2004-11-29-Update, Second Revelatory Commission Project

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Topic: Update, Second Revelatory Commission Project

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



We began our meeting by reading the transcript from the Northern Colorado TeaM, #58, Loveland, Colorado Dated 11/21/04, from Teachers: Rayson and Gabriel, Bright and Morning Star. Subject: Second Revelatory Commission.


JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. I imagine that you have many questions for me tonight. The news that you received is very awesome. Before I go into this, I would like to tell you, that the predictions in your world exist because of the possibilities in the Universe. In heaven everything is possible and everything exists and on your world there are certain things that are bound to exist, we are certainly waiting for them. We can see down the road and we can see how things are beginning to form and happen. Just as we saw all of you in this room find your way to this group. We knew that each and everyone of you would be part of this group at one point in your lives. In the same way we also know when the dawning of Light and Life will be, but enough of this preparation and on with the questions. Are there any questions?


Donna: JarEl, we were talking just before you started to talk and I was wondering if the information in this new book will be all new or will it be taken from the archives of the Teaching Mission Transcripts that already are printed or will it all be coming together in a new way?

JarEl: TR, George. This new venture will correlate new information. It will be new information in response to your questions. You would have to re-read the old transcripts to validate them in order to include them as part of this project. Some of the material that was said before may not correlate to the current situation, we leave that to your own judgment. As I said, much of the information to come will be new. It will expand on much that was left out of The Urantia Book. Many of the questions that you might have had that were not answered or simply new questions based on the current situation of your world will be answered. We are constantly updating information to be current.

The lessons that you will learn in the future will be more complex and in depth. Many of you have evolved to a point where you understand the lessons in The Urantia Book. New lessons need to be taught, new ideas, new concepts and new value need to be given to this world in order for it to advance to the next level. We are doing everything in our power to help you bring this new Age of Light and Life into existence. By you doing this and taking part in this new project allows us to help you even further and to bring this world into Light and Life at a faster rate.

It is true much of what we predicted as being slow at first has sped up for some reason. New people have been brought into the fold. Many are awakening. All signs are good for this progression.

Larry: JarEl, is it possible to bring other Urantians into this project? Not just Teaching Mission people, it would seem to me that questions from the different UB Study Groups would be very valuable to this project? Or would this cause an even greater divide between some UB Readers and the Teaching Mission?

JarEl: TR, George. Everything is possible Larry. If this project is to continue and to have success you must bring in additional help from as many UB Readers as possible, including those who do not entirely believe in the Teaching Mission. It is important that you include them for the mere reason that you are trying to appeal to the larger audience, the greater community which is the world. If you cannot appeal to those who do believe in The Urantia Book, how do you expect to appeal to the greater community, so it is all important to bridge that gap that now exists between these two groups. It is all important that you embrace your brothers and sisters on this project. To be divided means to fail, you must unite with one another and bring this project into existence through collaboration with one another. Only through this collaboration will these new papers be validated.

Donna: JarEl, are there any ideas out there as to what the name of this new book will be?

JarEl: TR, George. We will leave that up to you. We are not naming anything, we are merely giving you the information that you will put in this book.

Larry: Will we be hearing more information from Machiventa Melchizedek on this coming project and some more guidance on what we need to be doing?

JarEl: TR, George. Do you want to ask him? He is here.

Larry: Certainly, we would like to hear from Machiventa Melchizedek and have any guidance he would have for this group and what we can do to start our process?

Machiventa Melchizedek: TR, George. Greetings all, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Regarding this project that we have set out, I would like to make you aware that participation is not required but is certainly welcomed by all. If you choose to participate, by all means avail yourself to this, you are not to be denied access to any of this. We will assist you whatever your intention. If you intend to help, we will do all in our power to assist you in bringing this project into existence. Currently there are many groups on your planet working, as we speak, to prepare the information which shall be given to you. We have recently just announced this project but the information will come soon. Do you have any more questions regarding this project?

Currently the Teaching Mission Project has gone exceptionally well. We are very pleased with the results of our efforts. The Teaching Mission is now throughout the world. Many new TR’s are developing all over the world.

This new project will focus more on the expansion of The Urantia Book. It is an addition not a replacement. It is something that you will have reference to. It is something that you can look at to find answers to new questions. We will try to answers all of the questions that you come up with. Anything that has to do with spiritual value will be answered.

I am not in the business of answering spiritual questions, I simply correlate all of this, so it may help the teacher and you to come to a better understanding as to how the Universe works. If there are any administrative problems, please ask me and I shall answer any question you may have.

Larry: Everybody has a lot of ideas of what we need to be doing. I would think that the Teaching Mission Groups need to be developing new TR’s and have TR practice sessions. I would think that The Urantia Book Study Groups need to start developing questions. On tml there has been a discussion that we each need to be studying each paper at the same time in order to develop the questions. To me, I would think that questions could be submitted from whatever paper was being studied by the group. I don’t know which is the best way of doing this? Are we going to get some guidance on how to set this up or on what will be expected of us? Or what you want us to do?

Machiventa Melchizedek: TR, George. Your ideas are good Larry. The way that I can help you is by correlating much of what you have said. You can either go topical or you can go linear, but it is not a question of dissecting The Urantia Book and finding what needs to be answered. I think that the topical method would best suit this endeavor. Those who have questions should just ask. It is not required you go through the entire Urantia Book and find every single question that needs to be answered. Even people who do not read The Urantia Book can ask questions. This is something that is open to everyone.

Whenever the committee is formed they should have a method in which they will begin to work. The method should be devised by well-thinking people. This is not a project that should only be done in your spare time or whenever you feel like it. If you commit yourself to this project, do so wholeheartedly. We understand your schedules, we understand your lives. We understand that there are many things in your lives that keep you from doing spiritual things. Just imagine yourself in some far off distant future and look back at this time and see yourself being part of this momentous project. How will you rate yourself, how will you look at the amount of effort that you put into this project? This is not only for you, this is for the entire human race. I do not mean to put pressure on you, I am merely stating the significance of this project. Very well my friends, I now pass it over to JarEl.

All: Thank you.


JarEl: TR, George. So my brothers and sisters, you have all heard this exciting news. You have all been made aware of this momentous occasion. I say it is on time, for all of you have shown great progress in your lives. The world has been progressing and the world is getting better. This momentous occasion only marks the progression that the world is going through. The sooner that this project comes into existence the sooner the world will be prepared for this new Age of Light and Life. Already we see signs of its dawning. Already do we see signs of people waking up. Monjoronson is itching to come to this planet. He is waiting for you.

I have been commissioned by Machiventa Melchizedek to help you in any way possible. My job is now twofold: I will teach this group in a personal way, but I will also teach for the greater community as well. The lessons I give from now on should be submitted as part of this project. Prepare your questions. Thank you and good night.

All: Good night.