2004-11-17-A Lesson on Awakening

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Topic: A Lesson on Forgiveness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



It is time to learn another lesson on awakening, and to go a little deeper into this subject. In time you will come to realize that there is some kind of order in the way these lessons appear before you in your mind. Each time you will also receive lessons in your life, which help you to understand and reflect upon what is being said. Therefore, hopefully, these little gems will be more solidly anchored in your heart and become part of your being -- part of a steadfast moral character, a dependable character – you, and your Creator, will be able to count on. The ‘Ultimate Employer’ is about to teach these little gems to each person who has ears to hear, and a heart to understand. The Ultimate Employer desires for all His children in the unending evolutionary creation, to understand this, and to find out for their selves, the ideal person He has in His mind for them to become.

Life is like a discovery trip, filled with surprises at every turn, if you have but eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to develop that capacity for a greater understanding. Once you become aware of what it is I am about and desire from you, life will be much more easily accepted by you, for then you will realize, that most of the strange highways and byways you walk in life, have been of your own doing. You had not yet learned to listen to what I had to say in the matter, and so you made your own decisions, and you will continue to make your own decisions, which is fine, still. I want you to completely hand over your will to Me when you are totally sure, and in agreement with Me, that I really do know best.

I would like you to know that I appreciate very much how hard you try to listen to My Still Small Voice within. It is with a steady dedication to these times with Me that you are making some ‘headway’ in discerning My Voice. It pleases Me mightily to see a little mortal creature struggle with all his or her heart to become free from all the baggage with which you have been laden down. It is a freeing up; a coming into your own power, which has been denied the population on this planet. This is the reason why everything is so skewed everywhere. Look around you, and see that even Mother Nature is having a hard time balancing herself, because the group consciousness of the planet is grossly out of kilter. Time has now also come for the female half of My children to wake up, and take up their rightful places as equals among the male population. It is an abomination to Me that the males as a species -- although not all thank goodness -- still entertain this cave mentality, and want to make war with anybody they perceive as not ‘towing the line.’

I have great plans for this little retarded and backward planet of Mine. I have sent all possible help before in the form of prophets and wise man and women. A strange religion was build around a Creator Son of Mine and how He had to atone for your sins. Such grotesque nonsense! You all must atone for your own sins. Mankind has pulled Me down to their own barbaric levels, and most still do, although they call themselves civilized. Get rid of this abominable notion, and start putting the lessons of My Son into practice, rather than squabbling like little kids about who is right and who is wrong. There is only one religion and that is to grow your own individual relationship with Me, your God Spark within. This is all that is required. The rest you learn through living and experiencing the gift of life itself, and practicing the fruits of the spirit.