2004-09-12-Unity, Intention, Inadequacy

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Topic: Unity, Intention, Inadequacy

Group: Bogus Basin


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Simeon



[Transmission was with a small gathering at night on the lawn]


Aaron: My friends, it is Aaron and it is my deep pleasure to be with you tonight. Come into the stillness where the answers to all questions reside. I come as a representative of the one source from which all creation springs. Though I am but a servant and ascending mortal, I find the latitude given, the trust afforded to me by our creator son to be a great comfort in my ministry for there is a loving over control that allows the flexibility for creature progression.


The love of our Father is profound in its' willingness to provide patterns and yet allow for the diversity of expression that free personality manifestation demands in realizing the Supreme. I have been afforded the freedom to ascertain the level of development amongst those persons whom I communicate with and to utilize the resources I have gained in my own tutelage. The freedom that I feel to manifest from my awareness of union with the divine, I would seek to pass on to you so that you recognize the fact that you have this freedom even now in your evolutionary beginnings.

Seek to understand from those gifts that you have been given and then recognize your flexibility that we afford you to develop your own methods of relating those understandings in your environment. The universal ascension plan requires that there is a steady stream of teaching and learning and therefore the purposes for our arrival and implementation of these correcting time measures are not only to offer you brilliant insights, to comfort you with loving thoughts, but to prepare you for the common path which only seems uncommon to you now.

Your fledgling efforts to manifest from your spiritual inclinations are hopeful and bring us a sense of expectancy and possibility for creating momentum toward a new way of being, and thus we encourage you to manifest from that spiritual relation you have with the Father, and of course this requires consistent reflection, stillness time, contemplative thinking, worshipful problem solving, such that your time with the divine is not divorced from your time in the world.

You all have this relationship, and while we can afford insight, offer advice, perspectives, the underlying reason for all of our efforts is to expand your God consciousness, or your desire for God consciousness. Unity will be the result of a shift in awareness as it seems to be occurring in different circles on your world at this time. Unity is not something that you must make happen, but rather sprouts up from you willingly submitting to the divine presence and flourishing in that relationship, such that the overflow of your spiritual growth becomes a unifier in and of itself.

So be encouraged in your progress, recognize there is purpose in the out workings that go beyond the momentary impartation of insight. Know that your role in this communication effort is to absorb, understand, and to take those understandings and incorporate them into your lives. With this perspective, I believe these emanations from your individual and collective efforts will have the scent of ripened fruit. I thank you for listening to me this evening and will step back and open for others to communicate or answer questions if there are any.


Q: Can you tell us about your journey?

Aaron: I surmise that you refer to my own growth and development, is this the case?

Q: You've been places I can only imagine.

Aaron: Indeed I have traversed the mansion worlds and although I am residing on this world at the present time with my assignment, am regarded as a Jerusem citizen. The places I have witnessed are quite diverse in comparison to this world, but the emphasis I would like to share, is more on the awarenesses I have come to as a result of my travels.

The spiritual progress is directly relative to my intentions and thus in my early mansion experience, I struggled with the relinquishing my need to control and allowing the divine presence to become the true pilot and this cannot be escaped. Your intentions are everything in spiritual terms, and although I had degrees, what I would call fairly significant degrees of selfishness, I did eventually realize that my machinations could not bring me what I truly yearned to have and so even I could rise up from it and giving over, become absorbed by the divine presence.

This will be the struggle of your attunement to God for many of you as you traverse the circles of attainment, this letting go of selfish desires and allowing yourself to become absorbed in the presence. This is the journey that I would like to impart to you this evening so that as you grow spiritually and come to those places of threshold where it seem you are but just a step away from the divine embrace. It is the letting go of trying to make it happen and realizing that you can just be there that will allow the membrane to split open and for the new creation to arise.

Q: part of question was inaudible......I have an aversion to evangelizing in such a way as has a negative impact and ????? but in order to be an effective publisher of this good news..verbal as well as physical example....that will grow this seed and my love...my Michael...can you help us to avoid the pitfall of evangelizing in a way that has negative impact?

Aaron: I would share that the most effective method is to first be a brother and a sister to those in your life before you would endeavor to proclaim the realities of the kingdom, for so often it seem like people would like to tell people something but do not take the time to share that sense of brotherhood which opens the door to true ministry. The Master was quite effective at presenting this concept for he was truly desirous of that family recognition first and foremost and it emanated from him just as it can emanate from you and those who desire to serve.

The message you have has various degrees of value and so you must look to go to the level of the person you are meeting and communicating with and by showing true interest and openess, the capability for your message to find root will expand. Does this answer your question my friend?

Q: Yes it does, however, I feel so inadequate. I'm recognized in my neighborhood and by my family as an example [?????? words were too soft-spoken to be clear]..... I'm loath to say too much...I guess I just want it to happen...magic wand... Aaron: Your sense of inadequacy is healthy to the extent that it allows you to recognize your incapability at this level of knowing all and it produces expansion in your character so the struggles are valuable. Your perception of when to share a message and when to simply share is more critical in building effectiveness in your own efforts. We all want to see this world ushered into light and life, and yet it can only happen by your own efforts today, person by person. So take heart that any effort with the desire to serve God has value whether it be for the server or the person being served, but you can expand your effectiveness in approach by looking at the areas that you place emphasis upon and emphasizing the brother or sisterhood before you would emphasize teaching another.


At this time I would withdraw for the evening. If there are others who would like to tune in feel free, for there are many beings present. You have great hopes and luminous souls. I look forward to witnessing the efforts you undertake, good evening.