2004-09-27-A Lesson on Light

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Topic: A Lesson on Light

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Today I desire to speak on the subject of light. Not just light you can see with the naked eye, but the Light which exists in each mortal with the capability to think and make decisions. It is being in the normal awareness of life, of being aware of life itself. Of being aware of and having appreciation of life. It is having the potential capability to gather wisdom, born of seasoned experience, not the knowledgeable wisdom gained from books or of having heard someone else’s opinion on something. This remains knowledge as long as it has not been tested by living through it by experience.

Light is like experienced wisdom, because light knows. It knows what needs to be done in certain situations, because the Light of wisdom shines on it so no shadow of a doubt remains. Light contains truth, it is always honest to the depth of being. This is the way I would describe Light for you, because in truth and in fact, I Am that Light you ‘see’ by. I Am that Pilot Light that guides you into truth, as I Am a Spark of the Source of Light, who is All Light. Many there are, who flounder around in darkness, not having ‘seen the Light’ and yet are proposing to know it all, and to have all the necessary knowledge and claim to have all the wisdom to become the rulers and judges of the people, to rule and create laws for others to live by.

I tell you right now, if your so-called rulers recognized their own lights and the lights in others, there would be no more wars and the world would be no longer ruled by the greed motive and the urge for war as it is now. This financing of war machinery would be far better spent in cleaning up the planet, before the nations start to destroy each other together with all the most promising strains of the human stock, which provides the back-bone of human society, while the less desirable and war-loving strains keep on propagating. These matters need to be kept in balance.

More care needs to be taken in educating the young and teaching them that each human being with the capacity to think and make decisions carries the Spark of Light within them, and that they, too, can strife to be the best they can be, so their light can shine more brighter to help uplift the planet. Teach them to sit in the Stillness of their hearts, so they may discern and discover the Source of their light and in return respect this Light in others. This is the most essential and needed teaching to be passed on down the line like a torch.