2004-10-31-Budding Morontia Soul

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Topic: Budding Morontia Soul

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



RAYSON: Good afternoon, my friends. This is Rayson. (Group greetings.) It is good to be with you once more. You will note dear friends that as your lives increase in activity, it will be more difficult to meet regularly. For numbers of you, your lives are changing, you [are] being called into new directions and some of you to new places. Know that we are here, we are regular, we are ready for you. We wish to meet with you often, as we had discussed last time.

I will present our lesson, the first part of today’s session, and be open to questions in the latter half. And should I rush to a close during the teaching session, please remind me of these questions.


The budding morontial soul is perhaps your most important possession, one that ironically possesses you because it contains the essence of the best of you, the best of your decisions, the best of your service—and yes, the best of your intentions. This budding morontial soul also shows evidence of itself in your extended sensory perceptions. Yes, we recognize that there are individuals among you who are adept, who are capable of psychic understanding and awareness, which is beyond normal conscious awareness. We will set those individuals apart from the rest of you, who gain these cherished sensory perceptions through the growth of your budding morontial soul.

Now we call it the budding morontial soul, but it truly is your evolving morontial "self." It represents the conscious evolution of who and what you are. It will be accompanied by your personality in your reconstruction on the mansion worlds. Now, wouldn’t it be a shock to arrive in the mansion worlds as a personality and open up the history of your soul growth and find blank pages, those instructions of how you would relate to and live in among the communities in your morontial life? And this my friends, is what your soul helps you do and aids you in your placement, in which world you will be placed, according to your soul growth, abilities, and talents that you brought with you. So you can imagine—if you can recall our conversation some time ago—about life on the morontial worlds, the everyday life that you have.

Fortunately, if you ended up with a soul book with blank pages, there would be others along with you that would be in the same situation, and you would be tended and guided, nurtured and nourished by many beings of light to assist you in learning those lessons. For you here, in this life as material beings, a spirit captive in your material bodies, conscious of the life of Jesus, both through the New Testament and through the teachings in The Urantia Book and through other readings which are even now being produced with his assistance, you have quite a complete instruction book for living your life ethically, morally and in good service.

One of the difficulties you have is that you live very complex, very technologically oriented lives, where the decisions you make in business are oftentimes guided by corporate policy. We do not—well we do know how to advise you concerning this situation—but you live in many economic constraints, which you have made around your lives in servitude to employment. Living more simply is sometimes out of the question for you, but eventually there will present itself in your lives, an opportunity for living more simply, for living concretely in the "now," enjoying complimentary and compatible lives with the teachings of Jesus where you do not have to chafe about making corporate decisions for clients that you would not make if you were on your own.

Many of you yearn for retirement and in those years you will have great flexibility to live your lives as you have studied, as you have learned. Yet some of you wish to just continue the play of your adolescence and early adulthood in retirement; that is a choice.

We have begun this lesson series about the budding morontial soul for a reason and a purpose, the same as we taught you in the first two years of your Teaching Mission groups, the fundamentals of living in harmony, living in peace, learning the fundamentals of responsible social living and living for yourself, by yourself, with consciousness of others. We have spoken to you about the energy of the universe, the capacity of your mind to project your consciousness to other locations. We would be greatly remiss to give these tools to children who have egoistic or emotionally laden intentions in the use of these tools. This set of tools, which have been given to you by Christ Michael, through the Correcting Time, and the upliftment of your world through connection of the circuits, which has more far reaching effects than you realize—but you will get an inkling of that when you realize that they are almost all connected to mind and consciousness and to will.

When you sit in groups as this, and you have learned your lessons and you have applied them in your lives individually, you can become very strong and powerful groups when you work in oneness of intention through this [merkaba] anchor. There will be a time when you no longer have a TR to assist you—not that this one has any intention of leaving at this time—but that this is also part of the evolution of your groups. Now, what will you do? Will you disband and go home and suck your thumbs and feel sorry for yourselves? And think, "Oh that was fun while it lasted. Now what do I need to get back to—oh yes, I was washing the car three years ago. I’ll pick up there where I left off."

No, my friends, what you will do is you will continue to meet here together, and you will discover your leadership among you, and you will use these times through dedication of your will and the focus of your consciousness, for the intention and purpose of your meeting through the anchor to do great good on your world. Now I say that rather as a command, but it is a suggestion, of course. You will make the decisions to do this or not. And having been so well trained, having been one of our experimental groups, you will be excited about some of the things that you approach, and you will discover that your abilities are more powerful than you had determined before. And you will also determine that you will need to focus your work on more local issues than the global, which seem to occupy so much of your public’s attention. It is not that this is wrong, but that it is fruitless, though you will see in the evolution in years to come of groups such as this without a TR, where you come together in focus with others around the globe, that then, your combined power is global in its effect.

Let me give you some local examples that can be applied to almost any community in a technologically developed nation. You could direct your influence however you determine that intention, to the gangs of the youth in a community. You may also direct consciousness to a pattern of education, which needs great upliftment to increase its effectiveness with less energy and with less effort. You may wish to direct it towards local nursing homes of the humane and ethical care of the disadvantaged elderly. You may wish to spread your consciousness locally for the assistance of home care education, where individuals are home with their children and they pull them together into a common association of good will with greater effectiveness. The list can go on and on and on; there is much work to do.

You may wish to think in terms of an emotion; you may wish to again practice peace. What does peace look like? What supports peace? Yes, and your groups will have working committees—you will examine these—one meeting you may decide that you do not want to, or cannot meet to focus your attention through the anchor to some good end, but to meet together to discern how to apply your efforts to achieve an end which you desire. In these groups you will open yourselves to the influence of your celestial teachers, your angelic teachers, to the architects of society, and begin at more fundamental levels of your work, and you will then recall, "Oh yes, we have an evolving, budding morontial soul—what is it I am feeling, what is it I am sensing? What do I see in my mind’s eye?" and you open yourself to that, and you extend yourself like sophisticated satellite telemetry to sense situations apart from yourself and see what is needed. Do this individually; do this as a group. There is really no limit to what you can do as a group. If you see as an individual, you can see as a group, and then you can discuss this and find your consensus from what each of you saw. This is practicing being in the morontial; this is applying in ways, which are unknown to you, the benefits of morontial mota to your lives now. We recognize that much of the mota is beyond your intelligence, yet you can access that through the lower levels of your morontial awareness and you do that through right living, day after day.

Much of these instructions we have given you, will be lost to your conscious mind—we are aware of that—yet you have the wonderful facility of the TM archives to assist you, and through your search you can glean these lessons and instructions in how to apply them when you need in the future. You will find within the archives, the instructions you need to move ahead, move on, and to discover your capabilities. In those times, you will see these groups as working groups, rather than as study groups. Then will be time to apply to yourselves and to your community the lessons we have given you. No, these are not the "end of times"—they are simply the times of change.

I will give you something to take home with you—some of you do this already—now we have advised you, admonished you, scolded you, instructed you, to go to the stillness at least once a day if possible. While there, we know that your minds wander, and that is neither bad nor good, but you can put your wandering minds to purpose by querying the wisdom that you will need to work in this group. You can begin to practice this working in a group on your own. Some of you think of this as idle daydreaming, but if you are not daydreaming about washing your car or taking care of the children or some amusement and your mind is working with your Thought Adjuster and your celestial teacher and your guardian angel, and you are working with these concepts and how to extend your consciousness and your sensory perceptions, you are really in one mind. You can practice the morontial during the stillness.

[This is an aside from Daniel: I don’t know quite what’s going on—there’s a—I don’t know whether it’s my stuff or whether it is from the teachers—there is a … seems to be some concern of theirs for us, and us, the larger community of us—not just this group…. (Pause.) I guess I’ll have to figure that out later. I’m just really distracted today for some reason.]

RAYSON: This is Rayson; are there questions?


Student: Ham said in one of his recent transcripts, "You must come to the end of your own human efforts before turning to the spirit, but happiness is only found by turning to the spirit first, rather than last." That’s similar to what we have a saying of, that "God helps those who help themselves." I have discovered for myself that I have a difficult time asking for help until I feel like I’ve exhausted all my own resources, and since I’m never sure whether I have or not, I fail to ask for additional help from Michael or the rest of my celestial friends.

RAYSON: Yes. This may answer your quandary, or it may not: When one is involved with themselves in the solution of their daily problems or life problems, they will oftentimes strive and strive and strive to find the answers by themselves, finally getting to the point of exasperation and desperation. They cease their efforts and realize that they have exhausted all their options, as they know them, and then through their faith, finally turning to the source to ask for assistance. Now, how much more profitable would it be, to co-create the solutions early on, knowing that your human capacity is limited, and joining that with unlimited capacity and seek those solutions early on, rather than waiting until the end. Seeking through faith early on, knowing—yes, knowing—which is way past faith and believing, that you will be given answers, and that these will be presented to you.

Now, the discerning person—the believing person—who lives in the "now" of their faith, does not worry about that. The person, who waits to extinguish all the possibilities they have in mind, is really quite a "worry-wart," concerned about the future and finding the answers themselves. Worry leading to humility is a great aid to the exercise of your co-creative life, building it now, at this moment, knowing that the answers will be given to you and waiting for them to appear. Not being fully morontial in your awareness, you do not know how long to wait. Some wait a lifetime, when common sense would have said that spirit has another course in mind. Ham’s words are profoundly simple, profoundly full of wisdom. We ask you to read them and read them again, night after night before you retire, until you understand what they fully mean, and wait upon your Thought Adjuster, your spiritual counsel to connect with you, give you the insights, that wonderful "Ah-ha" that you seek for your question. It will be forthcoming, and your time will be profitably spent in those days waiting. (Student: Thank you. That will help.)

Student: I have another question: When Michael was created, he was given a unique personality, equal to but different from the personalities of all other Michael Sons, correct? (Rayson: Yes.) When he incarnated in his seven bestowals—particularly the one as Jesus—was he given the same personality that he had originally, or did he receive a new one, characteristic of the order of being that he became?

RAYSON: He retained the essence of himself, he as Christ Michael, yet this was a diminution of the totality of his personality as the investment of his total personality in the figure of Jesus would have over-awed that being and those around him, but the essence of who he was, and as a representative of the Michael Corps was present in Jesus.

Student: Can you give us any insight into how the Most Highs work in the affairs of man? Right now we are quite concerned about the affairs of our world, with this election coming up, and I have hope but little understanding of how the Most Highs might facilitate the highest good in our world at the present time. Could you address that, please?

RAYSON: I will try. First of all, remember that neither the Most Highs nor Christ Michael or any other representative of his hierarchy would do anything to subvert, change, or amend the will decisions of any mortal. Knowing that, they are not limited to the degree of influencing the minds of individuals among the choices that are presented in those minds. It is true that the Most Highs do have influence in the minds of the Reserve Corps of Destiny. It is true that they do have influence in the minds of those who are not. It is true that they participate in presenting options to the minds of those who disbelieve. It is true that they also provide options to the minds of mankind, individuals who make significant and important decisions about the course of your world in many, many fields apart from government.

Now, let us take a moment to look at how that happens. Let us say there is a governmental leader who has received all the information concerning a decision about a topic [for] which they must make a decision or a significant recommendation. They are apart from others as they ponder and sift through the information, gleaning the information, which they feel they need to make a decision or a recommendation. Now this is akin to stillness, as a busy executive individual can be in some instances, and it is in those moments where this influence from the Most Highs becomes most critical. It is not that they change the mind or direct the mind of the individual, but present the topic thoroughly in the mind with clarity to that individual. It is as though they had taken a one hundred page report and sifted it down to two paragraphs, less than one-half page, and presented it with clarity to the individual, so the individual sees in the problem, through the problem with great depth and clarity. This is how they work.

Now, how they imprint those minds of individuals is privy to their counsel. We surmise the ways that it is possible, without subverting the mind decisions of that individual. To present it to the mind of the individual with equity, with balance, and with fairness, without dominating the mind, or bludgeoning it with the power and logic and reasoning of their arguments. This is very subtle "stuff," do you not agree? Certainly, and this is the same influence that comes to your mind too, when you ask, invite that visitation upon yourself in your mind for clarity to understand a difficult situation, a transition in your life, a growth, a jump, a risk, a decision. When you pray for clarity, it will come to you. It may not come through your own mind; it may come through the mailman who speaks to you and greets you, "Good morning." It may come from some neighbor who has something to say, and that particular information fits so well with you and assists you with the enlightenment of your mind.

It is important in your co-creative development, the co-creation of your lives, that you invite this clarity. Invite your Thought Adjuster, your guardian, and your celestial teacher to assist you in making wise decisions. You have been repeatedly told through The Urantia Book and through us, that it is wise to rededicate your commitment to doing the Father’s will. This is not an obedient direction, but one that you must willfully, deliberately and intentionally make with good purpose. It is like greeting an old friend, whom you have not seen for a while, and your say, "My, it is good to see you again," and then you give them a big hug. So too, when you reaffirm your willingness, your willfulness to do God’s will in your life—you are willing to do God’s will—that you reaffirm this and rededicate your commitment to doing God’s will and to having your life develop co-creatively through that assistance. This will help you greatly in times of difficulty when there are choices to be made. Does that help?

Student: Yes. Thank you.

Student: This is a question that was sent to me by someone who reads your transcripts, but is not part of our group. Speaking on the subject of Iraq, she wants to know, "How do we extricate ourselves from this "mess," without laying ourselves open to further attack on the part of those who seek to destroy us? How can we as a civilization harness the power of God to protect the forces of light and life in a world where there are so many who prefer the methods of darkness and death?

RAYSON: Then present your policy and your decisions of extrication through decisions of enlightenment. Some of the gravest errors of leaders have been those that they later admitted that they have made errors. How will your world view your country, if your leader said, "We apologize for this incursion into your country. Our intentions were good, but our work was wrong, and we have hurt many. We withdraw and will assist you according to your need. How might we serve you when we are absent from your country?" Is it impossible to say those words? Would your nation then suffer greater disharmony and destruction at the hands of your enemies? I doubt it, yet the humbling of this arrogant nation, is something that will be caused by itself, not by others. You are really asking to lead a nation through right decisions, light decisions, decisions that are enlightened by the greater good, rather than the selfish good of a few. It is not impossible to do this—it may be politically impossible, but that is a decision of those who take sides. Always will the forces of light and good from Michael support those decisions, which bring forth light and goodness, harmony, generosity, humility. To be humble does not mean to be weak; to be humble does not require that you need to withdraw in shame, but with the awareness that mistakes are a part of living.

You have had leaders in this country, who have apologized in the past, for grievous injuries to others. There have been occasions when this has occurred; it is not impossible to do once more. Thank you for your question. (Student: That was a very good answer!)

Student: Rayson, I have a question. (Certainly.) When we were talking about the groups and what they might accomplish on their own without a leader, you mentioned something about peace and how that made you feel. Could you elaborate on that?

RAYSON: Yes, what are the prerequisites of peace? Requests for peace, prayers for peace are wonderful and worthy of being given, but the foundations of peace also need to be attended to and recognized. What constitutes peace? I believe we have spoken about this some months ago; I will give it to you once more. Peace comes when there is hope. Peace comes when there is strength among those who are less-than others. Peace comes when there is opportunity for growth. Peace comes when there is sufficiency in the face of inequality of services, of goods, of wealth, when there is hope for equal justice. Peace comes when individuals can lead and live ordinary lives, which means to be free to go to school, to worship, to have regular employment, and sufficient employment that is compensated rightly for their effort, according to the needs of survival, even at a minimal level. Peace comes from harmony in families. Peace comes from communities where there is lack of fear of injury, to peacefully go to the grocery store and return without injury is an example of ordinary daily peace.

There will never be peace when there is fear. There will never be peace when there is lack of hope. These are some of the fundamentals of peace. If you can hold these concepts, much as a bowl of individual grapes, and you call the bowl "peace," then pray for peace, holding in your mind’s eye what makes up peace, what gives peace, what generates peace, which sustains peace. You have seen symbols of peace—the laurel wreath, the grape vine, the cluster—these are symbols of abundance. These grapes on the cluster of peace are meaningful and taste as sweet as the whole bunch at one time. (Thank you, Rayson. That was very good.) You are welcome. Thank you for your question.

Student: Rayson, your answer reminds me of a couple of seminars at the Parliament of World Religions for me, referred to worldwide Marshall Plan and globalization for the common good.

Rayson: Yes, those are concepts, which see how peace is generated. Are there further questions?

So you see, dear students, what work you have in the future. Now I mention that you may be a group without a TR in the future—which has a very likely possibility—I suggest to you that you find the leadership among you to continue on the work that will need to be done. This is a suggestion for this group; it is a suggestion for other groups as well. It does not mean that these groups will dissolve; it does not mean that the TR’s are leaving. It is simply something to have in mind in the future when developments come into being.

Student: I do have another question, Rayson. (Rayson: One more "grape," huh?) What do you suggest in a situation where an individual has been greatly harmed and deteriorated through alcohol addiction? And this person would like to help this person, who threatens suicide, who obviously is very much in need of help, but when—or is there a point—where one has to say, "Well, maybe this person is better off making their transition into the next world." Maybe trying to dissuade them from their suicidal attempt is not for their highest good. A very complex and difficult situation, when love is there but it is not apparent what is the best course?

RAYSON: In all instances as this, it is our practice to pray and see the highest good for this individual coming into being in their life. We have not the wisdom, nor the authority to pass judgment upon whether it is the best for them to pass out of existence as a mortal, or to continue on. This is for that individual to decide. But do not lay back idly and ignore your friend, as Jesus would not ignore them either, but engage this person—ask them how you might help them, and ask them repeatedly, for there will be times when you ask them, they will be drunk and you will not know it; and there will be times when they are sober and you would not know it. Also, it is without injury to the other person, to—in your moments of stillness—to project your consciousness of peace and stillness and harmony, lack of worry, lack of fear—to that individual. Surround them with the glow of Christ Michael’s love. See in their mind, the clarity of Nebadonia’s mind. It is not too late to ask on the behalf of that individual, that they take on the mind of Christ in their life and in their living. It is not that you are projecting your will upon this person, but you are asking that this person receive the mind of Christ for greater clarity in their life. Does this help? (Very much, thank you.)

[Daniel: There was a little heart-felt connection there from Rayson to you guys.]

RAYSON: You are beginning to see and feel, the magnitude of your capability and your responsibilities in the assistance of others, as we do. Always striving for the greatest good of the individual, without impinging your will upon them. You asked about the influence of the Most Highs, and my friends, through this exercise you are beginning to feel the responsibilities of the Most Highs as you influence those who are in need of your influence. You are beginning to have an inkling of what it is like, and the responsibilities of [being] a Creator Son.

Many of you have children, yet you make decisions for them as though it were your life—it is not, and in so doing, some of your children are injured by the intrusion of yourself into their life. How to discern that, as they age is most difficult, but a discernment that you must make almost weekly, for as they grow, it calls upon you to use more responsible, mature parenting skills. Parenting responsibly is a most difficult chore. In a world of agondonters, it is difficult by many thousand-fold, compared to worlds where there is so much additional conscious spiritual assistance. Yet, in your parentage, you have the capacity to grow into [an] awareness [of] Christ Michael. You can gain the skills of a Creator Son, guardian angel, a Melchizedek and a Most High, at the same time. Now, you are beginning to see, also, why it is so important to have and raise children. And why you will be required to do so, if you do not have the requisite number here in the mortal life. The lessons are immense, they are profound, they are infinite in duration, and affect others to a degree that you can only be appraised appropriately, several school-worlds ahead.


Parent well! Good day. (Group gives thanks.)