2004-10-24-To All Intents and Purposes

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Topic: To All Intents and Purposes

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: "We are here, my friend and brother. Your humble abode has become a rather popular meeting place in these last few years, and it’s good to turn up once again, as you put it’ "with bells on". This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu."

George: "The question is somewhat indistinct, I speculate."


Bzutu: "The answers will be perfectly clear, I guarantee. They will be understood, I’m sure, and they will also be acted upon, I sincerely hope. Let us review the number of times we have made you aware of another’s intent. [Yes.]

"On countless occasions we have done so, and not as a service to you. Oh, no! We secondary midwayers have a stake in the 11:11 project, as do our primary counterparts, as do the progress seraphim, and myriad other "Bosses" right up the chain of command. We prompt you out of self-interest, our personal interests.

"Whilst your human intent to serve a certain purpose may well originate in your mind, this is not always the case, if hardly ever the case. With us, it is so the case, as we are at all times directed, given jobs to do, are sent out on missions, trusting that within our more advanced minds we will fully understand all intents, all purposes, and as we pray that Mother Spirit will direct us as She would.

"And this, my dear brother, is the part you humans do not always understand, in fact, rarely clearly understand: Your intents may have little to do with the workings of your brain and mind. Your purposes may be greatly valued on High, be important, be vital, or even be critical.

"Your decisions to be involved in certain projects may likely deal with Thought Adjuster input, suggestion, intimation. And, therefore, you, the human participants of any big spiritual undertaking, and quite ahead of all celestial assistants, are the most important signatories of your irrevocable eternal contracts with your God and Maker.

"Just chill out for a moment now, and consider the implications [Pause].

"Indeed, you mortal workers are the ones who write your names right next to the signature of "The One Who is your immediate Partner". Your midway friends might be mentioned in the addendum on page five or six, but the midway task is equally important in that we see to it that no energy is misplaced, redirected, or re-routed from without. This is ABC-22; quite capable of providing explicit answers to somewhat nebulous questions. I can say this without laughing.

"Your love and greetings [sent to a celestial friend] were received, were acknowledged, and are herewith returned.

"And now, at last, you will understand why those who inhabit Paradise will do just about anything to get down to a backward planet like ours, for there is not a more intensely lucrative or rewarding way to serve the God of Love than is provided by the conditions prevalent on a planet like this.


"My love goes with you all. Adieu."


Midwayers do not have Thought Adjusters. They do have very much superior minds compared to their human cousins.