2005-02-01-On Creativity

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Topic: Creativity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Life is a creative process shared between you and the Creator, who first of all gave you your life, then gave all the gifts with which to create that which you desire to manifest. So it is timely to give a few thoughts to creativity, for few humans realize how truly rich they are, even dare to belief that they are rich. Granted, most of the gifts humans have do not even get to ‘see the light of day’ in this material life. They must await the further unfolding of the personality in the next stage -- in the morontial existence -- which is that important learning period between the material and the spiritual. After the dissolution of the material body, the budding spirit becomes free, so the real education can begin, during which you shed all the animal vestiges of inclinations and negative behavior, again depending on your free will to continue.

“With your free will you can design your life, if you are aware enough to wake up to that fact. For thoughts held in mind, create after their kind. Mind is the most powerful mechanism of your thinking process. As soon as a child starts thinking independently, that is the moment it begins to think creatively. Nurturing surroundings help this process along. Small children do not need expensive store-bought toys. Just give them a few blocks and other safe items with which to build and use their imagination. Placing them too early in front of a mechanical device for entertainment is not the best idea. A child’s mind needs room to develop through play, and learning to share with other children. Growing up is a co-creative process to learn the social skills so necessary in adult life.

“To let the creative juices flow unhindered, it is expedient to have a calm mind with which to think, and get the most out of your ability to create. A pre-occupied mind has trouble in thinking clearly. A disorganized mind, too, has trouble in thinking clearly. It takes a lot of self-discipline and of being in present-centered awareness, to become, as it were, an observer of your own thinking process, to find the brain-gaps where you can improve, and thus improve on your co-creatorship with the ultimate Creator. It Is the Creator who has hidden His gifts in you, but what you do with these gifts, and how you develop them, is your gift back to the Creator. This is the greatest honor to give back, together with the gift of appreciation for having been given the opportunity to start developing these gifts in the mortal phase of your existence. We have spoken before, how this life is the foundation of the next, as you continue on in the next phase of morontia life, where different possibilities and more opportunities are awaiting you.

“This creative process never ends, even after you have perfected yourself and are counted worthy to stand in the actual presence of the Eternal One to show your true colors to God. In order for you to start out on this little orb so deep in space, the Creator has given you a Fragment of Himself, so you are literally, in truth and fact, co-creators with Him. Your personal will and decision making process shall determine the development and the speed with which you progress. So you see, that God does not do things to you, it is you as a species who are totally responsible for your own affairs. Only when you place your trust and faith in the Eternal God, great things can, and do happen, as you start manifesting God’s will in your life, rather then your own, puny little self-will. As soon as you join forces with the All That Is, the creative juices will flow in the highest channels of being, and much can be accomplished for the greatest good of all. The planet will evolve and flourish more, because of the increasingly responsible behavior of its mortal inhabitants.”