2004-09-06-Urantia Book Is Succeeding

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Topic: Urantia Book is Succeeding

Group: Arcadia TeaM



TR: George B.



Prayer: Henry Z.: Dear Father, we ask for your guidance and strength. Continue to show forth mercy on this world we live on through the trying times which are upon us. Continue to show forth opportunity and grace as many people are in need of on this planet. We thank you for the help and prosperity which this group in this room continues to enjoy. We ask all of this in your son’s name.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, you teacher JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. As you all come here to this home to listen to me.


I would like to point out that all of you benefit from the condition, the environment in which you live. For many years you have been sheltered and this has fostered great spiritual growth; for all of you have had the leisure time to pursue greater and more insightful arenas. Whereas, other people from other countries, poor countries, barely have time to survive, much less pursue spiritual ideals. Their spirituality they do not question, nor do they search for other truths. Very few venture out of their established religion. Here in the United States you have a mixed bag of religions. You have all sorts and it is this environment which fosters the greatest opportunity for spiritual advancement. The Urantia Book was first published here for a specific purpose and reason. It was not published in England, Africa, Mexico or South America. Those who did the planning knew very well that if this book was to survive, America was its best opportunity.

It has been a great opportunity for it has fallen into the hands of people like you who have taken this book into your heart and have transformed it into your own voice. It is very important that you have done this, transformed this book, not just taken it literally but actually ingested it and had it change your hearts and caused growth. The words that come out of your mouth and your mind are inspired and true. This was the importance of choosing the location in which this book would first be distributed.

Now the book is making its way across the globe and inspiring many nations. Soon like-minds will unite and bring this world into a new age, but this step has already been taken by those who sit in this room and many like you. It is important that you continue to keep the light bright so that everyone can find their way. In these times that you live in, you may come to think that the light is diminishing and darkness is overpowering everyone. That is not true. Again I remind you that I have a clear vantage point as to the history and the advancement of Urantia. I do find that it is improving.

Just now we see greater light all around this world. There is evidence here and now that what you do here inspires other, an example is the story that Stella just told us. Many of you here have that potentiality of inspiring others. It is the way you realize that you and every single one of the people on this world are united as one. This is when you begin to realize what you say and do is a part of what everyone says and does. To think that you should eliminate undesirables or people who you do not agree with you is like saying that you do not agree with your left arm and therefore you must cut it off.

To say that a whole nation of people are like a cancer and must be destroyed is like saying that your heart has cancer and so you must be destroyed as well. You are doing yourself more harm when you hate. Accepting others and realizing that they are a part of you allows for the harmony to begin. Without this harmony this world will continue its chaotic mess and its dysfunctional division. There is no us and them. We are all one, we are all connected. We all share the same destiny. We all come from the same source. The history of your world, is just as much your history as it is of the person from the other side of the world. Everything that happens in this world belongs to you, to all of you. There are no isolated incidents in this world that you are not part of.

To pretend that you are separate from those incidents is to pretend that your eye is separate from your foot or your left arm is separate from your right arm. Therefore, if you put your hand in acid, it won’t affect the other hand, right? Yes you are all connected, you are all a part of this world and the things that happen in this world are a part of you. So if you want this world to harmonize, be gentle. You want this world to have everlasting peace, you must start seeing yourself as part of it and not as a separate enlightened individual who is trying to tow this world to greater peace.

If you view yourself in that way then your whole mission is defeated. But if you realize that you and the people that surround you are all the same; you all have the same mission, then no matter what religion they believe in, even if they do not have a religion, they are still a part of you. The whole reason I bring all of this up, is to remind you that we are all connected as one universe. Even I am connected to you, for you are my brothers and sisters. The same Source runs through your being as runs through mine.

So that the next time someone speaks to you and you do not agree with what they say, remember that what they say is as much in your mind as it is in theirs and what you think is in their mind as well. What you must do at this point is to harmonize. When you harmonize you bring your minds together and the vibrations that exist between your two minds begin to vibrate as one. When that happens you will see a great up-step, not only with that relationship with you, but with the relationship with others.

So I ask you to harmonize with one another, it does not matter that they think like you. We are not here to make everyone think like each other. We are here to connect with Spirit and to connect with God. When you harmonize with one another through your spirit you embrace that person as your own. You recognize their soul and their rightful place in this universe. When you show that much respect for that individual believe me that individual will show the same amount of respect for you.

Are there any questions here tonight?


Dennis: Which Midwayer is assisting with this communication?

JarEl: TR, George. The connection that was set here with this TR has long sense been established, therefore any assistance from a Midwayer is no longer necessary, so at this moment no Midwayer is present. Are there any other questions?

Stella: Well I have a question, in the Lord’s prayer it says, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Now this week there was a terrible tragedy in Russia, over three hundred people were killed and over half of them were children. How do we harmonize with the perpetrators of these terrible crimes? Do we forgive them?

JarEl: TR, George. One thing the Universe has come to realize Stella is that we do have tremendous compassion and that we understand the pain and suffering that exists when tragedy like this befalls the citizens of Urantia. Nevertheless, every single individual that lost their life will survive and will continue living. So in that respect we simply see this as part of the greater struggle that exists on your world and part of the consequence of things like war and politics. We sympathize with those families that remain behind; we sympathize with their suffering and their loss. It is very difficult, and we understand this, to harmonize with individuals that take such rash and unintelligent actions. But it is even more irrational to vow never to forgive.

The reason I say this, is because it puts up a block for any healing that might occur afterwards. To hold any grudge or resentment is to hold the pain and suffering in your heart for as long as you hold this grudge or resentment. The moment you forgive is the moment that you allow yourself to heal from the wounds that the world inflicts upon you.

Not to forgive is to carry these wounds with you. It is better to forgive Stella. Harmonizing is to forgive, but to vow revenge and never to forgive is only destructive to the entire planet and God’s plan for the Age of Light and Life. September 11, 2001 has taught all of you in this room a valuable lesson. Certain individuals took it upon themselves to commit horrendous crimes. Yet, even at that moment if the nation had decided to forgive and to heal, your country would not be where it is today. But those are only ‘what ifs’, Stella.

The reality which exists today is very different, but it is a cycle of violence if you vow never to forgive, for it only leads to greater suffering. Healing one’s self allows healing of others. Forgiving allows for healing. I know that it is very difficult for those who have lost their families for them to begin to forgive. It takes a brave and courageous soul to take that leap of faith and to heal their heart. Are there any more questions?

Henry Z.: You can forgive these people but you don’t have to forgive their actions, do you? Should there not be justice?

JarEl: TR, George. There are definitely certain laws that exist in your society that do not allow such crimes. It is true as an individual you may forgive, but a society has a duty to hold its citizens accountable, Henry. The killing of another person should not be permitted by society. Look at your history in the context of evolution, Henry. We are very accepting of the current state of the world. However, in this moment of time, there are many higher-type minds in your world that should have greater influence as to how policy is created on your world. Simply and honestly, Henry, they should be urging for greater and more balanced peace on your world. That has always been our hope, but we are not blind about the current and past state of your world. If war in the past was looked on favorably it was from a biological point of view for it brought the races together and blended them.

Henry Z.: War is very economical, war helps and stabilize our economics does it not? We live in a tremendously challenging world in a spiritual sense.

JarEl: TR, George. We have never looked on war as an economic benefit. In fact we have never mentioned that. This is something that has been stated by your economists. It is not profitable for the average human. War detracts from much that is needed. Your country is still buffered from the effects of war. That is not to say that you are entirely unaffected for many of your sons and daughter are at risk.

Ultimately, the reasons that you find for waging war shall never justify the act of war. I bring you back to the idea that you are all connected. To attack one of your brothers or sisters is to attack yourself. To lie to one of your brothers or sisters is to lie to yourself. To kill one of your brothers or sisters is to kill yourself. You have to realize that any pain or suffering you inflict on this world you inflict on yourself and you will destroy yourself. The more pain and suffering that you inflict the greater chance you have in becoming completely mad and completely disconnected from the True Source and Center. I do not come to you to justify war, suffering or death. I come to you with a message of connection and harmony; and a realization that all of your brothers and sisters are a part of you, part of a greater, more wonderful, family of God.

My message is simple and it is filled with love. It is not logical, but it is full of emotion. If you would allow yourself to feel this emotion of love; if you would allow yourself to let it fill every pore, then perhaps you would begin to forgive not only yourself but those who harm you. Once you start on this road you will be well on your way to being healed. No sooner than you have healed yourself, you will have already effected hundreds of other people. And these hundreds of other people will have effected others and so forth. This healing in progress will go through your entire nation. Soon you shall have an environment, culture of love and forgiveness, instead of a culture of fear and hatred. What culture would you rather belong to? Yet I remind you again it is not us or them. The fact that others think differently from you is not a sign that they are disconnected from you. You have to see past all of the words, thoughts and ideas. You have to listen to your heart and understand where they are coming from, from a purely spiritual point of view. You need to begin to harmonize yourself with their hearts. You do not need to agree with what they say or do. All that is required from you is understanding and love. Those are the requirements for harmonizing.


Are there any other questions? Very well my friends, I wish you good night. All:

Good night, JarEl.