2004-09-10-A Lesson on Forgiveness

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Topic: A Lesson on Forgiveness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



There cannot be enough said about forgiveness, as this is an ongoing issue, and or a problem for countless people, especially those who have been greatly wronged so their entire lives take different turns to what would divinely have been expected. Some people’s lives are warped because of this. Others are able to shrug off the occasions of wrong-doing, but there are the more sensitive ones, who, even though they think they have forgiven the wrongdoer, the event, or events, from time to time, still creep back into memory, and they relive those demeaning situations. This then becomes not only a matter of simple forgiveness but it needs something extra, which is unconditional forgiveness, so the matter or issue can be put to rest, and be totally forgotten. At least, the memory of it will have completely lost its sting and will disappear over time.

With unconditional forgiveness comes a new acceptance for the perpetrator, and a blossoming of a love, which was not there before. It is truly living the spiritual life in the manner of the Christed one, who could pray while hanging from a cross, saying, ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ Often the perpetrator has no concept either of the far-reaching effects his or her words have on you. It becomes your choice and a soul-felt decision of the highest degree, to be able to forgive unconditionally, and to then forget the whole situation as if it never occurred. This becomes even more important when the visible results are always there, and the wound needs constant help to not result in a poisoning of the whole mental, emotional and spiritual systems, which can result in all manner of physical ailments.

This often turns the mortal to a higher Power, because he or she simply cannot do this on his or her own. It is an ongoing lesson, although the willingness to forgive is then already a foregone conclusion that this will occur for God, never mind how much time the human needs to accomplish this. This is one of the most important lessons to learn. The other lesson, which is a close companion, is forgiveness of self for past mistakes, and badly made choices that one has to live with for the rest of one’s life. Some get out of a bad situation, which might not always be the wisest thing to do. This is better done after all possible ways to improve matters have failed. Others ‘battle on’ courageously, and gain a far greater insight and perspective on life, which they would not have had, had they chosen to get out of the situation, and perhaps land in a worse situation.

These things tend to repeat themselves, unless the first situation got resolved and one has gained a semblance of wisdom, which is always the result of a greater understanding. Those, who do reach out to a higher Power, are the best equipped to bring this unfortunate life situation to a victorious completion, because they practice faith and trust as oars to row their little life-boat, whilst they have made contact with the Pilot of their little ship. Others need rescuing from an untenable situation as their self-esteem is constantly being eroded by the one who is supposed to love them. These are some of the reasons, why forgiveness, especially with the added quality of the word ‘unconditional,’ is essential in your lives, to live life and to be victorious at the end of your material existence.