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Topic: Togetherness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Amehlia

TR: Mechelle



Amehlia: "Precious one, I greet you tonight in the warmth of the light—that which billows forth from our Savior, Christ Michael. I am Amehlia, and I shall open your mind to the ways of your world.


"Mother Earth has screamed out in her aching pain. She has purged and ravaged, and wreaked havoc with the very sustenance of her soul! In her damaging toils longs a whimpering plea for all of humanity to salvage her offspring. These, too, are an unyielding cry for mercy, help and longed-for solitude, for the peacefulness, and brotherhood that once burrowed so deeply upon her very shores.

"Now, amidst the gloomy aftermath of tragedy her kin answer the call to heed unto Higher Powers. Her global family, unite, comply, and conform as ONE NATION—one beautiful earth, woven delicately together, minus any barriers of race, gender, religion, color or creed! Just as His intentions for a kinder, peaceful, and loving universe. You are all working TOGETHER, just as any devoted family does.

"Please know, that with these extreme and dire circumstances your world is experiencing, Spiritual evolution has accelerated at an astounding rate! In our Celestial realm we feel and sense the gentlest of vibrations as your energies are accelerated that much higher, and closer in tune with our Creator!

"We are lighthearted and jubilant with your progress! We smile so brightly at your collaborations of uniting and togetherness, for it lights up the whole Universe!

"I flood you once again with sweet love and light, and the Creator’s purest blessings! I am Amehlia."


Amehlia is absolutely bursting with love and pride for all mortals, and the fusion of universal actions that are happening everywhere as we all try to pitch in and help out with the recent Tsunami victims.