2005-01-10-Shiny New People

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Topic: Shiny New People

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard

Session 1


Bzutu: "This is your friend of many years, your co-worker, your platoon sergeant, occasional wet-nurse if you can forgive the timely pun. I hear an imaginary grunt coming from deep inside the belly! The mortal has a sense of humor! I have surely landed in the right burrow, but then I always knew I would.


"Although the job is not always easy, we Midwayers shrug off our failures, smile at our human comrades at work, and get stuck into the project from a different angle, once again, relentlessly, tirelessly. It is like chipping away at a rock with but a tiny chisel, and then, when finally the true human form of our sculpture shines bright, we move onto the next ‘object’ of our devotion. And with all the itinerant workers of our kind we are cracking the shells of ignorance, the crusts of self-deceit, of false pride, and a hundred more ‘un-relished’ mortal habits.

"We help chisel out shiny, glowing new people, who will humbly go their way to bring cheer to many, to share what they have learned, to assist the down-trodden, to heal their kin and Mother Earth, to be lightworkers, promoters of truth, of what is beautiful, and of what is good in the Creator Father’s eyes, because like Him we have a great love for you all.

"We help carve out shiny, glowing new people, who do gingerly go their way, then often get lost again in the extraordinary knowledge that was presented to them, that has seemingly elevated them above all others, that has made them feel superior to the common herd, yet that represents but a test of their innate and learned ability to become wise, whilst remaining modest and meek.

"We help bring about shiny, glowing new people, who so drink of the nectar of wisdom that in their inebriated state they will veer from the path of (their) eternal destiny, and we bring them back onto the road of self-understanding, of a clear appreciation of their foibles and addictions, and back into the boot-camp atmosphere that is their first teetering step towards a career of service and attainment in their long climb to perfection and eternity achievement.


"Yes, of course, this is Midwayer ABC-22, my boy, enjoying the bright and unrestricted, sunshiny vistas of this great cloudless continent, the indomitable spirit of so many in this land of my labors, the warm welcome I receive in this humble abode. It’s good to be back. Stay relaxed and focused. Adieu."

Session 2

Illawarra District, Australia, January 18, 2005. Subject: "Answers."


Bzutu: "I see your door open and throw in my hat. I greet you, comrades of a thousand battles, some ever pleasant, some ever tough, and I admonish you to stick with the projects at hand, your regular meditations, and even an improved contact between us all. This is ABC-22, growing daily fonder of the versatile, varied and fickle human minds of my growing clan of diverse mortal friends.

"We who have a clearer allover view of the happenings on our home planet, have fewer needs to raise our eyebrows at the "ongoings" than do you. And to us it is hardly surprising that an opportune time—an opportune window in time—was spied by our Paradise-based Brethren of Great Wisdom to provide for the Emissary of immense insight, Monjoronson, at our juncture of need to progress.

"All that is happening around you is natural. You are a young race of young changeable civilizations, occupying a still young, unstable world, but that is not to say that from time to time a logical interaction with the Great Powers Above is not timed to perfection. The Father has it all in hand, and places His ever-successful Paradise Servants, and His often-failing human ambassadors precisely when and where they are needed to be revered by some, reviled by others of your kin, so what is new, I ask?

"It is so easy to be relatively mundane, or at times even useless, and be popular in this world. It is a hard road to be active, and so different, without many trying to apply the perceivedly-necessary leveling effect, which a certain personal or group notoriety of energy expansion will demand under the human illusion of requisite sameness for all. ‘Play out’ your basic goals, you all, but do not shrink back from improving on these, as circumstances will ever change in these ‘unrestful’ times of upheaval.

"Be ever active in bonding with your kin, ever ready to assist where difficulties appear insurmountable to those at the oars, the rudder or the sails of your ship, and it will sail for the harbor only mind-and-soul-embedded legend told you about, and by sheer Faith alone. Indeed, pick up all those who are drifting about on your way, for there is room for all. May you have smooth seas and few headwinds to reach the Father’s pre-destined goal for every one.


This is ABC-22 at Michael’s service, passing on the Father’s Love."


Much of this lengthy original transmit (as were the questions posed) was cut out for being either personal or somewhat repetitive. Although the answers are seeming directed at the 11:11 Progress Group alone, it is of good value to those who have personal, or group goals, and may find themselves under pressure to conform with the "mandatory" average.