2004-10-24-A Lesson on Awakening

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Topic: A Lesson on Awakening

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



A few but very important words are needed to explain the true meaning of awakening. Normally, you awaken each morning to a new day, or you have been awake, waiting for the day to arrive after a restless night. Sometimes a new day is to be dreaded, due to the uncertainty it brings. On other occasions it is with glad anticipation, but usually, it is just another day, without you giving much thought to the process of awakening and all the ‘ritual’ involved in becoming totally awake and alert. It is one of the most normal habits, until something happens, and this habit is disturbed. On awakening the first order of business is usually a good stretch. Even tiny babies do this, as this is how they grow. The blood starts flowing, and the nervous system gets energized, and so the process of awakening is helped along.

The awakening I desire you to mull over is the real awakening into your true soul-self. This is the grandiose event of re-birth into the spirit-life where everything has changed forever, and all of life takes on a different meaning as an indefinable ‘something’ has happened, perhaps in the blink of an eye, perhaps as a more slower awakening. One can liken this process to the ordinary physical awakening, which can happen in a different manner each day, but one is not exactly conscious, because of the habitualness of the process. The awakening in a higher more spiritual state of being can also happen gradually, or one can awaken with a start, as happened to the Apostle Paul, when on the road to Damascus he heard a Voice calling out to him, which changed his subsequent life altogether.

The gradual awakening happens with the aforementioned stretches. One becomes willing to examine different concepts and belief systems, to stretch one’s own belief system and to find the kernels of truth in all. Others dread this process, and live in between the pages of their so-called holy books, without examining these precepts in their own hearts. They abide fully by the words of their leaders, as fear holds them back from venturing out on their own, and from allowing their soul a closer look. Then there are those, who have the urge to venture out on their own, to start questioning, and those will not stop until they find an answer. Sometimes it takes a ‘nightmare’ of sorts to spur people on into awakening that there is more between the heavens and earth than meets the human eye.

Those really blessed are the ones, who are not satisfied until ‘at the bitter end’ an appeal is made in all sincerity, and a cry for Help is immediately answered. When the human reaches up, the Infinite God reaches down, and the mortal realizes that this Help has been available all along, it just depended on the sincerity and truth-hunger of the mortal. And in a blink of an eye, life has changed. It becomes more meaningful and more colorful. A greater appreciation towards life, and thankfulness to the Creator God, ensues. The doubting diminishes, yes, that will remain for a while as now the faith muscles still needs stretching and exercising, for now the real work begins -- that of living a spiritual life in a material world. That is why Jesus said, ‘You are living in this world, but you are not of this world.’