2004-11-01-A Lesson on Endurance

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Topic: A Lesson on Endurance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Let us consider the word endurance and its varied meanings, although they all boil down to the same thing. It represents durability, stalwartness, strength of character, which one gains through life experiences as a result of your choice and decision making ability, which the circumstances in life allow. It is ‘the seeing through’ of an assignment to the best of your ability. Humans need this character trait to be successful in life, but in order to be steadfast, there needs to be the component of sincerity, as this is one of the true values in life, which becomes established in the character for use in the next stage of existence. One will find out in the next stage of existence that sincerity is one of the most valued character traits, and if this is faulty, more training will be given in sincerity. This is obtained by endurance, to become what one proposes to become.

There are no shortcuts in the life hereafter. Each and everyone are expected to work on self-discipline to overcome less desirable traits. Endurance, when learned in mortal life, is an accomplishment which will help overcome all negative tendencies, as one has proven himself or herself beyond a shadow of doubt to be dependable. Surely, there will be moments when you fall down and become forgetful, because after all, you are still only a human, and have not attained true spirit status. However, you have a prime example in your Master Jesus, who was dependable in everything. He showed true endurance and loyalty in carrying out His Father’s Will whilst living a mortal life. He also started out like every other mortal, but He had a searching mind, and He was a deep thinker even at a very young age. After the rote prayers were said in this well-ordered Jewish household, He would frustrate His parents by His still wanting to ‘have a little talk’ with His Father in heaven.

He was the most dependable human who ever lived. He completely placed Himself under the Father’s will, and this you can also do. He often went off by Himself into the hills for long periods of Silence, so He could commune with His Father in Heaven. This shows you how important it is to become tenacious in your efforts to set aside a certain time period in each day, when you reap the most wonderful benefits by imbibing in rest for your tired mind and nerves, and to obtain sustenance and nurture for your soul. Allow yourself these precious moments in which, through training yourself, you can feel that precious mantle of unconditional love in and around you. You will learn to endure anything and everything, for when you feel the presence of God, nothing else is needed. By persistently training yourself to daily come into the Stillness, you will develop endurance in life.