2004-09-12-A Lesson on Hope

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Topic: A Lesson on Hope

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



There is a saying that hope springs eternal in the human breast. This is so true because the eternal One has placed it there, along with the hunger of unfulfilment which can only be stilled through the search of all ages: to find God and become like this indefinable Being. It is this urge which drives humanity forward to higher levels of existence. It is this urge which drives the individual to this ultimate search for the All That Is -- in Which all consist and have their being. This is the mystery of something more than the material life, and is the hope they seek, because nothing else is soul-satisfying in life.

There are people who obtain a glimmer of this hope, which springs eternal, but those who flex their muscles in faith and trust, by exercising them daily in their comings and goings, become more aware of being led in their lives. Their hope increases, and they shall obtain a greater surety than they ever thought possible. It is the faith content in a human life which drives the hope and trust in things unseen, and trust in the better things of tomorrow. This is the hope you garner also when you make the right decisions along the way in the struggles of life, but be assured that over time, and into eternity, God makes all decisions right. There are no mistakes, there are only lessons to be learned, although theses lessons can be very costly, especially when they involve other human’s lives. This is a consideration in which much self-forgiveness needs to take place in the one, who caused this to happen, through thoughtlessness, and by not being in the proper frame of mind.

Hope and forgiveness are connected through the loving interaction with others. There is no room for resentment or bitterness. The indomitable human spirit will triumph through courage and determination. It takes a lot of living to shape the human character. It also takes a healthy self-reflection when the heart is restless, to take stock, and to see where self-correction is needed, so one will again be at peace with the self. This is an ongoing struggle; this struggle to become perfectly at peace within one’s heart, mind and soul. The soul languishes on a starvation diet if it is not nurtured and fed with the hope of the things unseen, which influences every aspect of life. It is very sad when humans keep themselves busy with outward things and the pleasures of the material life only, thereby forgetting the main function in life, which is to give equal attention to the inner spiritual life, because they are spiritual beings in their soul-self and have come to fulfill the divine plan of their lives.

The tools therefore are hope, faith and love, but the greatest of these is love. To be able to exercise these tools takes an active inner life, which spills out into the outer life. During these exercises through the choice and decision making process, you will learn to balance a harmonious personality in truth beauty and goodness, holding the keys to God’s kingdom in love, praise and gratitude. These keys help you move forward in life with hope in better things for tomorrow. Take the time and sit in the Stillness of your heart, and feel My Silence pervade and nurture you.