2004-10-25-Symphony of Humanity

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Topic: Symphony of Humanity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh, Katrina

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "In the animal kingdom there are too many changes going on. The plight of many species of birds and animals has not gone unnoticed. Many species are also finding new ways to adapt and new ways to survive.

"The fox is now a regular among the urban dwellings. No longer only found in country lanes, it has learnt to survive well off garbage cans, roadside tips, and whatever it can scavenge. There are birds, too, that have changed their song to be heard above the traffic of the city, shrilling away their dawn chorus at the top of their voices to still be heard. They are proving to be adaptable, as humans have proved to be adaptable over many centuries.

"Do not lose this flexibility. Many now within the human species have forgotten that change is a natural part of life. Humanity has been changing since its first inception upon this planet, and migrated from continent to continent, traveling vast distances with only limited technologies.

"When you now travel such distances in "quick speeds of time", you can sometimes lose part of the journey. On arrival in another country though, spend some time allowing yourself to feel the beat of Mother Earth in that part of the world, for there is a different drum playing everywhere.

"Do not take with you your preconceptions; what you have read in the media, or seen on your television screens. Do not assume each human to think as you do. There is diversity throughout all of your nations, as much diversity as between a rabbit and a cow. Each part of society has is own niche, its own place. Those filled with darkness are slowly losing their grip, but do not assume all to wish to embrace your way of thinking.

"You wonder about intelligence on other planets, and yes indeed there is such intelligence, more than you can possibly imagine, and many members of whom are currently present on Earth, or watching earth, helping in its evolution from a spiritual basis, or from their natural state, which may be of a different vibration from that which you are experiencing here.

"But do not wonder too much about these beings, but see instead the diversity between your own peoples—between the bush people of the Kalahari and the Inuit—between the people living in Asia and those in the Americas.

"Note the vast differences between those in the North of Scotland and those in the South of Portugal. Consider the differences between these worlds, through the eyes of a retired person, left alone with just a career to see them once a week, and of the young child who is also dependant on other people in such a different way.

"See the difference between the youth who has everything in front of him, who has a world full of bright new beginnings and imaginings, the choice to do whatever he wishes with his life, and knows it. And then see the life of a middle-aged married person with children of their own, large responsibilities perhaps for employees or other workers, who has lost that vision. Neither is correct, neither is wrong, but these are different worlds that are all seen and lived in at the same time.

"The world of the nomad who follows their feet where they need to go, while living with the beat of the cycle of the year, or the urban artist who sees only the lights of night, and paints the scenes of the big city, stepping in with its beat, its rhythm, and the counterpoint harmonies of that life.

"When you see from a distance the entirety of humanity, it performs as a beautiful symphony. All lines tying into each other, like a Fugue, one line playing, another joining, rising and falling in harmony and discord. This is just a small tune, though, for the symphony of the galaxy and the symphony of the universe. Humanity is one, is a single line, but within it the detail, that makes this a miraculous place.

"So whatever your path, do not envy others theirs. For each voice is needed. Each different line brings beauty to the entire composition and your voices are heard not just upon this earth, but in a wider context too. We in Spirit know when a voice is missing and we mourn such a loss. And so we beg you to assist us in awakening others upon your planet by example, by playing your own tune so strongly that they feel the need to start playing too.

"Forming their own harmonies, and their own movement."