2005-01-08-Continuum Of Consciousness

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Topic: Continuum of Consciousness

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Sondjah

TR: Daniel Raphael



[Tuning and guided meditation preceded session.]

SONDJAH: Good afternoon. This is Sondjah. I am glad to be here with you today. I will receive your questions after today’s lesson. Before we begin today’s lesson, I would like to share with you what I am learning from you. You have not asked, so I will tell you anyway.

As a Melchizedek who has been teaching on the mansion worlds for so long, the opportunity to serve on your planet with mortals who are living in the flesh, material, [and] who are still in the embryonic age of their spiritual career, is an exquisite opportunity for me to learn more about the souls that develop and come through as morontial beings in the mansion world schools where I and other Melchizedeks teach. We Melchizedeks do not come with a repertoire of emotions, when we come into existence. And those graduates of material worlds, who come through the schools, oftentimes have lost many of their "edgier emotions," before they come to us. To be here to see your raw world upon which you live, your raw existence in the material form and your growth in this material realm—so metaphorical, but yet so real, so complete and intact to us—to see you as complete beings with all the negativity that you come into your existence with and all that you leave with.

You may estimate or surmise that Melchizedeks begin their teaching career by teaching new graduates shortly after they arrive in the morontial realm. It is really quite the opposite. New Melchizedek teachers begin their teaching careers teaching in the advanced stages of the morontial realm. They come with a rote syllabus, a rote-teaching manual that they share with those who come through. And as the Melchizedek grows in experience and contact, they move down towards those who are more recently morontialized, than those who have been there for a long time. This way we gain our experience working with your more raw emotional energies, the closer we get to the resurrection halls.

It requires a great deal of expertise, professional presence, as you might call it, to adequately and sufficiently provide instructions and compassion to the new morontial beings, the new souls who will arrive there. And their experience that they recently come from is not lost, but gained with us. We become more experienced, more humanized, you might say, as we progress closer to the resurrection halls. So for me to be here today, and have been through the past months and through my introductionary phase, is quite a reward for my teaching experience. And I will become an even more competent Melchizedek teacher in the eons to come, because of this experience, because of being here with you now. So I bow to you, each of you here today, and to those who read these transcripts, as well. You receive much and you give much, so our circuit of learning is more complete.


In today’s lesson, I wish to explain more about the continuum of consciousness that exists in the universe—your consciousness, to be specific, your individual consciousness, to be very specific. You have a continuum of consciousness that is interrupted only twice in your long ascendant career to Paradise and the embrace with the Creator. The first one is the time of sleep, when you succumb to the deterioration of your body, this sudden cessation of your bodily functions and the sleep that you will have, which to you will be instantaneous from the time your consciousness closes to the time that you reawaken in the resurrection halls on the mansion worlds. The second time will be when you make the transit from the completion of your spiritual studies in the spiritual schools of a spiritual being, to become a citizen of Havona, when you make the transit from the eras of time and space to the eternal. You will be unaware at that time; your consciousness will be in stasis.

For many of you, from your childhood, from your experiences and what you have been taught from your parents, schools and religions, from your own awareness and consciousness, your experiences with the death of insects, small and large animals, your pets, friends, and parents, you see death as the terminal, sudden cessation of reality for you. For us who see you now, and who will greet you on the other side, we see no change. You are you; your unique personality does not cease to exist. And as you look back from the morontial worlds—your schools and your residences in the afterlife, the morontial realm—you will see too that it is as though there is no separation; simply a "lace veil" in a doorway that you part and move through easily, as though you approach that "lace veil," and blinked your eyes as you cross the threshold and open your eyes once more.

We want you to invest in your consciousness, to become aware of yourself thinking, to be aware of yourself praying, to be aware of yourself in stillness, to be aware of yourself as living and being of service to the world and being of service to yourself and to your soul and of service to God the Supreme.

This consciousness is blinked into existence when you finally become aware of yourself. Some children have this faculty early in life and some adults, sadly, never have it, never become the observer of their own life, never are able to project themselves through time and space, to another location—whether that is just tomorrow in the same house, or tomorrow in the same world, or tomorrow at work, tomorrow with friends. Your consciousness, you see, is not bound by the fourth dimension; it is a timeless essence of yourself. It is your personality and then some. It is quite unexplainable to you in the fullness of its existence. This capacity to "know," is beyond your awareness right now, and we have urged you to play "pretend" once in a while to exercise your consciousness so it may become more muscular. As a marathon runner must develop his or her lungs, so too, we wish you to inhale your life; become aware of it in its most minute particles, which are your minded decisions.

You will see in your advanced stages of morontial living, your stream, your thread of consciousness as a living stream of existence in your life that came into existence in the material realm on your birth on your native world. Your consciousness existed before your birth, but your conscious awareness of yourself came later.

We—I at least—have shared this lesson with you before; it is an important lesson. It is the lesson of living as a morontial being, that you can exercise now, and which you will exercise later in the morontial realm. And for those individuals who are of lesser intelligence, the control or the awareness—minded awareness of their consciousness—may come later. It does not matter when you become aware of it and to exercise it, but that you do. And even those individuals of greatly limited capacity, now in your world, you will find them to be exquisite peers of yours and superiors of yours, in the eons to come, the lives to come in the morontial realm as you grow.

You will find that in the ascendancy of souls, whether you are Spirit infused, Son infused or Father infused, you are neither lesser than nor more than anyone else. You are more mature or less mature, more aware or less aware. And these lessons, which we are sharing with you now, these are lessons that you will be learning in the afterlife. You will not arrive at that frontier totally complete or whole, with all your lessons instilled in you, as though you were a computer with a certain intelligence that you "turn on a switch" and it is all there. But it is experiential; the most valuable lessons you will ever bring to Paradise in your life as a finaliter are those lessons that you learned through experience.

And yes, my friends—I say this with humor because it will be with great humor that you will see it too—that yes, some of these experiences you will need to review, over and over again, until you know them by heart. You know the circumstances that will arrive at your door that will bring you tumult and wrong decision-making and disappointment. Life in the morontial realm is not like living your life on the mortal realm in your car, where as you are driving you make a mistake and you run your car over the cliff and it kills you. No, it is nothing like that. It is much like your experiences with your marriages; some of you have not gotten it right even after being married so many years. (Some chuckling in the background.) Some of you try this lesson over and over again, and we do not fault you for that. You say, "What is wrong with me? Why don’t I get this lesson? Why don’t I have it right?" And my friends, it is complicated; it is complicated for you. You are dealing with yourself, and some of you have not the skills to even deal with yourself, let alone living with another person who is dealing with themselves, and you two living with each other! Dealing with each other! Yes, it is complicated, but this my friends, is the microcosm of the universe at hand, and yes you could kiss it in the morning…or not. You can embrace it…or not. (Much laughter.) I have been practicing on this "wry humor," that you call it. I find it very effective as a teaching aid. It provides a good metaphor for us.

Yes, you can be engaged in the universe, or you can fight it; you can bump into it and bump into it and it will still be there. The universe is a very giving and forgiving universe, but the lessons are still there. The lessons will not go away. And so, you are married to your life; you are married to yourself. Accept this! This is the consciousness that you will need to have in your "marriage" with your afterlife, because my friends, as you mature and grow, you will become more and more intrinsically aware of your life and the events that are unfolding. And you will know, thoroughly well, the lesson plan of the next step and stage of each life that you experience in the morontial realm and the spiritual realm. Yet, even knowing the lesson plan, you must "test out" of each class. You must know that class, that lesson thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

And no, the lessons are not that boring for you, for you will be working on numerous lessons, simultaneously—layers upon layers. In some areas you will have expertise and you will be far superior here, than your fellow classmates. In other realms, you will be the laggard, lagging behind others as they have learned their lessons and they are trying to instill in you, how to observe this lesson and how to work through it and appreciate it and incorporate it into yourself, so that it becomes another medal, another medallion on your awards banner that you carry with you, so that you will have completed another level of accomplishment.

In the afterlife, you will not have marriage partners; you will have yourself to point to. Here in this mortal realm, it is easy for you to point to your classmates in your literal schools that you go to, the ones that have four walls and windows and chalkboards—you can point to others and say, "He made me do this. I did it because he did this to me or she did this to me, and I had to do it this way." But in the afterlife, whom will you point to for your lower scores, or lack of passing grades? Your failing experiences? Only yourself. And it is such a difficult challenge for early mortal transitors, early morontial beings—those who have recently come out of the resurrection halls—it is most difficult for you, and even in the later classes, it still remains difficult. You will have lessons that will be easy and those, which will be difficult. You can easily go to your history and go back and find out where the difficulties came from.

You will find that many [of your difficulties there] relate to the narrow spectrum of experiences that you have in the mortal realm. If you have fears of crowds now, you will be aghast at the crowds that you will see on the plains of glass; there will be literally millions upon millions of people around you. And though the broadcast will be there for you individually, you will see it as though it were a stream for you and you alone, and hear the broadcast directly within you. You will be surrounded and be among millions, if not billions of beings with you, on that sea of glass.

Fears. What are fears about? There are legitimate fears—certainly we have talked about legitimate fears. Yes, you should not stand in the middle of the busy freeway, because you will be killed. You should be fearful of fast traveling cars that you ride in and that you stand next to. You should be fearful of standing upon precipices without a guardrail. You should be fearful of wild animals and those, which may harm you. You should be fearful of your ignorance, most of all. You should be fearful that you are not exposing yourself as a child, to new experiences.

If you are a recluse—of course you probably would not be here today—for hiding away in your homes for fear of something occurring is very detrimental to your morontial experience and your growth of your soul. Hiding away from many things, removes you from making decisions, and there will be no marks in your record, if you make no decisions. So you will be faced with these very huge voids of experience in your afterlife. We urge you to use your fears as indicators of areas to explore and to overcome. Are you fearful of public speaking? Are you fearful of revealing your vulnerable secrets? Are you fearful of learning to love? Are you fearful of being loved? These are areas, my friends, which we wish you to explore.

It is important that you have a trusted, earnest, compassionate friend, with whom to share these things—not one who is a mirror image of yourself, but one who has wisdom. We urge you to explore your fears in safety, with one who is compassionate and cares for you, and from whom you feel their love as a brother or sister, who is a way-shower for you. I am a way-shower for you now, here, and I am showing you the way into the afterlife, to successfully advance yourselves—almost heroically in those realms, after your mortal life. And you will do that from the experiences, which you have had.

You have so much to give in the afterlife, from your experiences here in this realm. You have so much to share, and so we urge you to explore your world and to explore yourself. Become aware of yourself; be conscious of yourself. And if you have difficulties maintaining [being] the observer in your life, then use a pencil and a pad, and observe yourself; write down your fears and write down your expertise. Write down those things that you are brave about, courageous about, so you may help others with that now, and that you may know your weaknesses, your fears, so that you can seek out or meet someone who is not fearful, one who can hold your hand, so to speak, or literally, to get these experiences, to overcome them and to grow. Your life is an episode of intense learning. Overcome your fears; challenge them; become aware of them, work with them; feel them in your body and then wrestle them into success, into achievement, into growth of your soul.

Some of you, as you contemplate this, your hearts, your innards seemed to roil, to even think of challenging your fears makes your insides quake. We urge you to be at peace. You are sitting here in your chair and nothing has changed. Become acquainted with your anxieties and your fears, your worries. These are all related, and they prevent you from living in the now. "Now" is your most precious experience in your life; this "moment," this "moment" that continues; this moment which becomes tomorrow; this is the "now." Be your greatest self now.

I could challenge you, or provide for you, the lessons of overcoming fear—those of you who have access to the archives, we invite you to search for lessons of overcoming fear. In this reality of the now, of living in a material life, on this material world with a very short lifetime, squandering it in fear, or squandering it in your ego is fruitless. These are the two horizons that you will overcome—need to overcome, [or] at least work with—in this mortal realm.

Think my friends, of those grand egos who are never aware of themselves, that a grand ego is detrimental—thinking themselves so grand. And also my friends, think too of the grand egos who think they are so less than others. Ego is measured in terms of grandiosity and meagerness. We are not talking about the humble individual, who is rightfully humble, but the individual who has such a self-denigration for their own existence, that they have no self-worth. This too, is grandiosity in the greatest negative sense, and this too must be overcome. The weakness of grandiosity in the megalomaniac ego and that of the self-deprecating ego, where there is no self-worth, these two, do not know the balanced life of humility, of living with love for self—not because of the importance of the individual, but because of their mere existence, their vital existence as an equal, as a recipient of life from the Creator. Neither one will grow well in the afterlife. The great shock that they will have in the afterlife, is immense. They are literally in "morontial shock," when they arrive in that realm. To think that they were leveled as a grand ego by death, and arriving with paupers that they knew formerly in the mortal realm, knowing that they are now "the same," on the same plane, yet the mind pattern that persists, exists and is an aggravation, a burr under their saddle, a stone in their shoe or sandal, so to speak—something to be worked with.

I am open for questions, if you have them today.


Student: The catastrophe that we had happen in Indonesia, of course it is another awakening and bringing people together, but what is your ‘take’ on this environmental issue?

SONDJAH: My ‘take’?

Student: I don’t know how else to ask it…. What is your perception?

SONDJAH: It is a tragedy in mortal terms, that is for sure. It is an accident in time that occurred from natural causes on your planet; it is a mechanical accident of a mechanical event that occurred, the shifting of tectonic plates under the ocean, causing a tremendous displacement of a non-compressible substance, water, and it traveled with great ferocity across the sea at immense speed and rose upon the shores and snuffed out the lives of many thousands of individuals. This was not planned; it was not foreordained, though it was not held in check. It was not created by your Creator, neither was it held at bay by your Creator. It was the natural outworking of the events of living on an evolutionary, developmental planet.

It is predictable. Just as babies are born each day, which is predictable, [and] just as lives are lost each day, that is predictable. And in the grand scheme of a very active planet, these [events] are predictable, but the moments are not. They occur when these plates shift and water is displaced. Some of your teachers call this a cleansing; I would call that escapist thinking. Some see it as a sacrifice for those who are living, to carry away the negative thinking of your planet and this too, is erroneous. Some have personified your world as "Mother Nature," as causing this to create equilibrium—this casts too much sentient consciousness upon your world.

There is no personality who has brought this into existence, and there is no personality in the universe that has staved it from occurring. This is a hazard from living on a material world that is still in flux and not settled. Many have cried at home to themselves and with others of the loss of life, those friends who they lost in these foreign lands; those friends who they lost that live there. And those of you who knew them not, but knew them only as brothers and sisters of the flesh, cried as well. Your tears are not lost upon the angels of mercy and compassion.

This tragedy, which is so evident, so visual, cannot be forgotten; as an earthquake or mudslide, that traverses so rapidly down a mountain and engulfs and washes over a village of a hundred or thousands of people, and all is lost in seconds, minutes, and they are all buried. No, this tragedy is out in the open, where many bodies float upon the water, and those are caught in buildings and trees, in brush and bramble, and those who were caught beneath the waves, who have not yet been accounted for. This is tragedy in a very grand fashion; this is tragedy, which is so present, so "in your awareness," is not to be forgotten.

And somehow, many teachers think that there must be a lesson here. The lesson, my friends, is living in the now, living now, not forgetting that this moment now, is the time you make decisions to live in. And just as the tragedy of those who’s lives are lost so quickly, so too are the lives that are lost in worry and anguish, who now are in fear of going swimming in the ocean. There, too, lie huge losses of experience of making decisions. You must be courageous to live upon this world, my friends. You must be brave to go to work each day. You must be calm in the face of your world and your life of hazard, as a material, mechanical being. You could slip upon the stairs on the ice and fall down and be killed, or you could be maimed and in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. You must take action to ward against those hazards, or live in worry. Which is better: To cast sand upon the slippery steps or to worry about going outside? It is to live in the "now" and live not precariously, but cautiously, wisely, courageously, bravely, going about your days existence, holding hands with your big brother, Christ Michael, whom you knew so personally as Jesus.

We continue to urge you to experience your life to the fullest, not in fear or hiding away—or not being foolish, either, and not living in fear as well. What is our "take" on it? Live bravely, my friends, live courageously, live today, live joyfully—not sorrowfully, not frivolously, not arrogantly.

Do you have other questions?

Student: …(inaudible)… on these other places that we go to after we leave from here, they don’t have any earthquakes and things like that?

SONDJAH: No, they do not. This is for many who have seen the afterlife and have returned to the mortal existence to explain it, many have seen it as Paradise, as perfect worlds, but these, my friends, are just the beginning of the afterlife worlds that you will live in. Paradise and spiritual worlds have a grandeur that is inexpressible and you are safe there. We are glad to report there are no murders in this year, last year, or the preceding years of eternity. (Laughter.)

Student: We are very glad to hear that!

Student: On the subject of fears, what about the adjutant mind spirit of courage? I am sure that could help us, but how does that relate to removing the fears from our lives?

SONDJAH: The adjutant of courage cannot be of assistance until you decide you wish to overcome your fears. There is ever present the minister of courage, ever ready, holding the vigil, carrying the candle in the darkness of fear. You too must grasp that candle and move forward; only to see the candle staying still is fruitless, you must embrace the light and move with it, courageously.

Student: What is the best way to be fully conscious, every minute of your life? Taking into consideration the times people get tired mentally and physically …?… the urge to living and being fully present. What could you give us …?…?

SONDJAH: Excuse me. This one was dawdling in his mind. Could you repeat that please? [Microphone turned toward the questioner. Thank you, from the transcriber!]

Student: What is the best way to be fully conscious every minute of your life on this world, while keeping in mind people get tired mentally and physically, and yet still want to live the most fully conscious spiritual life as their intent? What is—I know you have given us lots of techniques already—is there anything more we are missing?

SONDJAH: You are not "missing;" it is a matter of being conscious of it, but that is part of the question, is it not? We have witnessed individuals who are in anguish, who are in fear, who are "scared out of their wits," as you would say, who are terrorized and they bite themselves. They hurt themselves—some slam their fists into walls, some bite themselves, some pull their hair—and why do they do this? It is a way of living in the moment, to escape the thinking of being outside themselves. Your body and mechanism is perhaps one of the best vehicles for your process of being conscious of yourself. This is why the Buddhists and others concentrate on their breathing; it is a way of remaining in the "now," the moment, being conscious of the breath going in and flowing out easily and smoothly.

Yet this consciousness we speak of, is more subtle and harder to arrive at. It is something you cannot control; it is something you can only open yourself to, and that is the awareness of self, as the outside observer. One who is aware of their thinking—yourself experiencing yourself; yourself as body, experiencing your world—whether it is fragrance and odors or sights, that you are in appreciation of what you see and what you smell.

It is like seeing a rose, a very perfect flower, the epitome of that object’s genus and species. You look at it and you are in awe of it and you have an appreciation of it and you want to engulf it to its greatest degree. You reach over and you pull it towards you and you smell it; and you smell the different combinations of its essence of itself. And you relate this to other smells and odors, and you brush it against your cheek and you feel it and you tenderly, delicately rub your finger upon a petal very gently and you feel the fabric, the smoothness, the gentleness, the velvet of that surface. You would like to taste it, but you would not want to pull a petal off and crush it in your mouth to taste it, but you want to do that too.

This is what we ask you to do with your life, to revel in the moment of your living, to feel it—What does it feel like? What does it smell like? What does it look like? What sounds emanate from it? [Experience] the depth of the vibrations of its essence, to live this life in the moment to the fullest, and to appreciate yourself having this experience. As you become more aware of your life, you realize that you are more than a body experiencing the five senses, that you are in awareness, appreciating the grandeur of life and you reach out and experience the grandeur of other personalities around you. You inhale their essence and you embrace them with compassion, love and loyalty, caring and sharing. You want to know these other personalities as you do your own.

You want to explore your society in your world. You want to know what it is like to be the opposite gender. You want to know what it is like to be a flower. You want to know what it is like to experience being a hawk in the sky. These, my friends, pale in comparison to the levels of awareness that you will experience in the afterlife, but here, they are realms of practice for you. And I hope that I have somehow touched your hearts and touched your minds and have given you the essence of feeling and knowing the deepest awareness, the presence of your own existence. These are the beginnings of this.

You oftentimes think you are yourself, walking around, doing things, but you are not—this is merely the vehicle of your consciousness. This takes you to different places to have different experiences to explore your consciousness, your awareness, your presence and the presence of others in many, many ways. And when you live in fear, you live inside yourself and rein in so tightly within yourself that you have imprisoned your essence to explore and know your world. And when you live in this great grandiose ego of great diminishment, or grandiosity in the utmost sense, then you live not in the awareness of others—or yourself, even—as a being, knowing yourself or knowing others. But you live in a value system, which is so compressed, so tight, so small.

To live in the consciousness that I am inviting you to, is to live in the essence of Jesus, when he lived here, in his appreciation of you, his awareness of you and his budding, growing consciousness of himself as the Creator as mortal man. This is consciousness in its greatest capacity, knowing that it is unlimited in its ability to know its surroundings, yet confined within the body of this material activity that your Creator has given you, for a very great purpose!

Your question is one of tremendous possibilities and we invite you to explore this to the greatest [degree]. To answer your question is to explore yourself, in your life, where you live, going about your daily business, whether it is great or small. That is why you have such awesome possibilities for your infinite existence, right here, living in your consciousness, living with your presence and appreciating who you are and what you have. You my friends, have something I will never have: You have the possibility of becoming a finaliter, one who is great, one who is so much "one" of and with the Creator, already. You are living with the essence and presence of universe consciousness, right now. That Father Fragment within you, the Creator Fragment Consciousness within you. You will have something I will never have. (Thank you.)


I appreciate the time that you have spent with us today. There are many more than myself here, with you today. There are those who, too, bow towards you, for your experience of living, for what you have and the value of it, which you know not its greatness. Good day.


I wish that I could convey on paper, the passion, the emotion of Sondjah’s delivery, particularly on the example of the perfect rose and the appreciation of the grandeur of living as he answered the last question on achieving continuous consciousness. This lesson truly came from the depths of his being.