2004-11-06-Stay The Course, Mind Expansion

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Topic: Stay the Course, Mind Expansion

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Sondjah

TR: Daniel Raphael



[Session began by toning with a "singing bowl."]

SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah. Welcome to Pueblo; welcome newcomers; welcome to those who have been here before. It is a blessing to all of us, and to your planet that you have come in one mind to support the wisdom, to support the oneness, union, and harmony of your planet. You begin this process with yourself, being at peace today, tomorrow, when you go to work—on your way to work and your way home. The maintenance of peace is a personal project for each of you, for without peace, you are fragmented in your energies. Through peace your efforts of love become more conscious, more thorough and clearly invested in the wholeness, the whole of your day.


It is quite amazing for me, a Melchizedek, to be here in this locale. You may note that I have spoken about that before, but I regard this place in the high desert to be special—not removed, and not isolated—but separate in some ways. Yes, I know that you have businesses here, you have organizations, people make livings, and that there are the activities of every day. But in many ways, this high desert location has a particular essence and energy to it. It is as though it is the calm place in the crossroads of this area.

Your nation has been through an emotional several weeks, several months with your elections and the world has watched it, as we have. And it is not insignificant when three hundred million people come together and make a decision about who will lead them into the future, and who will not. We have seen Pharaohs come and go, Caesars come and go, and Emperors and Empresses come and go. Autocracy, monarchy, totalitarian regimes have come and gone. But to choose who will lead you is significant. It is a major change in history of these large populations of your planet.

Some of you have come away unhappy, and some of you are quite pleased with the outcome. These are small issues, compared to the major decisions of who will lead you and who will not. The processes of democracy are seedlings in the organizational development of the celestial spheres, and in the future generations and centuries of governments on your planet. These early democracies are a beginning; they are bumpy at times and there are changes. It is not a perfect world you live in and that is why we are here, to assist you. Those of you who are unhappy with the results of this election and past elections—and even future elections—can be assured that you are not alone in this process, and that the Most Highs are deeply involved in the evolution of your world, peacefully.

How many riots did you see occur across your nation, as one side battled another for winning election polls? How many thousands of people were killed in the streets? There were none, were there? There were probably more heart attacks on election floors from people in their jubilation and in their sorrow, than occurred from assaults by opponents. Take heart that these disappointments are temporary and strive to improve your institutions of democracy. Yes, the Most Highs and the celestial teachers, and Melchizedeks will surely be involved in assisting you, but you must take the action and you must make the decisions. We are here to aid the course of light and love that bring that about and help augment the days of the arrival of The Days of Light and Life. This is the era that your planet is moving into, believe it or not.

So what is the message today for you and for others? The message is this: Stay the course! Patience, forbearance, tolerance—do not give up. Disappointments should only indicate to you to gather your resolve and increase your hope, and strive and plan with others to win "your" election, through your candidates. How great must the disappointments be before your process begins to select more competent and capable leaders? How much disappointment must it take for you to improve the processes of your democracy? We do not know! That is something which you individually and you in groups must decide and assess.

Let me aid you in your patience of living in these times —you will be guided. Those of you who ask questions about how to improve this, those of you who have the willingness, the courage, the strength to go out and campaign or complain about improvements in your systems will be aided by the Most Highs, celestial teachers, angels and Melchizedeks. Ask a question and you will be given answers. They may not be instantaneous, they may not be written on the wall, but they will come to mind. Write them down. Meet with others who think as you do. Do not believe that the status quo is sufficient or tolerable. Do not be complacent with mediocrity, but always strive for excellence.

Your institutions of democracy are quite antiquarian, compared to those that you will have in one hundred years. Do not be satisfied with the educational level of those who participate in your campaigns, as supporters or as candidates. Always be mindful that there are improvements, and that your minds are infinite in their capacity to grow and to encompass greater concepts of political process. Do not be complacent to accept average results. Always use your present circumstance as a stepping-stone for better results. Strive to reach your ideals and always be practical enough to accept improvement in your status at this time, and strive more in the future to achieve those small increments of improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of your democracies. And never forget your minorities of opinion, for they form the course of your nation as much as do the majority, and oftentimes they have wiser opinions, though lesser in numbers. Stay the course! Do not throw in the towel, give up, turn your back on it and walk the other way, for then you will surely have capitulated in turning your back. You may not have gone to the other side, but when you have given up and given them your turf, your position, and your percentage you have forfeit your position.

Yet always be willing to compromise for higher position, higher interests. What are your intentions? What are your interests in your political process? Does it have anything to do with The Days of Light and Life? Of the compassionate care and well being of all your citizens? Or just a few? Examine these well, for your children will be the leaders of your nation tomorrow and in the future. What are you telling them through your compromises? What will you be telling them through your acceptance and challenge for greater, more perfect, more ideal results? You tell them a great deal. The legacy of growth, improvements, striving for an ideal are the legacies that you hopefully will be giving them.

Sometimes "making deals" comes about, but do they compromise your position, your interests, or do they provide for a compromise of incremental improvement? Do not be swayed by the sloganeering by titles, labels, and examples that are meant to manipulate your opinion. Be questioning of these results. Be questioning of these ideals. Be questioning of their positions and their interests. Remember always that you are in a political process and complacency is the enemy. Remember always that you have a mind, you are important. Michael knows you individually! Christ Michael loves you individually. He knows about you; he loves you; he supports you; he wants to see each of you grow. Do you have any similar interests in your fellow human beings? We surely do hope so.

In long enduring eras of prosperity and peace—or call it dominance of your global economy, global political scene, your global military situation—complacency becomes a normal activity, a normal position. Why strive to change when things are good? But my friends your lives are so brief you really do not see the indicators of change about you. They are already well in place around you. Your world is changing; your nation is changing; your culture is changing. More and rapid social change has occurred on your planet in the last four years than has occurred in the prior four hundred, and that era was nothing short of being miraculous in the changes that it brought! And your world, my friends, will change as greatly in the next four years. Stay the course! Remember your ideals. Your country, your nation, was founded on ideals. We hope that you resurrect and become well acquainted with those ideals, for they are inherent in your existence. Forget them and you will need to recall them. Forget them and you must reinvent them.

My message today of staying the course is not a doomsday message at all—far from it—it is a note in your lives in history for being vigilant—vigilant! You do not need a sentry at the door to protect you—you only need to be vigilant, aware, cognizant, thinking, analytical in your examination of issues, positions and intentions, and interests. Go to sleep and it will creep up on you and you will wonder what happened when rapid changes occur around you. Be vigilant, for only in vigilance is your faith, your hope, your ideals maintained. We are not talking about a militaristic vigilance, but a conscious, civil vigilance—being aware of your position. You are important in where you live, who you are, and what you do. Be vigilant most of all for the peace of your mind, for in peace there is greater abundance of growth and the potential exploration of all of the inherent potential that lies within you. You cannot explore that when you are not in peace.

Peace is in the greatest interest individually, nationally, and globally for Michael’s work to be done to its fullest extent in the briefest amount of time. The economy of love, the economy of personal energy, the economy of the world depends upon peace. Watch those who do not augment, assist, and develop peace. Support those who do. Peace sometimes compromises political positions, but peace is in the best interests of all. Do not give up the course of peace! Stay the course of peace. Maintain peace; sustain peace; urge others to be at peace; show them how to be at peace.

And what would you like to give your children? A life of turmoil? Or, a life of peace? Only in peace is there prosperity and the development of the young into greater beings than yourself, who have grown and evolved in spirit and mind and in their social, and their civilizational skills.

Where is the hope of your world? Is it in old men sitting in uniforms behind powerful desks, or is it in your youth? The children who are coming along—what do they deserve? They deserve the best resources possible that you can give them. And what is that? That is peace, education, love, support, acceptance, recognition, tolerance, and patience. Your world will change when children are raised this way. Sometimes sharing all those wonderful values with them requires that you withhold some of the pampering you like to give them.

A life made easy for children does not necessarily grow strong souls of great character. Affluence is both a reward and a curse. Be mindful of what you provide your children, for some feel that a year abroad traveling with their parents to foreign lands is an extravagance, a waste of money and time. Yet it allows the individuals to grow immensely in character to view other nations and how others live.

Some people never leave the same county they were born in until after they are in adulthood—this is neither good nor bad—but it does limit a person’s perspective. How could one appreciate the lives of those who have little, without seeing how those with little live? How can you develop tolerance and patience for those neighbors of yours who live without adequate housing and those things you take for granted? Few go to those areas in service, yet they are here and numbers may grow or decrease depending upon the attitude of those who are in the majority, who are in control of the social and political and governmental apparatus.

I have taken you afar today to many issues connected with your democracy that seem to have little to do with spirituality. Yet, what is spirituality if it is not connected to the reality around you? Where can you express your spirituality if not in the communities around you? Only in your mind? That is a good place to start, but you live not alone and apart—you live with others, you work with others, you socialize with others. Your spirituality must truly be connected to who you are, where you are, and to those who are around you. It is part of the "faith or works" dialog that always goes on, but which is more important? Neither is, but they both are together, the most important. Where is the validation for your faith if not in the world around you? And where is the validation for the reasons for good work, except in your faith? You are spiritual beings on a material world. This is where you live; this is where you begin. Your lessons are difficult—most difficult! And you live in a prosperous, abundant nation.

Where does peace begin? Some point to the leader of a nation. Others point towards the leader of their religious group or military or to their academic or good works organizations. That is true, they have an immense influence upon your society, but peace begins truly, in the future with you. If there is disharmony in your life, point to it; become acquainted with it; know what it is. Understand how it affects your peace, how it takes your peace away from you, and resolve it. If you do not know how, ask for assistance. If you do not know why, seek within and ask. If you do not know yet, then ask those who have had similar issues, similar problems. My friends, I urge you to seek peace.

Have you ever been to a foreign city where you walk down the street and everyone is grim-faced? Their brows are furrowed, heads bent. What does that tell you? It tells you much about that city. It tells you much about the individual; it tells you much about the state of their existence. And have you walked down a street to another city and find people open-eyed, heads up, some with a smile on their face, socializing with others, discussing things, interacting? What is the difference? There is a great difference! Those who are happy, those who are at peace feel secure. They feel safe.

And what is the enemy of peace? It is fear. What is the enemy of love? It is fear. What is the enemy of trust? It is fear. Fear is real, if you think it is. If you think there is no peace, then there is none—for you. Part of our work is to help you identify what is real and what is not. For what is not real then exists in your mind, and there the peace can begin. The process of examining your ill ease, your lack of peace, may be individual. How do you find this out? It is also through critical thinking —challenging your fears— is one of the most powerful processes in finding peace.

Discovering whether there are "boogey men" and monsters under your bed—how do you find that out when you are young? You look! You screw your courage up and you look—frightened hair standing on end, trembling, your stomachs are ill at ease, but you look—at least some of you do. And some of you still believe there are monsters under your bed. And for you, there really are! And you are afraid to get out in the morning or in the dark to go get a glass of water, for fear they might bite your feet off. Is this far-fetched? No, I think not, for many of you are laughing, for you have been there.

And when you look and there is nothing there, as your mother helps you move your bed to the other side of the room, and you see that there really never was anything there—other than an old pair of slippers and some "dust bunnies,"—then you realize that your fears were unfounded, ungrounded. And that is what we ask you to do as adults, is to discover whether your fears are real or not. Are your fears grounded and well founded, or are they imaginations and part of some ploy to keep you ill at ease? This is your responsibility to do. No one else can do this for you. Only you can dispel your fears. Yes, you may talk to your therapist; you may talk to your neighbor; you may talk to a friend; you may talk to someone whom you have respected for a long time, but look and examine those. Look under the covers to see if your fears are real. Challenge your fears. Get to know who you are by doing so.

What a sad situation it is that we see that people have fears that are not grounded in reality, and they take medications and pills to find peace. Now is that real peace? Well, it may feel like it, but we are talking about conscious, feet on the floor, well grounded, well founded peace where you know what your fears are and what your fears are not. Now if a stranger should come to your door, with an axe in their hand and they begin chopping at your front door, you should be in fear—that is appropriate! (Much snickering.) You see, many of you do not know what real fear is. To have legitimate fear is honestly a wonderful, best place to be, when you are being threatened, but if they are not well founded, then you are always agitated and there is no peace. You may watch a reality program or the news, where someone has broken through someone’s door with an axe, and you begin to be in fear. You go to your front door and you open the door, and there is no one there. Now we would hope that you would close the door, return to your seat, and be at peace. But some of you return to your seats and are still in fear. Examine that, please.

Become acquainted with your fears; write them down. When you feel in fear, write it down—"I feel in fear about ______, and give it a name, or a situation, or some issue—but become acquainted with that. Do not let someone else’s fear be your fear but own your fear and discard those that are not real. Stay the course, my friends. Be at peace. This is your life; we are here to help you find peace, develop love, develop trust, and to know that you are loved, appreciated, and accepted.

Do you have a memory of ever recalling—or can you recall a time when you held the hand of an older brother or sister, an uncle or parent or someone who really recognized you, saw you, appreciated you, and held your hand as you walked to the car or to a candy store, or to a shoe store or some place in the park—and you felt that heart-connected assurance that you were loved, appreciated, that you were safe and secure? This is a kinesthetic appreciation we hope you feel through your acquaintance with Christ Michael, through your teacher, for the growth of yourself, through this personal connection with your teacher. This is available for you.

And my friends, your Master Christ Michael is here in a way that is personally available to you, as no time before on your planet. When you are in your stillness, and you seek his assistance, his guidance, his assurance, speak to him as you would to a friend in dialog, in voice and receive his answers. And if you do not receive answers in your mind through insights, know full well that he is here, he cares for you, and that he wants you truly to be at peace and oneness in your being.

I am open to questions if you have any at this time.


Student: You spoke earlier about…I’m trying to remember the exact phrasing…developing our minds or extending our minds, or increasing our minds? It is interesting because we were jokingly talking about that before the meeting started and waking up the unused portions of our minds

SONDJAH: Yes, and I will relate it to your lesson today. A mind that is in fear is like your body that is in fear when you see some—let’s say a mountain lion or bear that stops you on a hiking trail—the mind becomes very tight, it is closed, it is not open to new information. It wants to figure out how to overcome the fear, right now. But a mind that is at peace is open to expand itself, if the person consciously wills to expand their thinking. You see, your will is the commander of your being, the commander of your mind. Your mind is a "mind mechanism," it is so much software of the vastness of your brain. You can help your mind capacity grow by willing it to do so, but in order to take advantage of all of the potential that exists within your mind mechanism, and the interface between it and your brain, you must be emotionally in peace. When you are emotionally distracted by events in your life, whether it is fear or lust, or some other feeling such as spite, then you are pre-occupied and it takes that away from you. You are limited in the ability to expand your thinking to be open to new information.

When you are in fear, new information oftentimes comes to you and is perceived as a threat, and so it will be sidelined and not incorporated into your thinking. These are very simple processes of your conscious mind; you can attend to these issues thoughtfully, consciously, and willfully now. We were not speaking about the expansion of your mind to the lower morontial levels that you will perceive and receive when you are past this lifetime. We are simply speaking about utilizing to the greatest extent the capacity of your mind and its brain connection in your life now, to your greatest ability. Be at peace. This is not a command; it is an invitation to become all that you can become, with all the potential that you have. Does this help?

Student: Well it seems like [what] you’re saying is that one of the ways then to increase or expand our mind is through developing peace, the key to mind expansion or development….?

SONDJAH: Yes, and also the mirror side of that is to decrease fears. We know that it is one thing to increase peace in your life, but if there were niggling little aspects of fear in your mind, they must be resolved as well. So it is a two-fold activity: one is to decrease fear and the other is to increase peace. This allows you to then expand your mind, but remember, you are in charge. You must literally go to school, or you must attend to some growth activities in your mind. You can do that through meditation; you can do that through reading inspirational writings; you can do that through writing poetry on your own, or through mind dialog with automatic writing with the God fragment within you. Aspire to higher levels of thinking, and this will help open the doors.

Student: I have a question. I have heard this quote, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." And the second part of my question is what is the payoff…in living in fear, are we getting some control element involved, or what is the payoff? Why would we choose, in other words, fear over love or peace? I mean it seems kind of ridiculous…is it something conditioned within us from past experience, or why would somebody do that?

SONDJAH: You hit upon the crux of the question, to consciously decide. Most people do not decide whether to live in peace or to live in fear. Most humans on your planet at this time do not analyze new information coming into their lives and minds as putting it into a holding basket, and saying, "Oh, I’m going to look at this later and decide whether I want to be in fear or not." Most of you do not do that, but you are easily manipulated by marketing ploys by corporations, by organizations, by government entities, by your political campaigns. We see a tremendous amount of disinformation and misinformation that occurs during these campaigns. They are assaults upon rational thinking, and that is the heart of this process is to be rational about what comes into your existence.

Your ears and eyes are literally portals to your brain and to your mind. What you see and what you hear imprints upon your thinking registry. You do not put it into a holding register where you analyze and examine that, therefore you are easily prey and pawns of large organizations that wish to have your opinion, whether that is through your vote at the voting booth, or your vote at the cash register. Marketing is an immensely powerful force in your nation, whereas critical thinking—educated critical thinking—is rarely taught in your schools and is so vital to your happiness and to your ease and to the strategic course of your life.

You are in many ways, economic, political and religious pawns by the organizations. It is not that we have any interests in any of those positions, but that you, as an individual, become more conscientious in what you allow in your life, and in what you allow in your mind, and what you allow to fear and what you allow to be at peace. There are many elements of peace in your society and in your media [that] would come your way, but which are rejected out of hand because they seem unreal. Yet you live in unreal and perpetual fear—many of you do—and when I say "many," I do not necessarily mean those who are present today, but the larger audience of these messages. Is there further clarification you need?

Student: Yeah, what about the quote, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself?"

SONDJAH: It was a quote given to you by one of your political leaders in the past, which had to do with the fear of the great war that you had, that occurred in the early-mid-part of your last century, World War II, as you call it. "There is nothing to fear but fear itself," your two great leaders, Roosevelt and Churchill, spoke of this often, and that when you are in fear, as rabbits are before a wolf or coyote they will "freeze," and in being frozen, they then become victims. You can become victims today, and many of you are—and some of you have not decided whether to become victims or not by the messages you receive. You are frozen in your fear, and when you are frozen in your fear, you will seek the most secure place you can be. As rabbits, they think they are most secure when they are still and do not move, hoping that the wolf or the coyote does not see them, but then they are devoured.

Student: I have a question for you: I have some gay and lesbian friends—where do they stand in our situation, and [where do they] grow from there?

SONDJAH: Where they stand is where they think they stand. They are as free today, as they were yesterday. Yet, these minorities should be wary of the current situation. Will they become victims of a fear-based belief system? How can they be heard? Will people burn their houses down? Surely this must occupy their thinking, and for them we reach out to them with the love of Michael. Yet there are those who live this life, who have no fear. They know what they are, who they are, and the course that has been given to them and that they have chosen, and they live not in fear, whether they are beaten or whether they receive threats, or whether they are called bad names. The peace that occurs in their minds is peace from a higher source, a deeper sense…(tape turned)…. For these individuals, if they are fearful of the potential harm that could be done, then they are freezing themselves and the limitation of freedom is from themselves out of fear. What does this say to them? This says that in some states their legal unions are no longer tolerated, allowed, or empowered. That is all. We are hopeful that they will examine their positions and stay the course of peace—to be at peace. Is there further clarity you seek with this question?

Student: Well, I guess most religions are against them, and if it were a religion. But how do they fit in with the scheme of things here?

SONDJAH: We do not have an answer for that. That is an answer for you to answer, and your neighbors, and your neighbors to these people. We do not project an opinion about this issue. We know that the Creator loves all beings equally, no matter what their sexual preference, no matter what their religious preference. Those who seek love, tolerance, patience, justice, and mercy are loved. They express love; they are loved by the Creator. Those who hate are loved by the Creator. Those who do injury to others are also loved by the Creator. Who you marry, how you have sex, with whom you have these relations is an individual issue. The Creator loves everyone equally. We wish you and ask that you be tolerant of others to decide their relationship with the Creator. How they behave without injury to you is a responsibility they have to themselves in the relationship they have with their Creator. It is none of your business. (Much laughter.)

Student: I have another question about this "fear" thing. Is fear always from selfishness? Is it a selfish act to be fearful?

SONDJAH: Repeat please.

Student: Is being in a state of fear always the result of being self-centered, or just plain selfish?

SONDJAH: Being fearful is only being selfish to the extent of one wishing to preserve himself or herself. I have never experienced this; I am a Melchizedek, so I am relating to you as I have observed others and their thinking, and in the recordings of your literature. Self-preservation and fear orbit around each other. Irrational fear, the wish to preserve yourself at the expense of another is being self-centered at the sacrifice of others and this is neither a loving position nor a beneficial one—or just or merciful.

Student: I have a question on an unrelated topic if you don’t mind. There has been a lot of discussion about a discovery that there is more to our DNA than we have known and techniques and things…discussion in methods of reconnecting our DNA as a means of uplifting our species. Can you give us any insight along those lines?

SONDJAH: Yes. This is activity that is supported also by the Most Highs. You cannot go wrong by having more knowledge about who you are and what you are, and how you are constituted at the most basic levels. Your DNA truly does record the history of your growth and your being. You are the result of much change in evolution and growth from many organisms. You are loved no less because you come from those origins and to say that you did come from those origins does not mean that you were not created by the Father, the Creator of all. You are one with the Source; you are here as a conscious being. Your DNA will help you, assist you and tell your generations in the future how to correct many defaults—if I may use that word—in your past, those causes for much of your animalistic being. You are most regressed in your development—there has been a retardation of the positive elements of your DNA, which is not made any better by unwise mating of your progeny.

Student: I have a question. Recently I received some information on making this cone-foil thing to put over your head, and a friend of mine also received the same information, that way I knew that I was supposed to make this foil thing. It feels really good, but what is the purpose behind it? "Twinkle-Eyes" was the one that gave me the…he goes by that name, but I know it’s not his real name. (Laughter.) (What was the name?) Twinkle-Eyes. He comes through all the time.

SONDJAH: I will not provide you with an answer today, but I would be glad to in the future if my instructions now are not profitable for you. First look to the intent of this device, and those who gave you ideas for developing it, for therein you will find the key to how it will be beneficial or not to you. Your assistant, "Twinkle-Eyes, would be open to providing this intention to you. If this is not forthcoming, then I would be suspect, if I were you, about this device and how it may aid you or not. For all things that develop for mortals in their mind, and as outworked, come from intention. You must examine that, as—getting back to our lesson today—what is the intention of fostering fear? So please ask your assistant to assist you in discovering the intention for this devise. Do you understand?

Student: I think I do. I was just wondering if it were for other people too, or just me?

SONDJAH: It will eventually be for other people, but you must understand the intention to be given. (Thank you.)


Let us close with……(Long pause).... [This is Daniel: I always love it when they do these sum-up-benediction/salutation things. It’s always kind of a hoorah to me. I just get a real thrill out of it. It’s like a summation, like finally getting to the meat of a pistachio after cracking it open.]

This is Sondjah: Here’s your pistachio! (Much laughter.) You will always find that those who rule from on High are tolerant. They are tolerant of the most misgiving things in all your ways; they are tolerant of all things, which are not evil. They are tolerant of misjudgments; they are tolerant of your own lack of good decision—even in the face of knowing better. They are tolerant of your humanness. They are tolerant of your immaturity and your ignorance. They are tolerant of your infantile emotional states, always loving you; always hoping and knowing that you can do better and that with guidance, you will do better. And today, we ask that you would be tolerant in this same way, with those around you whom you do not have to fear. Thank you. (Group gives thanks.)