2004-11-21-Second Revelatory Commission Announcement

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Topic: Second Revelatory Commission

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teachers: Rayson & Gabriel

TR: Daniel Raphael



RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson. (Group welcome.) It is a pleasure to be here once again with you. Today we have a—you might call this a "momentous occasion." We have a guest who will present the issues today, and we welcome Gabriel among you.

GABRIEL: This is Gabriel. Welcome my friends, to a new day, a new era in the journey of your planet into The Days of Light and Life, the civilizations of your people into light. I am here in the presence of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, the Council of Twenty-Four, and Machiventa Melchizedek. I speak with the authority of our Sovereign Creator, Christ Michael of Nebadon. This pronouncement today is to inaugurate the Second Revelatory Commission for the enhancement, [the] development of the documents known as the Urantia Papers. The Second Revelatory Commission will be adjunctive to the offices of Machiventa Melchizedek until the offices of Monjoronson are open and operational. We foresee this process as a decades long process that will be co-creatively developed and brought into existence through the assistance of mortals, midwayers, Melchizedeks, and those who have higher authority, knowledge, and awareness.

Some of you may be wondering—[or] have wondered already—why developments are proceeding so rapidly on Urantia. And my friends, let me say that it is a natural development, that we are not rushing this, but these developments are logical and reasonable, considering the adjudication has taken place, the circuits on your planet have been renewed and restored—almost completely—that Machiventa Melchizedek has been made Sovereign Planetary Prince of Urantia, that Monjoronson will be appearing on your planet sometime in the future, the Urantia Papers have been published for over fifty years, the Correcting Time is in place and the Teaching Mission has now been well initiated. It is rational, reasonable, and timely to now develop the papers that will presage the arrival of Monjoronson among you, and which will be completed with his assistance.

Machiventa Melchizedek will be the presiding officer of the Second Revelatory Commission, until such time as Monjoronson is established and in place and will then proceed with the Revelation in a more organized and speedy fashion than we anticipate will occur now. Much has already been prepared and given and shared with you, which are now kept in the archives. [Ed. Note: www.tmarchives.com] There are materials within the archives that will be useful for the expansion of the "Papers," as you call them. These will be preliminary; these will be made as submissions to the Commission. There will also be of necessity, a joint committee or body of mortals and midwayers and Melchizedeks working together to devise questions that will need to be answered and which will flesh out in the "Papers" and be presented as submissions to the Commission.

These texts will not be a replacement for the Urantia Book—the Urantia Book is a fait accompli, it is complete, it is whole, it is existent, it is well known, it is established and now it is being shared as common written material, without limitation. These new papers will be separate, stand on their own right and will provide answers to questions regarding the original Urantia Book text, which are not provided through it. In addition, parts of the new text will provide coordinating information about the development of an evolution to The Days of Light and Life, under the reign of Monjoronson, your Magisterial Son.

This announcement, and the forthcoming development of the second series of Urantia Papers, is not meant, intended, or have an interest in being a threat to the established organizations that support the Urantia Book or dependant upon that text. You will find, just as the Teaching Mission was a personal revelation to the teachings of The Urantia Book, that this will be further enhancement of the personal appeal and approach, and revelation in written form. It will make more understandable these traumatic times on your planet, and the era that is forthcoming and the era after that.

As in all developments with the Correcting Time, this is not time dependant, but developmentally dependant upon what occurs that support the next step, the next development that needs to come into being and be in place. In that regard, please remember that the arrival in a personal form of Monjoronson is also developmentally dependent—it is not time dependant. You will see that sometimes the developments on your planet retard the approach and arrival of Monjoronson, as it will affect the full and complete development of the second text. On the other hand, there will be developments that enhance and augment the timely approach of the text and Monjoronson sooner than later.

In similar regard to those of the past, these developments will also need to be validated by capable TR’s and those who are in meditation with Christ Michael and their Thought Adjuster. As this project will be in process for many years, even decades perhaps, this announcement does not anticipate a speedy organization or development of those bodies, but is meant to be shared with you at this time so that there it becomes common knowledge, common awareness and a coming together of common interests, common mind, oneness of thinking, oneness of mind in these projects. Then the questioning and the body of writings may begin.

Questions that you have concerning this Second Revelatory Commission and its work, should be directed to Machiventa, who will have a subordinate staff to assist in these projects. Do not be afraid to speak directly with Christ Michael or Machiventa, as they will be most easily open to you to discuss this project. We wish you well. We among you today salute you, we bow to you, we appreciate your assistance, your willing participation, your eager anticipation of being a closer part on a morontial level within your mortal experience with these activities. Good day. (Group: Thank you, Gabriel.)


Student: Is there anyone else that’s willing to talk to us?

(Short pause.)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Quite a pronouncement, yes? (Indeed! Exciting!)

Student: Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this.

RAYSON: Well, it is not a matter of allowance, but encouragement for you to decide and [to] examine your intents to participate in this. We encourage you to participate. You are not only allowed but permitted, encouraged, and authorized to participate. Your intentions will determine where you work within this structure.

Student: Do you think this will also begin with something similar to the "sleeping subject," as with the original Urantia Papers?

RAYSON: There will be parallels with that, as this will be a simultaneous activity throughout the world through capable TR’s who work with a body of mortals and this body works with their teachers and Melchizedeks to ask appropriate questions. The answers will be forthcoming through members of the Revelatory Commission and their subordinates. Yes, it is a parallel to the "sleeping subject," but only to the extent that the TR’s are involved. There will not be any one individual who will be a primary candidate, as we have found through prior work before the Teaching Mission that too often individuals were quite incapable of removing their ego from this activity. Further, observers often held the transmitting subject in adulation and admiration and praising them as gurus. This is most dangerous. We will use many TR’s who are open and capable and validate the teachings across the globe. (Thank you.) You are most welcome.

Student: Is there any one group that will be responsible for publishing these new papers, such as the Urantia Foundation?

RAYSON: These questions regarding organizations must wait for the passage of many months, if not years, for an authorized organizing body to come into existence. We anticipate a similar or parallel activity as occurred with the archives, that there will be individuals who feel highly committed and dedicated to this activity, who will come forth and begin this activity. We would hope that there would be globally, regional language-based committees or organizations or bodies—such as this body here—throughout the world that would make contributions in their language to this effort.

As this announcement is new, individuals will begin to think about this and the mindedness of this project will be shared globally as an insight, an awareness, an "Ah-Ha," of participation. One-mind activities or insights are common throughout your world, as you know, whether they are scientific discoveries, philosophical discoveries, or the common thought of many individuals who think about a subject simultaneously, without consulting each other. Does this help? (Yes.)

Student: Does this all have to do with being under the umbrella of the Urantia Book? (Rayson: No.) Because there are many writers and other things out there?

RAYSON: No, this will not come under the tutelage/authorship or have relevance to the First Revelatory Commission. This is an independent, stand alone development, the text of which will relate, of course, to past revelations, and developments that will be forthcoming on your world. Did my answer help clarify that for you? (Yes.)

Your questions are quite excellent today—thank you very much. This will aid the readers and those others, whom you do not see. More questions? More thoughts?

Student: Will we be having more detailed or in-depth teachings similar to that in the Urantia Papers, on the life of Jesus?

RAYSON: No. In an expanded nutshell, this text will 1) Augment the teachings of the Urantia Book. 2) Flesh out areas that were left undisclosed. 3) Answer questions concerning issues in the Urantia Book that were not addressed or asked by mortals, and 4) It will address the era of the Magisterial Son and forthcoming developmental eras of your civilizations.

Student: Does this have any correlation or anything to do with "time travel" that’s going on?


Student: It seems like the evolution of this material necessitates the need for mortals as well as…um to work in conjunction through the TR’s with others of the different committees?

RAYSON: Exactly so. This will not come into existence and will not be fulfilled unless mortals who are not TR’s are involved. It is essential that this be co-creatively developed and completed. It will mean that individuals, who participate in groups such as this, will do well to consider the text of the Urantia Book and devise questions. I will give you an example:

Let us proceed in general terms. Let us say that there is presented a concept in the Urantia Book, and it is just delivered to you. You have a question—let us say it is regarding the Reserve Corps of Destiny, for example—the Urantia Book says there is a Reserve Corps of Destiny upon your planet, which assists in the fulfillment and development of bringing your planet into The Days of Light and Life—those individuals who aid consciously or unconsciously the development of this greater good. Most are unaware of their work; and some are. Now you read that and you say, "Well wonderful. I wonder if I am part of the Reserve Corps of Destiny?" What remains unanswered are questions relating to the establishment of that Corps, such as, Why was it established? Who is chosen for it? How are candidates selected for consideration? And so on. What you are not asking is how are individuals chosen to be members of the Reserve Corps of Destiny.

Now, that is a very good question, and if you were to ask that, we will tell you that there is an advance candidate selection body that selects individuals generations ahead of their arrival, for placement and development in critical junctures of your governments, economy, trade, philosophy and all the various great categories of human activity. And some wise, curious, inquisitive student would ask, "Well, how do you know this, generations ahead?" And the answer would be that, as has been revealed in the Urantia Book, there are predictive mechanisms for understanding who will come into existence in future generations. Your Thought Adjusters know this well; there is almost a sure anticipation, almost an expectation that you, each individual here, would arrive in the generation in which you arrived, and that you would have particular and peculiar traits, characteristics, temperaments, and intelligence that would pre-dispose you to certain ways of thinking and activities, and that through the influence of your parents and generations before—whether they moved from one country to another, would assist in your development and eventual participation.

Many of you might think of this as magical thinking, because the actuarial, predictive instruments that you use for your economic and social predictions are not tuned to this incredibly finite scale. But were you to have intimate knowledge of each individual on your planet, as a sender of data and information about their life, you would be able to have incredibly powerful predictive tools, even with the primitive instruments that you use now. But you only sample a small percentage of the population or trends to predict what will happen. Were you to have the power of sensing and data input, as do the Most Highs, you too, would be able to understand what will occur on your planet in generations to come.

Even now, the difficulties that you see on your planet were foreseen long before. This era was easily predictable over one hundred and fifty years ago. Given intimate knowledge of human mechanics, development of mind, the improvements generationally of minds to grow, work, and devise technologies, even those that are detrimental, all that is predictable. For instance, your use of DDT was once a very powerful influence on your planet to control malaria and other scourges from insects. Now you find the DDT is very detrimental to the progeny of many and most—even all—species on your planet, and you do not use this. Yet, these early chemical substances were easily predicted to come into existence and have these effects. What happens then is that populations rise in those areas which otherwise would have succumbed to malarial infections. Your work in gene therapy was anticipated a long time ago, and the affects that are going on in your gene therapy practices are now anticipated to have great influence on your planet and the populations to come.

Now I have expanded this greatly, to give you many examples of what is known about your planet, just for this one question about an illustration using the Reserve Corps of Destiny as a point of reference. How many other instances in the Urantia Book are available to you? You will do well to think inquisitively, curiously, into the developments that occurred on your planet and through those issues in the Urantia Book, which are given to you. How did they come into existence? Who is chosen, for instance, for the Reserve Corps of Destiny? How are they known to be existent? Was it when they came into the job market after they were 21, or after they finished college, or education, or they were shown to have promise of some sort in a particular position? These are all good questions, and the deeper questions you develop, the more material you will find will be given to you in return. (Pause.)

I will not provide further illustrations unless you have further questions that you do not understand what I have given to you thus far.

Student: Well, I do have a question. There is a member of our Fellowship who is very interested and has done a lot of reflective thinking and pondering about some basic physics questions. And I wonder if there will be a deeper, greater provision in this field, where this individual thinks that a lot of quantum physics and the modern day thought is headed off in the wrong direction. I am just wondering if assistance will be provided to bring our understanding closer to reality?

RAYSON: It would depend on which reality you speak of, the reality of the universe outside the material planes, or on the reality of the material planes where you live. In any case, questions will not be answered until the individual asks them of others or of himself or of his spiritual guides. You can depend that we will not provide direct assistance in the revelation in terms of scientific formulae, but we do insist that individuals inquire into these developments within the capacity of their mind, as they invite assistance. This is a circumspect answer, I believe, to your question, but it is the best that I may give you at this time. Do you have another question concerning this that you have in mind? (Pause.)

Let me answer to the side then, that your nation, your culture has developed exceptionally rapidly in the technological fields, the mechanical, linear fields of reasoning and thought, and that there is little need to augment this except in those areas to assist you with energy, as we have discussed earlier. Zero-point energy is a very helpful project that will assist your civilizations to maintain an increasingly better standard of living and will have many far-reaching affects in your world. Though it is a technological development, the detrimental effects will be far less than the beneficial effects.

The focus of today’s discussion is upon the Second Revelatory Commission and the works thereof, its organization, personnel, and its function. If there are no further questions concerning this, we will adjourn today’s session.

Student: We’ve heard before, I think in the Urantia Papers, about our technological development has far exceeded our spiritual development. (Rayson: Correct.) And it seems now that on our planet, there is a great need for a greater ability for we humans to accept one another and learn to live together and resolve conflicts.


RAYSON: Rightly so. (Pause) Hearing no further questions, this is Rayson—it is a pleasure to be with you here today, to have been a participant in this announcement and to be your teacher. Thank you for your love and your attention today, good day. (Group: Thank you, Rayson, for the additional information.)