2004-11-16-The Veil

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Topic: The Veil

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh, Zeen

TR: Helen Whitworth

Session 1


Armesh: "We thank you yet again for this opportunity to talk with you. We congratulate you on your choice of color to open with this evening. It is a color that allows much higher vibrations to come in through you, more completely.

"You have ascertained for yourself the reasons why your breathing becomes shallow and quick. It is to match with the beating of your heart, to resonate with your heart, which gives us greater opening into your energy channels.


"We wish to talk to you today of the nature of spirit and how it integrates with matter. How the juncture between the two works and how we use it to assist in communication with humans and other mortal ascendant beings.

"The veil, as well as assisting you by not overloading humankind with information they are not yet ready to receive, also acts as a step down for the voltage between our worlds, so when we come to you through the veil we are able to match more closely into your own energies.

"Think of the veil as an insulator, a thin barrier that can be penetrated under the right conditions, but provides usefulness on both sides, much as insulating material within your houses assists in being able to maintain two temperatures.

Session 2

June 16, 2004.


Armesh: "To those reading this, it is time too for you to take your wake up calls. There is no reason to hold yourselves back. The more that speak their truths without shame, and with their hearts, the easier it becomes for us on the other aspects to do our jobs, too. We need you as much as you need us.

"This is a repeat message, because it is so very important. Speak gently with each other, tell your truths but do not force opinion. Allow others the grace of your listening to theirs, and learn as you need to. Your truth one day may be another truth the next. You are all impeccably placed for this work and must learn trust, trust, trust and trust.

"The yellow ray of wisdom over-lights each of you at this moment, and it is important to remember that you can call on us whenever you wish.

"You hold so much knowledge already and you have so much to give. Do it bit by bit, but you are all doing it right now, helping to make this place a truer and freer place to live. Is that not what all these changes and shifts, or whatever you wish to call them, are about?

"So yes, we will see great advances in human technology and will find ways of transportation not thought possible, methods of energy creation and transference, and new abilities made available to each and every one that chooses to continue on this plane, but this is not the whole reason for these changes.

"Love in all truth.

"The most potent words spoken on this earth are BROTHER, KNOW THYSELF. If all learn to know themselves, then there will be a cessation of all that is out of balance on this world. For one that knows herself/himself, sees who they really are, sees that everyone is that too, and that harm is only to oneself.

"Truly we are all one, and each one, if they have the courage and bravery to do so, can listen to the voice within their heart and know right action. The voice may be hidden in many levels of depths, that need to be slowly scraped away over time, but the voice is always there and there will be part of you that knows what it says.

"When you know what it says and you feel its veracity within your heart, then truly you can know yourself. I leave now with blessings for all and appreciation for the openness being found within this media. (The Internet).


"I am Armesh. "I am love. "I am hope. "I am you."