steadfast faithfulness in once again presenting yourselves for this process. Even amongst your uncertainties and doubts as to the manifestation of your energies, you still arrive on time faithfully and present yourselves for whatever may be in store. This that you do may seem rather normal or commonplace to you, as you have made this such a regular part of your lifestyle, but to us who view this gigantic experiment from afar, we realize that you are our key players in the implementation of this new Correcting Time, that you so willingly present yourselves to be directed and enlightened is truly a miracle of your universe.


There are times when you as individuals might be overawed to know how many universe eyes are upon you as you exercise your faith muscles in the face of doubts and uncertainties and contrary to the normal patterns on your world. Yet you are drawn to this process like moths to the flame; your spirit longs to be a part of what it knows not.

Truly it is inspirational for all of us on our side of the curtain to see you step forward on your stages of life and boldly access something so foreign and unknown to the rest of your arena. They see only you on your side of the curtain under the lights and performing your life tasks in awareness and steadfastness and with a peace and a certainty that they notice and admire.

We on the backside of the curtain attempt to support you and prompt you as occasions arise and be there for you as you manifest the realities that you have come to know. When you stumble we attempt to catch you; when you are without words we offer you the next line. But in the final analysis human eyes are focused only on you, and the extent of all our efforts behind the scenes only become apparent in your success.

Therefore do we marvel at your repeated willingness to try again. This desire to push forward, to make the show go on, provides the necessary impetus for us to keep the wheels rolling on this gigantic project we are engaged in together. Should you decide to leave the stage and take your seat as an observer, our function would be useless. Without someone else to rise and take to the stage there would be no drama to behold. Therefore do we honor you each one in our embrace of this responsibility. While it is true that you are not alone because we are there with you, as are Michael and Mother Spirit, nevertheless when you function in your realm, you function apparently as a solo act. Our help is unseen by all those who observe, and they credit you with responsibility for your entire performance.

Any worthy performer is ready to give credit to the many forces behind the scenes which enable the performance to be a success, but the aspects that individuals often remember are those who stepped forward to play the leading role, those who adopted the characteristics and traits of that which was to be portrayed. In your case you have been training and learning so that you may adopt the characteristics and traits and truths of spirit. To the extent that you have studied your lines and understand the workings of the plot, you become more effective as an ambassador for that which you desire to portray.

You have all heard the expression that you must become this new spirit reality, and that is implied far more than simply the ability to describe a phenomenon or reality, rather it must be apparent to those who simply observe you, your presence, your characteristics, your traits, that you are aware of this spiritual dimension. Indeed, this spiritual dimension has become a part of your existence to the extent that you can portray this spiritual reality as a mime might portray your physical realities without the use of words symbols.

You are becoming skilled and adept at portraying aspects of spirit through your daily lives and activity which signal your other priorities, your values, as you conduct yourselves on your stage of life. It is not necessary to become a powerful preacher to instill the values and attitudes of one who knows whereof one speaks in the spirit realm, and you, my dear students, are among those who it can be said to know whereof you speak in these spirit matters. It is you who have spent the necessary time and devotion, and faith to discover these principles for yourselves. It is you who have become familiar enough with this spirit realm to be here even now. It is you who have the desire in your hearts to associate yourselvees so steadfastly with spirit. Therefore it is you who may speak with authority about matters of the spirit, matters of the realm of spirit that you have become familiar with.

This does not mean that it is incumbent upon you to forcefully make these ways of spirit known but rather to passively make these ways of spirit known through another's observation of the very life that you live. It is not required of you as a human being that you conform to the status quo of what others would have you be on this stage of life. Rather, as an inspiring performer, it is desired of you that you portray a new outlook on life, a different perspective to be considered, a new reality to be embraced. That is what is required in your position as much as it is necessary for you to comply with your mortal laws and obligations.

It is also incumbent upon you, as one who can speak with authority, to speak with such authority and offer to those who witness to you an alternative, a spiritual dimension, a new arena whereon we may perform. This is the privilege before you at this time. You may, as you so desire, choose to access this opportunity to any degree that you find yourselves capable and willing.

But make no mistake, that these are the times wherein miracles can be expected. This communication is an example of such a miracle that we have come to expect. You can assume that there are other miracles that you may be a party to, and that will have the power to transform this current reality into the new one we are working to build together.

We have said in the past that it is time to be bold about this spiritual projection, that it is a co-creative process which involves you as a participant in your willingness, in your desire, even in your abilities. It is easy for a mortal of the realm to be rapidly overwhelmed with the thought that any service of any great magnitude surely would be outside the realm of possibility, but I encourage you to vanquish any thoughts you might possess and harbor about your capacity to perform such great tasks, because I am here to assure you, in fact, Michael has even commissioned you to be about this next inauguration of spirit phase.

It is no longer about discussions of the validity or reality of this presence you have come to embrace, these truths in your hearts; therefore the next step is to move this reality, these values that you have come to know, into the light of your arena of performance. It is no longer acceptable to keep them behind the scenes while you formulate your awareness of them. Now this awareness that you have gained propels you to make these realities that you dream of into real principles of operation.

If you think about the obstacles that you perceive as standing in your way to a world of Light and Life, they are predominantly clustered around what is the status quo at this time, how individuals act and see the world and react to their environment. I am attempting to portray that a new script can be written, a new reality can be portrayed by those faithful performers with enough certainty to portray a new and divine reality to all those who would view this world stage. The arenas wherein we may function may be very small, a single individual, or may turn out to be quite large, but the message we need to portray is the same, one of spirit content and divine values. It will be heard eagerly by any who view your splendid portrayal whether it be a single individual or group presentation.

You may have the perception that the task at hand may seem large and daunting, but I would recall to you that the task that you have already admirably performed to get you to this station even now in life is nothing short of miraculous in its accomplishments. Therefore should you gain great support in the next phase of this project being accomplishable, as I assure you it is, and when the spotlight swings and points to you therein will be your opportunity to manifest spirit.

To be this spirit you have come to know, in that hour, in that moment, you will fulfill the desire of a universe, and it will be a glorious occasion and one that we will relish in later times, as we both were privy to such a pivotal phase of your world's development. These times are truly exciting and wonderful times, and we are both very, very lucky to be in these times and working together in such a glorious cause as one for the Creator of our universe. Truly we will cherish these memories of a time when spirit was so new to your world as to be ushered in as a foreign concept on your stage of reality. But for now those of us in awareness must proceed as directed and put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, and embrace the roles we are to play, as the stage is set and conditions are made right for the grand culmination of the play of Michael's request.

I'm sure that I can count on each of you to be faithful players, and you know you can count on me to be just behind the curtain supporting your every step, encouraging your every move, and providing whatever assistance I can possibly provide from my side of the curtain. You have my assurance, you have my affection, you have my appreciation for the role that you play in this process.


Now I would take my leave and bid you a fair day as you enjoy the parameters of your world as they exist now, looking forward to a new and better arena wherein we might perform with more freedom of spirit and certainty of divine nature. I take my leave today but my affection remains with you. Farewell.