2004-10-26-A Lesson on Illumination

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Topic: A Lesson on Illumination

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Illumination goes very deep, and it needs to be experienced to be understood. For discussion sake, we shall ‘skim the surface’ as to what it means to be illumined. In the first place, it is an allowing oneself to be guided by the Spirit within, the most important Fragment of God. This takes faith and a belief in the unseen God, and this, again, takes a lot of living, because you tend to forget what you are, and what your destination is. So you go through a lot of experiences before you get ‘back on track’ to listen more closely, and try harder to develop your inner listening skills, which is very difficult in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Truly, it is in your very own hands to make your life easier, if only you would take the time to live closer to your God-Fragment within. How many times do you desire an answer to a perplexing problem, and could have had an answer, if only you had taken the time to confer with Me. Usually it is the hurry and the impatience, and nowadays the instant gratification urge, which stands in the way of taking the time to go within, so I can help you to get to know yourself. These are little illuminations, as you, over time, begin to see yourself in a different light, and begin to realize how complex you really are. On top of that, you get to know that you have many hidden gifts, which you may get a glimpse of now and then, but which can only be developed in eternity. Really now, think about who would benefit most by learning those very important listening skills and be so pleasantly surprised by insights which make a 'light bulb go off’ in your brain. This is another way of illumination, which needs to happen a little at a time. A small burning candle can penetrate far into the darkness, whereas a blinding light might leave you forever unable to see.

The Infinite God gives each of you your just measure, according to your willingness and readiness to receive. It is entirely up to the humans themselves, how they comport themselves and choose how they will spend their time -- in idle pursuits or beginning to give some thoughts to the life that follows this one, and by starting to build on it by flexing their faith and trust muscles in loving service towards one another. Are they training themselves to increase their love for one another by practicing forgiveness, so their minds are cleared of unnecessary burdens they no longer need to carry, and so their physical bodies shall become healthier, too, as their emotional states become healthier.

It is a coming-to-terms with life itself, and the dawning realization of what a chance you have been given to live this life in an ongoing illumination to the truth of being; as to the grace of being, and as to the great future possibilities when everything, one day, shall be more fully revealed. In this way the illumination process goes on and on, as there is always more to be revealed. How wonderful when such over-lighting occurs on a steady basis! It is the road to understanding. It is the road to wisdom. Imagination plays a role, too, as it is your divine faculty to form mental images, which is illumined and quickened to have good judgment and order in your life, rather then disorder and discontent. Strive always for the highest you can be, and you will feel at home in your own mind.