2004-10-26-The Different Shades Of Life

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Topic: The Different Shades of Life

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thuroc

TR: Mechelle



Thuroc: "Hello my dear students, it is I, Thuroc. I am here with you once again. It seems that all of you have so many questions. You desire to gain knowledge, and receive answers to all that you seek. First I will simply start off by telling you that I have seen rainbows, many colors filling the bright sky, adorning it with such beauty that your mere mortal eyes cannot begin to see it for what it really is.

"What do you think it is? Are they not the various different shades of life: hope, love, existence and reality of your world? They are!

"Do not be fooled by that promised, but ever elusive pot of gold, which is meant to be found at rainbow’s end. Who could tell if it is there or not? Have you tried to find that pot of gold? Likewise, to find the answers to your many questions, first you must seek.

"Have you not wondered about the journeys, and the paths upon which you travel? Or are you concerning yourselves too much with the destination awaiting your arrivals? I, Thuroc, have traveled far and wide, off to far-flung and nearby places, all in the service of our Father the Creator, Who upholds and nurtures all existence in this universe. I seek the ways in which I am to become more, not merely pondering that I am where I am and where my journey will end.

"Right now I am of service to this Progress Platoon, and I am honored that the Celestial Teachers and my fellow Midwayers allow me to assist them in reaching out to you, to tell you all to search, to wonder, to be curious. When you sincerely question the purpose of your journey, such is considered to be progress!

"Your quest is for Truth, so listen to your inner self, and yet, it might well be me, Thuroc, telling you, "Good job! Well done!"

"Never stop asking your fellow travelers where they are going, how they will get there, and what fresh new road they will take when they get there, for if they slow down, and eventually stop at their ‘perceived’ destination, their spiritual journey, too, has come to a halt, and there is no more progress.

"I love the children. Those little wide-eyed babies now, are the eager ones, and they will become the brilliant leaders of your tomorrow’s. Do you playfully encourage them to ask their questions, or do you send them away with an annoying wave of your hand?

"This, too, slows down progress. You see them playing in the mud, sticking out their tongues to catch that perfect snowflake, dancing out in the rain, and all with the wonderment of God deep inside of them. That, too, is progress!

"Do you understand? Question not your far-into-the-future happy endings, but rather, how and why you will get there, a day at a time.

"This is Thuroc the Entertainer. With a knowing smile, I say goodbye."


Thuroc also told me that the (2nd) coming of the next Messiah will be for us to witness. Monjoronson may be with us here, now, but not quite ready yet to ‘surface’.

I asked Thuroc this time to reveal himself, but he showed me an image of a magician pulling a bunch of flowers from his hat! I feel his great wisdom and definite eagerness for us to keep up with our progress work.]

When I finished receiving this transmission it was precisely 12:34 am—the code for "progress", "progression".