2005-01-21-A Lesson on Blessings

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Topic: A Lesson on Blessings

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “There is so much to say about blessings that we shall only be able to ‘scratch the surface’ today. Humans do not really understand the term blessings, or their being blessed. It has become such a common term that when someone sneezes, another will say ‘God bless’ through habit. Actually, they would be giving the person a rich gift, if it were said with full intent of the actual meaning behind the words. Many common usages of speech are habitual, and no further thought is given to the real meaning. Many people end their writings with a salutation, or a blessing, or an even nicer ‘blessings upon blessings.’ This is a wonderful signature to a message, although this is often merely done because it looks good, while little thought is given to the real meaning of these words.

If we would ‘dig’ a little deeper, what exactly do these words entail? They entail the highest honor you can give another person, and, please do not limit this greeting or salutation to be meaningful only when given by a priest, minister, rabbi, or other ‘learned ones’ of this world. It is a holy and sanctified thing to hold others in such esteem as to be worthy of your blessing them. It is a wonderful custom to bless others, but only if this is meant. Thoughtless and vain repetitions are like rote prayers, which don’t even leave the room in which they are said or written. It is the intent behind everything that makes it more meaningful, and of course, this intent will increase according the increase in your faith, because then everything experienced will have a deeper meaning.

As you evolve and grow so will your understanding, and then your conscious awareness will increase, and you will begin to realize how very much blessed you are, because more and more you will notice that even the smallest things can be hidden blessings. They are those things that are normally taken for granted, but once taken away, be it through illness or an accident of time, you will begin to realize that what you once had is now gone, whether it be temporarily or forever, as in ill health. These tend to often be wake-up calls for increased thankfulness, and a corresponding feeling of being blessed, if one uses his or her faith and trust muscles. When one increases in understanding towards the All That Is, a growing feeling of being blessed accompanies this understanding, until one realizes the true significance of the saying that all roads lead to the one destination, which is God, and one learns to accept the differences in all others.

Yes, I know that this is easier said than done, as many struggles ensue in the human soul before it starts to really feel blessed, and discovers that life itself is the greatest blessing when it is lived according the highest truth one has, which is in the most truthful and loving manner towards self, and all others. In this way of seeing life as a blessing, one becomes a blessing towards all others, because one’s intent has become selfless and loving. The creature has found the way to abundant blessings, because it sees the Creator’s abundant blessings, which are poured out upon all flesh. It is up to every individual to make that discovery for him or herself to find out the ways in which they are blessed. To find out for yourself, do start counting your blessings daily before going to sleep, as this will create a thankful attitude, which promotes a peaceful sleep as you give thanks to the Creator for all you have received, and as you check your intent while you do this. It is always reciprocal.