2004-12-11-New Teacher Tonsah

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Topic: New Teacher Tonsah

Group: Wasatch TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Tonsah

TR: Daniel Raphael



Rayson: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. I am here this afternoon, as the introductory speaker to this group, to introduce a new teacher, perhaps not the new teacher, as this group may decide it would like a different teacher. This is fully acknowledged and acceptable, as it is your call, but you must make your decisions as a group and not be divided, to have a developed stream of consciousness among you very similar to the bodies that are being called into existence for the work of the Second Revelatory Commission.


You of the Teaching Mission and the various other missions are being called upon to develop this network of consciousness, this network of Oneness, of One Mind. It does not mean that you need to think alike but that you are conscious of a Oneness among you, whether it is in this region or other regions. There is a union, and you could call this a spiritual union of like-consciousness, as those who were called brothers and sisters of the Christian Church, the kingdom of God in earlier centuries. It has not changed. Whereas that was a spark in the darkness, a spark in paganism, it has now inflamed your whole world. It is now time to bring that spark into harmony, into union, into Oneness, for its effectiveness to bring in the new era of light into your world. This can only be done co-creatively with you, and we will not abide with our support efforts alone. You are cooperative, you are helpful, you are supportive, and you are friendly to these efforts. The recognition, as we have said before, of those of diverse groups, the commonality of you all is to bring harmony and peace into your world. Yes, peace efforts that are global as well as local provide a color or hue of the enlightenment to your world, of a common spirituality, a common mind, a common consciousness. All that which is positive that supports this consciousness is part of it... can be a part of it.

We are calling upon you to make conscious effort as individuals and groups to clarify your intention to participate in this common effort of consciousness and active enlightenment on your world. As was explained earlier, this involves the development, initiation, and inauguration of new Teaching Mission groups in locales, whether they are far apart or close together. This is something that will be ongoing and will not stop or cease or be suspended, for it will continue. You will find that as more individuals come online to this consciousness, this Oneness, that it will augment and support individuals, even individuals alone, outside of groups, as they strive to pray for Oneness, harmony, peace and tranquility on your world. What we are initiating is what we hope to develop as an explosion of light consciousness on your world that is initiated by Christ Michael and supported by the celestial and angelic corps in full partnership with the mortals of your planet. This is an eff!ort to assist you to heal your planet. The darkness will not be fought against, but be only overcome through light and the development of light over darkness. Darkness will fade away as the light takes hold and grows.

With that, I will introduce a new teacher to you. His name is Tonsah. He is most capable and I am pleased to have him here with me by my side. I will now withdraw. You are welcome to speak to Tonsah who you can consider your group teacher, and the personal teacher of Marshall. He is also the group teacher for the other group (non-TM, non-UB) that meets at Marshall's home. You may call upon him as though he were your own personal teacher. This is a wonderful day to have this begin. Good day.

Tonsah: Good afternoon, this is Tonsah. I am most pleased to be here. You are wonderful individuals and it is a privilege to be with you. (This is Daniel. I am getting goose bumps spiking up all over my body.) It is a wonderful occasion to be here with you. I am not so much a teacher of the lessons that came through in the earlier phase of the Teaching Mission, but an organizational developmental teacher to assist you individually with your issues and with the issues of the group. We are in a new phase now. If you need to study the issues of faithfulness, loyalty, diligence and compassion, then I refer you to the Archives (tmarchives.com). If that is still unclear to you, you are most welcome to approach me and ask me for clarification about any issue. That is my assistance, too. I am here for you, personally. I wish for a personal and even intimate spiritual relationship with each one of you.

You have heard explained my background on my home world, and one day I would be glad to assist you and take you on a journey to visit that planet through your mind mechanisms, to assist you to understand more clearly the complexities of my planet compared to yours. But that will be for another day. Today, my interest is in touching you, each one of you, in your heart, in your mind, in your faith, in your beliefs so I may know you and you may know me. This is a morontial touch. There is a connection now, with us... if you were able to see your auric-field and that of others, you would see a pinpoint of color upon that aura that will remain forevermore.

It is much like the touch of Christ Michael, Jesus. When he was here, he touched individuals, but for them it was not a pinprick, for they were enveloped in a wonderful, inward glowing field in their auric area. For myself, I see your auric fields very clearly. I understand your history, as you have grown. It in some ways represents your soul-growth history, but yet it is not the full history, as the soul reveals not all of itself on this plane.

We have great hope for this group and for the other group, as well as for the first-established Teaching Mission group in this area. You have the opportunity to explore much because of my genetic, mortal-material origins and my training in the morontial existence. I am able to assist you more directly, and am authorized to do so, in the development of your morontial capabilities. This is somewhat of an experimental development and will be closely monitored. The growth that you will feel will be slow and with many minor plateaus along the way, rather than large leaps. You are invited to engage this willfully, powerfully and peacefully, if you want to. This is available to you for your growth. We do not foist this upon you, and it is not there in your existence, yet.

You must sincerely and deeply examine the reasons and your intents for engaging and embracing these potentialities in your growth. If you think that disappearing into invisibility, and sneaking around the house and teasing the cat would be fun, then you will be very immature and unprepared for this growth. We are very excited for the opportunity to do this. It does not make you special, however, in comparison to others. You will retard the growth and infusion of these potentialities by your immature wishfulness and egocentric desires, therefore you must be most humble, open and without self-aggrandizing schedules and agendas to have this to be effective in your life. Yes, I know these are lots of conditions and parameters on this, but if you are to grow with true spiritual master-level capabilities, you must be humble, you must not see this as "I have it... you do not". You will be guided in the use of this very carefully and through small, incremental insights into your own growth and being. Yes, if you do not hear or see, you will feel this.

You may wake up some morning and say, "My, my world feels differently today. I wonder what occurred through the night?" Or you may come home from work, sit in your easy chair, go into the stillness, and arise from it after a few minutes, and realize that you now stand in a new being of yourself. These feelings are real. They are not palpable, as this chair, but they are palpable to you in the intuitional, kinesthetic field. You will know with a certain feeling that this has occurred. Be most grateful to Christ Michael and to your Thought Adjuster for allowing this to occur, for empowering you with these capabilities. Do not be surprised if you see things differently, particularly your relationships with others and those who are, what you may say, "lesser than yourself." You will see everyone with a new light and a new glow and a new insight.

You truly have the capacity to become "Masters" in your lifetime. It depends upon removing the darkness and the ego/animal influences, and embracing the light, the angelic, the masterful, morontial capabilities that are available. You need not worry too much about the negative. However, if you have detrimental, deleterious habits, beliefs, and concepts, then those that are obvious must be worked against, as you deny them, rather than working actively against them. By actively working against them, you have empowered them, but by denying their existence with knowingness that they will be diminished, you are then embracing your capabilities to become greater than you are.

We would all have been most fortunate if Jesus were on our planet now where we could touch the hem of his cloak, for we would be infused instantly by our faith-belief, knowing that that Christ-infusion has taken its hold at the deepest levels of our being and left a mark of great significance upon our souls. However, Christ Michael is not in the flesh among us, and so we must do much work ourselves. Yet, I say to you metaphorically, "His hand is available for you to reach and touch."

Know that I have a great love for you. Know that I have a great compassion for you, as would an uncle or aunt, or a brother or a sister who is older and who has the charge of caring for you in ways as though you had lost your parents. You, in some ways, have truly lost your parents, your Adamic and Eve parents, long ago, and so you are without their influence. I fully say, in completion of today's message that this work with you is to actively infuse you with an Adamic-like morontia-infusion of energy. We hope you are pleased with this development, and of course, we hope you fully recognize the more immense responsibilities that you have for the management of your lives.

I will leave this with you now, rather than taking questions, and have you ponder these things among you, and individually. I will hope that the future T/R is forthcoming, and I hope that you actively meet with each other to practice these possibilities. Just because there is not an obvious T/R among you who comes forward to transmit my messages, does not mean that you should be dissuaded from meeting together and practicing T/Ring among you. Trust that when you meet together, and as you commit your time together to the intention of practicing the T/R methods, that you have joined together in like-consciousness to have this occur. Therefore, in this aura of light that surrounds the group during those meetings, accept that what you hear is real. Do not judge it immediately, but set it aside as though you would into a cache memory sort of situation, without judgments, leaving it there to be examined later.

Validation for the effectiveness of your T/R process will be forthcoming, therefore afterwards. Yes, it may sound like you are talking to yourself. It may seem as though you are talking to others, make-believing the T/R process, but you must believe, you must have beliefs that support this process in order for it to actually occur. Any doubts that you may have must be set aside, and any doubts that are not set aside will be active as a restraint on the process. Does this make sense to you? (Yeses from all in the group.)


Blessings to you this day as I anoint you, each one of you. With this, I have touched you once before and ask you to take this in and feel it. Good day.


Abraham taught the first ten sessions of the meeting of the Salt Lake City Group. Tonsah is also the group teacher for UWG (the Wasatch, Utah Group) and was introduced to them also by Rayson on Dece,ber 10, 2004.]