2004-11-11-Lesson On Thankfulness

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Topic: Lesson on Truthfulness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske

Session 1


The Beloved One: "The theme for today’s lesson will be on thankfulness, for when one starts looking, then even in the greatest misery, the greatest disappointment, and in the severest of illnesses, there will always be something to be thankful for. True thankfulness is from the heart, and inspires optimism for better days ahead, should they be here on the planet, or be a ‘looking forward’ to the next stage of existence. That is, if ever a thought was spent on that possibility, and if the faith-muscle has been exercised regularly. It is a deep-down feeling of knowingness, which propels the human forward. Lack of this knowingness -- of knowing there is life after death -- is a lack of faith. It is of an un-awakened faith lying dormant, of having lived in a dream-state, in an illusion, as the real purpose of life has not yet been discovered, and therefore a true heartfelt thankfulness has never been experienced.

"As the olden records state: ‘In all things, be thankful.’ The question arises: ‘To whom should you be thankful.’ This is a most wonderful question, as this can instigate the greatest search and discovery humankind can ever make for itself. This is the moment when the seed-soul gets into action, because it knows that, if it can inspire the owner by making it hungry for the search of the truth of existence this will be of great benefit. So properly speaking, a heartfelt thankfulness is food for the soul; it makes the soul sing, it makes the soul stronger, it makes the connection to the All That Is, stronger even if the owner of that soul is still not totally aware, at least it is on the way of becoming aware, for awareness is always enlarging, as is the understanding of the mysteries of life.

"Life can be so wonderful, when the inner life is allowed some space to grow, and to keep up with the outer experiences and the depth of feelings involved. One of the greatest things to be thankful for is life itself, and all the possibilities it brings. The ultimate Giver of Life is of course the Ultimate Creator of all things, even of every new discovery in oneself, for this is a sure indication that life continues to evolve. Over time more discoveries will be made by each individual and you will marvel at all the gifts now lying dormant within you, which are waiting to be discovered, and to be rejoiced over, to be thankful for, as you could not have given those to yourself and you finally realize that all you have, comes from the One Source and Center and therefore you owe all these gifts to God. What you do with those gifts is your gift back to God. It is the sharing and in the reciprocating, which is the greatest thanksgiving of all time and beyond."

Session 2

Lesson On Empowerment Urantia, December 9, 2004


The Beloved One: "Many things can happen in a mortal’s life which can leave one feel disempowered. Since these lessons are designed to make you think; I desire to speak a few words on self-empowerment. I know that the ‘market’ is being flooded with different books on self empowerment, which is good, but there is one way which is the most direct way when one feels lost, lonely, disenfranchised and beaten by life, and when a hopelessness sets in, which can leave the door open to self-abuse and mental aberrations. Let Me make it clear to you that in God’s eyes no one is ever lost, for this idea is only in the mind of the human as it leads a life separate from the Creator.

"We need to get down to basics here, and re-state the fact that there is no place to hide in the widest of universes, and therefore no one is ever lost. One only has to open his or her mind to realize this fact of life. They are those who feel themselves to be separate and lonely, who need to be empowered to think for themselves, and take the time to go into meditation to find their way into the Stillness of their heart. It is there were My Guidance and empowerment await. This needs to be experienced to know that this is real. People say: ‘God seems so far away.’ Then one might wonder, ‘who moved?’ This is the crux of the matter, because there can be no separation, except as it exists in the mind of humankind. It is the scourge of the planet that so many think this way, and have been spoon-fed on the fallacy that God is too high and mighty to be bothered with ‘a little me.’

"It is the belief system which is erroneous, and which, quite simply put, lacks trust and faith in the loving over-care of the Creator, and therefore it follows that as a man/woman thinketh, that he or she becomes. It is the law of cause and effect: One starts events in motion in the thought life. Thoughts are living things, due to the energy given to them, and I cannot reiterate enough how, with one’s own thoughts, one can disenfranchise oneself, and disempower oneself. Do go for the Help, which is so freely available to you all. The lost ones will find a home, the hopeless find hope, the unloved ones find Love and acceptance just the way they are, and the weak become strong and find the courage to get going. To each, help will be given. It is the unbelief which keeps this help away.

"Empowerment lies within your own power. The secret is to recognize this, to live up to the hidden strengths, and develop the gifts each one possesses. It is uncertainty and fear which hold people back from realizing these, and then the material lures take over so the spiritual counterpart is neglected and forgotten, which is so detrimental to the balance of the personality. And so, one lands into the maelstrom of addictive habits, and does not think if things could be done differently by making different choices and decisions. It is all in the depth of the thought-life and the ability to become an independent thinker. Become more conscious of your thoughts, as everything can be changed in that process of self-recognition. Muster your faith and look honestly at this process. This too needs sincerity and more sincerity. Think on these matters of self-empowerment."

Session 3

A Lesson On Trying Urantia, January 4, 2005


The Beloved One: "Dear one, there is not a soul alive on the planet who does not try, in one way or another, to grow and expand. I desire to take these lessons a bit deeper, as it is so very important that people wake up to the fact that by the grace of being alive, they ultimately are responsible for their own soul growth, and ought to take full responsibility for this. All right thinking humans have this capability in greater or lesser degree. I mention right thinking with a purpose here, because you showed some trepidation in receiving this message. It is extremely important to understand that with right thinking comes right action, which culminates in right deeds. However, God is the ultimate judge, who knows the intent in the human heart, and this is the crux of any situation: How is your intent from moment to moment?

"Hardly is there a soul alive, who is conscious of the intent living so deep within them, except perhaps the purest of the pure and the most nefarious ones, whose souls are already black due to their refusal to let the light and love of God shine in and through their souls. In other words, they have given up trying to help their souls grow. Souls grow through any love expression, by any loving deeds done without thinking of recompense. It is living without any hidden agendas. It is living a life that comes from a love position, in which the soul realizes that it needs to love itself first in order to know, how to love another human being without expecting anything in return.

"Now this is the trial and tribulation of life, as your planet misses a visible representation from the celestial realm, which was here at one time some 500.000 years ago and flourished through the coming of the Planetary Prince of that time. He some 250,000 years later gave in to the sophistries of Lucifer, the then System Sovereign and went astray with Lucifer when a widespread rebellion erupted in the System to which your planet belongs. Many nefarious things have happened since then, and although the rebellion was settled in the human form of a Creator Son of God about two thousand years ago, you still see the outworking of that long ago time and far away event. Then the default of your Material Son and Daughter, sent here about 37 thousand years ago for the biological uplift of the planet, did not help matters either. And so, this planet has labored in darkness, although prophets and seers have come and gone -- beginning with Machiventa Melchizedek in the times of Abraham -- to keep alive on the planet the Light of the One God.

"Now human minds have evolved enough to start thinking for their selves, and make their own God connections. I have told you now many times that the way to do this is to start meditating by turning within into the Stillness of your hearts. It is the most important time in your day, the most peaceful, and the most nurturing exercise you can engage in. This is a first rate exercise in trying, yielding the greatest results when persisted with. It is the manner in which the soul is nurtured and sanctified. It is the daily inspiration you seek when you get inspired by My presence within you. It is the step by tiny step by which you proceed along the lines of the divine blueprint lodged in your soul, like an embryo begins to grow in the mother womb. So you grow in the womb of Spirit. So flex your faith and trust muscles, and allow this growth to go on unabated."