2004-12-05-That He Must Go Where He Would

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Topic: That He Must Go Where He Would

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mary, Mother of Jesus

TR: Rebecca



Mary: "I am Mary, the mother of Jesus. It matters not whether you call him Michael or Jesus, for either way he will hear you. "Michael" is his higher-level name, and "Jesus" was his earthly name.


"Today you taught your son about the Annunciation at Sunday school, and you looked at many images of paintings of me in a book, and therefore I am with you today.

"When I stood before the tomb with the great rock rolled aside, imagine my feelings as a mother when I realized that my son was missing. Despite a terrible moment of dismay that my child was gone, I knew and trusted that since he was not there, he would have gone somewhere worthwhile. I knew that by his absence from the tomb, it must be that he had emerged victorious in some way—victorious over the oppression of the Romans and the Hebrew elders.

"Although I was still in my earthly body and did not yet possess the perceptions of a Celestial, I knew that if he was not there, he had gone on a worthy mission. Therefore I felt great relief and I trusted in him, in his free will, and in the Father, that he must go where he would.

"In the same way, when anyone on this earth loves another, you must trust them and let them go where they will. This is true whether it is a loved one, a partner, or a child that you love deeply. Any selfish clinging onto them is not really love. It is entirely something else. It is best to let it go, and to trust in the loved one’s free will and in the Father. This is the lesson for today.

"I am happy about the work done by the Progress Group and its range of activities. All is well. All of you please continue to receive, transmit, and send out the transmissions. All is as it should be, as you continue to do your work with our blessings.


"I leave you now with love. I am Mary of the Bible."