2005-01-30-Surviving the Oncoming Spiritual Flood

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Topic: Surviving the Oncoming Spiritual Flood

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Evanson, Aaron

TR: Jonathan, Mark, Ginny



Evanson (Jonathan TR): Greetings. It is my privilege to open the floor in this conclave wherein draw close the souls of the Almighty. I am Evanson. Truly you are our friends. Still brilliant is the light which emanates from you, so fragrant the love, so sincere your intentions. These are the attractive qualities that we see in you, our younger brothers and sisters. You strive so diligently to deepen your understanding of God and the cosmos, your world, and your place in it. Such effort on your parts is an energy force which draws our attention as does a magnet to metal. It is irresistible to come to the aid of our fellows in deepening your comprehension. We are able to assist you because you want us.


Ascension Career

The curriculum for ascension is not a fixed set of accomplishments that you must adhere to and succeed in to attain the Father. I remind you again that the course you chart is the course the Father wills, for you are giving to God the experience of variety; you are allowing to come into reality a manifestation of a modified order of divinity.

Each one of you is replicating the presence of God in another location of the universe. This is the true immaculate conception, one where you and God partake in the birth of a soul. It is the beginning of a magnificent unfoldment, one wherein the divine sprouts forth anew in you. One may conceive of God spread abroad in the universe blanketing all, but, my friends, there is more to this. God is everywhere emerging from within you, becoming as you, and from that new coordinate revealing Himself once again. You each are bonded with God in this great unfolding. Because you are so willing to participate with Him we are ever ready to draw close to you and assist. Thank you for listening to me. I will let my associate friends and teachers also have their time.


Elyon (Mark): I greet you as well, this is Elyon. I will work with some imagery for you today, as you all are recently impacted by current events, I will use parallels to reference for you according to your experiences. We have been talking for some time about the oncoming flood of spirituality to this world. Recently you have all had the reality of the natural occurrence of the tsunami to raise your awareness of the material manifestations of such an event of flooding and how many are displaced and many suffer when these natural events occur and the factors inherent in nature are accentuated. Likewise will you come to survive the upcoming event to your world of the spiritual tsunami about to elevate the levels of spirituality. As these levels rise they will float many who feel as though their feet are firmly planted now. There will be much distress when this sudden rise of spiritual sea level sweeps many unexpectedly.

You, however, have been involved for some time now in the construction of your solid foundations built high on the walls overlooking the valleys and the seashore. From this secure foundation built on spiritual realities these upcoming events will be to you much as this recent tsunami, merely news and observable phenomenon. The rising tide of spirituality will not catch you off guard, nor will it sweep away the foundations you have so securely constructed over these years together. When this event occurs, and there are those who are up to their necks in a new reality, you will be available to cast out your lifelines and to assist all those who are guided to come to you for this assistance. As they swim near you throw your lifelines and one by one pull them in to the secure surroundings you have built and provide for them whatever services they may require that you may be able to provide. The contrast between a spiritual event of this magnitude and a natural occurrence of forces is that the spiritual event does not cause massive destruction in its sweeping scope. Rather it floats many a vessel that has been but awaiting for the tide to rise. Many individuals will take to these new waters with skill and confidence, but many will be caught off guard as well and be in need of those who can offer assistance with lifelines or lifeboats. You who are positioned by having been forewarned by the early warning system of spirit and prepared by your diligence over these years in the construction of your solid foundations, are in an opportune time and place to be effective when change swirls around and below you. Truly these are times of great service opportunity before us. We would all do well to be watchful for these opportunities as they arise so that we may act as the Father would act, that we may represent truly the aspects of God we have come to know, and allow the unfoldment of the divine from our position in the universe I conclude my remarks. Thank you and good day.

Aaron (Ginny): Good morning, this is Aaron. I have been with you often in your early formation and, as you recall, more so then than now. I have decided to revisit you to encourage you and make you more aware as the flood waters of spiritual energy become a closer phenomenon. The poor people who have suffered the calamitous physical event were certainly surprised and frightened, unprepared and unknowing. You can imagine, as you all have, I'm sure, their absolute shock at this tremendous event. How can you prepare yourselves for the spiritual flood waters in allowing yourselves to become used to the feeling, the experience, of a saturated spiritual awareness? How can you prepare yourselves for being ready to respond? I am offering this as a topic for discussion, and I will withdraw for a bit. How can you prepare yourselves to be adequately prepared to assist at this time?

Evelyn: Well, let's not all say "stillness" at once!


Jonathan: The teachers talk of stillness, study, and service. Service sounds like after the tsunami has hit. Study sounds like the anchor that holds us tight when it hits hard, and stillness sounds like the buoyancy that helps us float through it.

Harold: Having faith in the final outcome.

Mary: I've recently been thinking that I have that connection well enough to recognize that when someone comes by me who needs something I have to offer, to stay alert to the overriding reality of spirit. I have looked back and realized I missed an opportunity; hopefully that's a step toward not missing it the next time. To pray for insight and connection.

Mark: I want to point out the co-creative responsibility we have. By volunteering we are provided with a pathway to getting something done. Expressing the desire of our hearts to be of service aligns us with the spiritual forces of the universe.

Ginny: It's important to develop trust that this event is well planned and monitored and to do daily exercises to eliminate fear; fear that we won't be ready, or we won't respond well enough, or that we are not worthy, whatever. We can change our fear by an affirmation or some kind of mantra to keep ourselves unafraid. Frankly, I'm a little scared I won't respond well enough.

Tom: One of the key phrases in this transmission is that we will be guided, they will be guided to us. We must be vigilant. Our function will come to us.

Kirk: Adjuster fusion would be appropriate about now. Our angels will take care of putting things in front of us; all we have to do is align. [There was much discussion, and the phone conference disconnected with those not in the room.]


Aaron: Yes, I am here. The event that we speak about is, yes indeed, one of a gradual spiritual awakening. Even the physical tsunami did not happen so suddenly that it was such a surprise, since before it happened the earth opened up, and before that happened many, many times the earth has shifted. So, in a sense you can say that the tsunami is not sudden. Changes come slowly. We never, ever pummel you suddenly with something as great as a spiritual awakening without a long preparation. It will be the result of one soul at a time becoming aware of spiritual presence, and this will be accumulated until it will be a major -- I'm trying to avoid the word "event" -- awareness of a superconsciousness. I guess a good example would be for each of you to think of a time when you were spiritually elevated and spiritually aware even for a few minutes. This is what we are talking about; it will be like that. More extended, deeper, and it will be more natural. That is why we stress stillness, not just sitting still, but during all the events of your day to bring the spiritual consciousness into your daily routine. We do not smack you upside the head! You can be guaranteed of that. It has been a pleasure to be among you again. Thank you for your company. I bid you good day.