2004-09-11-A Lesson on Searching

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Topic: A Lesson on Searching

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



There are ever and anon people searching for something. Be it a favored toy or an item they like to possess, a home, or the ideal vacation. Searching happens in all area’s of life. On the emotional level the hunger increases if it is not satisfactorily answered by significant others. In the spiritual life of a human being the search goes on until the object of desire is found, for this yearning is placed in the human soul. It is this ever-present yearning for something which gives meaning and value to life. The search in itself depends totally on the intent and determination with which one searches.

The ultimate object and satisfaction lies buried deep within you, and it is this same elusiveness which keeps you going on your search for that deep satisfaction and soul-peace. There are many who never find that satisfaction in this short but intense material life, even in their most ardent searching. This is because of the non-comprehension that because of their searching, they forget, or worse, do not know that the eternal God is totally apprised of their hunger and longings. However, they shall be satisfied once they pass into eternal life, where the agelong search for the object of their being continues with greater clarity. There their eyes will be opened to much celestial help, which was also available to them whilst living the material life, although it remained unknown to them.

There are those whose longings are partially answered in the material life, because their search goes on unabated, until they discover the object of their search right within them. Their Pilot Light had been there all along, only to be found when the mortal took the time to turn within, rather than without, expecting others to fill that aching void of their yearning, which never seems to be filled until that life-changing moment and they know without a doubt, that they are anchored in the heart of God, because there is simply nowhere, that God is not. The Ultimate Creator is fully apprised of all the ever-evolving universes of space and time, and He is fully aware of all the comings and goings of all the myriad of creatures living on all the planets in all the super universes. He will ever be in full cognizance of any and all developments in the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

In order for the evolving humans to be better able to make contact with this ‘in mystery shrouded Deity,’ the eternal Creator has made their search easier by gifting them with a Spark of Himself. This is the yearning in each mortal soul, to find this Gift deep within them. It is up to each thinking man and woman to discover in their ardent searching this great Gift, Who personifies the love of God for the creature. One is never bereft of celestial help in one’s searching. It takes an honest and sincere heart, and great determination to follow the Guidance so freely given, but so seldom listened to, or put into practice in the daily business of living. Do try to make a sincere effort by turning into the Stillness within, so you may learn to take the greatest advantage of all the help available to you.