2004-12-20-Manifesting Fears

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Topic: Manifesting Fears

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: AhmaNiden

TR: JoiLin



Manifesting: Most of us understand the concept of positive thinking and that positive thinking helps us to create the things we want in life. Positive emotions also play a major role in helping us to manifest the circumstances and opportunities we want in our lives. So, thoughts and emotions, when positively focused, theoretically should help us create the life we want. Is there a significant element missing in this process? Why do positive thoughts and emotions manifest our desires often but not consistently? Ideally, how much power to create our lives should we actually expect to have in mortal life?

AhmaNiden: Thoughts are indeed strong elements that help to weave the fabric of the circumstances at any given time. Emotions are also key factors, however, neither by themselves can do ought to create. It is only when they are welded or wed together into a viable force that they have the ability to move mountains. It is one thing to think that you are putting forth the amount of effort from both mind and heart to actualize that which you dream, the proof however, is, as you say on your world, ‘in the pudding’. Do you understand? In other words if what you envision for yourself does not happen, the proper melding of mind and heart has not yet been fully met. Too many on your world, give up just short of the goal having been reached.

And, yet there is another level, a most important level. That is the interference sent out around and through that which you are trying to meld together as one, by the fear factor. Many times, I might even say most times, when someone becomes fully focused upon a goal having to do with the manifestations of wealth, or money, it is because there is something within the fabric of their lives of which, or for which, they are afraid. It may be as simple as fear of failure of that to which they are attempting to manifest. There are many levels of fear effecting human kind on all levels of being.

He or she who would master the art of manifesting on any level must first master self. And, that is not easily done on your world.

Should you actually expect? You have no idea how powerful you are or could be if you understood. I would make a suggestion to you. First I will ask a question. What is there about you of which you have no control? What would you change about yourself? (I would give myself the emotional and mental attitude of security / safety.) Be more basic – respond about your physical self. Is there something about yourself, physically, if you didn’t feel powerless to do so, that you would change? (Obviously you mean smoking. But, I have given up too many things and don’t want to quit smoking now.) [AhmaNiden had me read the bolded sentence above, three times. I argued that my husband is disciplined – has self mastery. It was explained that we are a unit now – our energies are merged. Both must have self mastery to be effective.]

Manifestation is an out flowing of energy/law of he, she, or they, who have mastered themselves first. It is a law.

Fear: Emotions are a form of energy. Fear is also a form of energy. I understand that animal, instinctual fear, can save a person’s life and that has benefits for our species. However, there is another level of fear which is not instinctual, but is actually the opposite of Love. I would like to know what generates this type of fear and who is benefiting from this fear?

AhmaNiden: May I ask why you turned fear as the opposite of love? (Is not fear the opposite of love?) In the very broadest of sense. (I see two forces in the universe, Love and fear. We are either coming from a place of Love or a place of fear) Okay, I can understand your perspective.

You want to know where this fear comes from. On the fundamental level fear comes from the human ego. Fear is manifested on many levels. There is a fear of loss of self, or loss of one’s loved ones, or loss of one’s possessions, loss of one’s abilities, to name but a few. These are all fears engendered by ego.

When one truly loves, one does not allow oneself to be controlled by that baser aspect of self which is ego, but, rather by the higher aspect of self which is the Godhead within. Your Father does not know or recognize the face of anything that does not reflect love, hence he does not recognize the lack of anything, for everything that ever needs to be, there is already. No one benefits from fear. Fear is a lose-lose situation.