2004-12-20-We Shall Become Victorious

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Topic: We Shall Become Victorious

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske



Dear one, let us discuss the training for a greater spiritual life, which is lived in the inner world, but with its repercussions in the outside visible world through loving service towards others.


To train for the spiritual life means to make the material life subservient thereto. It means a closer walk with thy God within you—that Still Small Voice that often remains hidden in the background and is so seldom heard in the busyness of mortal life.

It is I Who Am leading you, most often unbeknownst to you, into the better way of life. Together we can function as one, when you allow yourself the luxury of listening to Me by taking the time to turn within, and listen to My voice with a greater, conscious attentiveness.

I can then continue My training of you in the unseen, give you fresh new insights, and imbue you with a greater love for service towards your fellows.

It has been said that the watchword in the universe is teamwork and that we can all function as one. This, My beloved, is what you need to contemplate the meaning of—to be on the team of the Creator God, and to have been given a personal Trainer?

I reiterate that it is by your consent that you willingly start this training into the spiritual life, and the more sincere effort you show by turning up regularly at your training sessions, the greater progress you will make.

Which is to turn within, anytime during your day or night to receive further instructions for your daily life, which will not become a life of ease, but rather a life lived with a greater and deeper meaning, leading to greater fulfillment.

Truly, the more committed you are, the easier it will become to hear My voice, as there will be instant recognition and a gladness in the knowing that I struggle with you in all things.

We shall become victorious as One in this mortal life, in a race well run, and in greater loving service towards the Creator than you would have ever believed to be possible.

Session 2

  • Answering to the Pull of Paradise.


Dear one, within you exist depths of being which are as yet totally undiscovered, and heights of awareness which are to be scaled like mountains, and these you will only reach by a sincere effort on your part.

The spiritual path is not for the mentally lazy and slothful, nor for those who are waiting to be spoon-fed by others, and neither is this spiritual seeking for the learned, or highly educated. It takes time and effort to delve into the mysteries of life.

This life is for those with an adventurous mind, and a stout, courageous heart, who rise like cream to the top of the milk. Be brave, dear heart, and continue your climb inward and upward. The more dedicated you are in searching out the Mystery that resides in your heart, the greater your Joy will be when you are finally rewarded in becoming one with Me.

This is the second step in your age-long climb towards Paradise, the first step being your waking up to Me calling out to you, and your answering to this Spirit-Self, God has gifted you.

Then, the search and the hunger begin to find Me, and, oh, what a journey this is turning out to be! Insights are gained, your understanding enlarges, your love deepens, wisdom grows, and your joy increases as in time you gather soul-rest and peace of mind, which is even now starting to pervade your physical temple as it becomes more harmonious and balanced.

All this is experienced on the road to perfection. Together, you and I are building heaven’s counterpart here on earth. It is fallacy to think that when you leave this mortal estate that you will be made perfect in the blink of an eye.

No, the learning and experiencing continues because of sincere honesty and loving service to others through many, many levels on the road to Paradise.

This way is open to each mortal who listens for the call of Spirit to become perfect even as God is Perfect.

Session 3

  • How Much Wiser the Eternal Father.
  • April 30, 2004


Dear one, let us for a moment consider the fulfillment of your desires, and the time delays this sometimes entails. The Father in his almighty wisdom oversees everything and knows everything.

When, seemingly, your earnest prayer-petitions go unanswered, it is because the timing and circumstances for the outworking needs to be right. Oftentimes prayers can not be immediately answered, because the recipient needs to be sufficiently spiritually developed to receive, thus many prayers await their fulfillment during the next stage of evolvement, even until after the dissolution of the mortal temple.

The human vessel is very delicate and tender, and so is your budding spirit. The timing and conditions need to be right. You can readily see the overlying time delay of the Creator God working itself out in nature.

Everything has its own season. Some plants and trees are slower to bud and bloom then others, for there is rhyme and reason to everything. Each day in springtime you see miracles unfolding before your very eyes, and yet you do not comprehend the mysterious lifeforce that stirs it from within.

Each living and breathing thing needs oxygen, sunshine and water, and often loving care to fulfill its own innate promise to bud and bloom, and so it is with human beings. Cut love of from a human infant, often through ignorance of one or both parents, and it soon withers and dies, or progresses with only stunted growth, and can never totally fulfill the pattern with which it was born.

It needs to be nourished and nurtured, with love and caring attention. It is a travesty and an abomination to the loving Father-Heart of God, to observe how, on this planet, innocent little ones are sometimes willfully treated.

Love is by far the most important quality that helps each and every mortal to blossom and bloom. And even wise earth parents do not give in to every wish of their children.

Session 4

  • By Your Own Free Will.
  • May 3, 2004.


Dear one, your very thoughts are known to Me. So are your doubts and hesitations. I know all your feelings of trepidation, for nothing is hidden from Me. The only thing that shall matter to you is that I, no matter what, love unconditionally and shall surely guide you.

You are endowed with much potential of "you know not what", which can only be realized in the hereafter, on your path to becoming a fully-fledged spirit being.

And even after you have completed and have graduated from your long morontia training in this universe, to go to the universes beyond for further training, you are then, still, considered to be a very young spirit starting out on the next leg of your eternal existence.

Think about all the adventures awaiting you, and of all the lessons you shall learn to become a being of perfection. You will leave behind all your character flaws, for them to never be recalled. You will be peeling off layer after layer of imperfection. And to think that you shall do this by your own free will! There will be no shortcuts or omissions; save those of the lessons you have learned here in the earth-life.

Ask yourself: Am I becoming more loving day by day? Am I gaining more patience and understanding, and do I really accept each person I meet as my brother and sister on the same road to Paradise? Am I entertaining more loving thoughts, and am I less critical? Have I become more forgiving and am I beginning to be more service-oriented without thinking about the rewards this might bring?

The list is goes on and on, and you can fill in the blanks for yourself. The real question is; are you on each day bringing forth more fruits of the spirit? Because by these fruits, which are increasing love and joy, peace and understanding, you will be known, as well as by a greater, more harmonious balance with increasing health and well being, so you can go about doing good as you pass by, like Jesus did.

This, My beloved, is the life I would have you live in faith and trust, which shall surely bring its own rewards of advancement in the spirit life.

Session 5

  • Live by Your Heart.
  • May 4, 2004.


Dear one, to pray for more beautiful and elevating thoughts, is to become removed from the humdrum of life and selfish considerations. It is all in the intent and in the motivation of the human heart, and it either makes the soul smile, or makes it grieve.

Practically all mortals’ thoughts remain earth-bound, and reside in the head with all its intellectual talk, and very little of the heart shines through. This is the old fear of letting your true selves shine bright. Most of this is based in fear; fear of being ridiculed, and fear of letting the heart be involved. It stems back to the time when you learned to not "wear your heart on your sleeve."

Although it is not sensible to say whatever comes to mind, there is a time and reason for everything. In reality a lot of untruth is being spoken, because the heart is not involved.

It is no wonder that there are so many heart problems, because the little ones learn to "swallow their words", as it is not safe for them to express themselves. This has resulted in a ‘genetic epidemic’ of not being truthful to oneself.

If only you would learn to be more truthful and sincere with yourself, and remember to ask the Creator God to strengthen your heart in grievous and difficult moments! I say moments, because time is strung together from moments, and during each moment you choose what to think and what to say, albeit unconsciously for most of the time.

When you learn to "live by your heart" in a greater present-centered awareness, you will become more thoughtful in your speech and will never on purpose have an unkind word toward anyone, or entertain selfish thoughts.

Do try to become more aware of how you think and why you think the way you do. And then, ask Me to guide you in a higher and better way of thinking during the mundane-ness of life, so you can joyfully live in the present with a strong connection to Me.