2005-01-25-A Lesson on Negativity

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Topic: A Lesson on Negativity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Since negativity abounds on this planet, it is a timely subject for us to discuss, and for Me to give you a few pointers about what can be done to overcome this tendency to negativity. Negativity can ultimately lead to depression and despondency, as negativity together with doubt make up the great defrauders of the human spirit, and a denial of the Spark of God within. Mostly too little time is given to strengthen that faith and trust connection with which you are to navigate through life. These tools have been given to you as small seeds, so you have the freedom of choice to develop them through your diligence by making it a regular daily habit and practice to come into the Stillness to seek and foster your personal connection to the Creator of all things and beings.

“The curse of negativity is a result of the outright rebellion against the goodness of God by your one-time Planetary Prince, a high celestial being, who went astray during the Lucifer rebellion, and the whole planet has suffered the terrible consequences ever since. This matter was settled by your Master Jesus (Who in reality is a Creator Son of God), and Who chose this planet to come to, and exhibit and teach the people about the Unconditional Love of God during the time He walked this planet as a human some two thousand years ago. Recently, the Lucifer rebellion was at last adjudicated by the Ancients on High, who are your super universe Rulers, but the aftershocks of these long ago times are still being felt in the evils of negativity and fear. This has become part and parcel of the human gene pool, and the time has now arrived to correct all the shortcomings of these effects. A Time of Correction has been set in motion, and it will affect everything on this planet.

“Much spiritual pressure will be brought to bear upon this planet, and people everywhere shall awaken to truth, beauty and goodness. They will start questioning themselves, and wonder what they can do to help make this world a better place. The short answer to that is: This is already happening, one person at a time. To take the responsibility, and seek for that personal God-connection, and finding and establishing this connection by your free will, it will become essential on your part to, from moment to moment, ask God what His desire is for you. This will not make you a slave. To the contrary, God only desires for you to come to Him by your free will. It is by seeking to do the will of God that negativity will vanish for the neural system to become more settled. Greater stability will ensue in that person, because he or she will become nurtured and sustained by the unconditional love of God, and so they become more loving in return.

“Love is always reciprocal, and it is in the seeking that you find it. It is in the searching that these insights and understandings shall be opened to you, and you will at last begin to realize that there is nothing to fear, as fear is an unreality to those who have become steadfast believers in the goodness of God. When still in doubt, pray for more faith, and when assailed by the evil of negativity, pray for protection and ask for God’s Light to surround you. Pray also unceasingly for others, that they likewise may be protected from this evil. This will also strengthen your belief system, and to such a degree that your life will be lived in hope and in joy, because you have come to know that the everlasting arms of God are always there to uphold you. It is up to you to develop that faith and trust, and to know that this is so. Allow faith to become a steady flame in your soul.”