2004-11-11-To That Glorious End He Has Sent Me

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Topic: To That Glorious End He Has Sent Me

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske

Session 1


Dear one, the expression of your Master Jesus when He said, "Take up your cross daily and follow Me", states a simple truth. It means for you to daily crucify any negative thoughts and emotions, and anything that hinders your progress on the way Home.

This is the manner in which you also lighten your burden of guilt and shame, when you can hand them all over to the All That Is. In Spirit Reality, guilt and shame do not exist except as specks of dust blown away by the wind.

Can you see your earthly life as that of a new kindergarten student preparing for all further schooling that is to follow before you even become a junior spirit?

The intervening time between mortal and spirit life is the training on the Morontia Worlds, to which Jesus alluded when He said, "In the house of My Father are many mansions."

These are the many abodes where you will be companioned and taught. These worlds on which you will be trained will be best suited to your innate potentials towards actualization. Your progress will always depend upon your self-motivation and willingness to move forward, and on how dedicated you will be towards self-mastery.

Your baser animal nature and its tendencies will need to be crucified, so your budding spirit-nature can begin to blossom and flourish in eternal life. In this mortal estate you are laying the foundation for creating a sincere, honest, love-saturated heart towards all living things and beings, here where you live, in this universe, and the universes beyond.

It is in your attitude in action, and especially in your state of mind, where you will be growing into a greater harmony and equilibrium.

I know that I frequently repeat this message, but it is needful for you to understand that I desire you to acquire a close and personal relationship in a growing faith and trust in the All That Is.

To that glorious end He has sent Me, your personal Mystery Monitor, and Your Master Jesus, who sent the Spirit of Truth at Pentecost, and the Holy Spirit, which the Mother Spirit sent, plus myriad angelic beings.

We are all designated to helping each mortal to reach that desired estate of eternal life, to grow with each passing day into greater perfection. Therefore, practice your daily Stillness, so you may be strengthened in your daily life.

Session 2

You Shall Love God, Yourself, and All Others.


Dear one, the road to the heart’s awakening about the real purpose in life is entirely a matter of choice, although genetics and upbringing play a role in the quality of thought and what the mind keeps itself busy with. For the most part, this decides how a human lives.

There are two kinds of people on the planet: Those who eat to live, and those who live to eat. You can take this a step further and apply this to your thinking on a spiritual level.

You need to understand that in order for the soul to be nourished and fed, it needs to search for the right food that is truly fulfilling, and not fill itself with old redundant and negative laws of "you shall not . . . ", for this leaves you undernourished because of an inactive dependency.

It becomes a different story altogether, for those who live to eat, who are really never satisfied, and search out the byways of superstition, but their souls never do get nourished. They are only temporarily filled, then the search starts anew, and they look to others to feed them, and so they dream from one meal to the next.

Rather, look to the fulfillment of the law, about which Jesus said: "You shall love God, yourself, and all others." Here you need to act, and therewith you partake of life itself. Those who eat to live, are on a soul-satisfying path, and automatically become more alive and adventuresome.

There is more time to be awake in between to properly digest and experience a soul-satisfaction, which the dreamers have not yet discovered.

When you imbibe of the practicality of how Jesus’ lived His human/divine life, you come to realize that the Kingdom of God is the true Bread and Water of Life. This is the only way to gain soul-satisfaction.

I invite you to more often come into My Presence, so I can explain more mysteries to you, which will remain hidden from those who are asleep in the material life, and who will only awaken when they are ready.

Session 3

Take the Gospel of Peace to Heart.


Dear one, an instrument as delicate as the human heart brings the need for careful consideration and much thoughtfulness towards self and others. Harsh words, demeaning words, negative thoughts, thoughtless actions and stubbornness towards self and others break down the strongest defenses and also weaken the physical heart.

The inner chamber needs to be sanctified at all cost, as this is the place where you return, to be with Me in the Stillness. I desire to express to you how delicate an instrument the human heart is, and how it is so often neglected in the busy-ness of daily life.

It is the hub, the engine of the whole body. When you hear something wrong with the engine of the car, you take it to the shop and have it checked out. By coming into the Stillness, you bring your heart to Me, so I ‘check it out’, and have a calming effect upon it, so it can keep functioning the way the Creator intended.

Much can go wrong, and much does go wrong with human hearts, even little ones are born with defects due to generational mishaps, which have settled in the genetics.

A lot of negativity, willful bad choices, and thoughtless actions do have their repercussions in the offspring, way down the line. The causes are hidden in the past, but sooner or later the results become discernable.

Your planet has suffered a great deal through the wrongful deeds of your forebears. And think about how even now injustices are being perpetuated by some, and this has now taken on massive proportions.

How long will it be before mankind wakes up to take the Gospel of Peace to heart? They would save themselves and their offspring untold misery, for even now, generational healing is available.

Think about these matters and learn to be kind to your heart. Allow Me to teach you how to do this.

Session 4

Banish This Doubt.


Dear one, do search the deepest recesses of your heart, and see if there remains any doubt about My existence. If so, pray for more faith, because if the slightest doubt remains, then you still lack trust and faith in Me, as well as in the Heavenly Creator of all things.

Look around you in nature and notice the first signs of springtime in the buds of the trees. Do they worry about how they shall become leaves? Of course they do not; for the life force within them moves them forth according the divine blueprint and pattern that is inherent within.

So it is with you. Your soul holds your divine blueprint and pattern and the life force within will see it develop to fruition. Yet, whenever you entertain the slightest doubt about this, you block this force, and you slow down your growth, which is not at all ideal.

We do not have to wax philosophical about this, because the energy within the life force is never stagnant. It will manifest itself in discomfort at various levels, and show up as congestion in the energy body, to, over time, manifest in the physical body.

In having a wholehearted belief in the loving overcare of the Father in Heaven, you will experience increasing health, because you will realize that your temporary body houses an indestructible spirit.

So, you will want to look after this temple, and cultivate habits of cleanliness in thoughts, actions, habits and food. This means, of course, that you live a life without addictions of any sort, and have mastery over temptations.

Yes, I know, this is quite a plate full I am dishing up for you, but truly, would this not give you a sense of freedom and joy since you are no longer shackled to the earth plane?

You will have become a freeborn child of the Father in heaven. Therefore, be ever on the alert for the slightest doubts, and banish these by asking for My help.

Session 5

Turn Your Heart Towards The Light.


Dear one, it requires persistent practice, practice, and more practice, to develop your inner listening skills, and to not misconstrue your own thinking for My words. This is a fine line you walk. It is like a delicate instrument being tuned to bring forth the purest melodious sound. It is My purpose to teach you how to pay your fullest attention, lest you miss a word or two of My instructions.

See yourself as a musical instrument being played upon by a Master musician, Who knows exactly the sounds that you can bring forth with a majestic clarity. Leave the clamor of the world behind, when you come to Me in the Silence of your heart.

Pray for more clarity and purity, for understanding and wisdom, for increasing patience, and, above all, for love, especially for yourself and others in the same measure, and leave your low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness behind.

All, who believe, are worthy to enter into the Kingdom of God. You and I have formed a holy allegiance towards eventual perfection, which can already be started with here on earth, rather than us waiting to the next level of existence.

It is an amazing thing to watch the mortals on this planet. Each one is born into the seventh psychic circle, and, depending on their individual choices and decisions, they can traverse those inner circles from the seventh to the first, during which a gradual awakening occurs towards the realization of the reality of the Creator God, and towards an increasing, wholehearted doing of His will.

It is the coming of the Kingdom of God into the heart of the individual believer who strives toward a greater faith and trust with a child-like faith, and a ‘knowing’ that there is no need to worry about the day of tomorrow, as today is sufficient unto itself.

There will be a great deal less stress in life when materialism is given a much lesser priority, and greed is banned, as the Father in heaven is given a greater place in the thought-processes of humankind.

Be like a flower and turn your heart towards the Light.