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Topic: Attitude

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Let us today put the term attitude under the looking glass and discuss its various meanings.


You will have heard it said that ‘he or she has an attitude’ or ‘doesn’t have an attitude’ as meaning the same in a negative sense. A positive attitude means to have a positive outlook on life, or a positive outlook on the outcome of something important. A positive attitude can influence the decisions one makes in life, and it plays a big role in success. It determines to a great degree, how one conducts oneself throughout life. Your attitude is a definite component of the role you play in life. Even belief systems depend on the attitude of its adherents, whether one is gung ho or lukewarm towards it. Attitude definitely shines forth in enthusiasm. Here again it is an undeniable fact that one needs a positive attitude in order to succeed in all endeavors.

“I know I repeat myself a bit here, but attitude is also tied up with your individual beliefs. It is how you put your beliefs into practice. In other words, how you act on your inward attitude towards things that really matter to you. Attitude can belie honesty and can be used as a cover-up, especially when one has a loud demeanor to cover up a low self-esteem. Discerning persons easily see through such a facade as it does not ring their truth bells. With sincere self examination, insights and wisdom arise, which change your attitude towards people and situations. Honesty has always been the best guideline in life, as this makes for a more restful point of view, because the inner life is not in turmoil.

“I realize that at times this is difficult to obtain, because everyone you come into contact with has his or her own attitude. However, it is not as difficult as you might imagine. Jesus, too, had an attitude, but it was one of love. He came from a love attitude, which made it very easy for Him to love people as they were, and they felt accepted by Him. So you see how your demeanor can accept, or reject people. This is very much in the arena of feeling, as your energies intermingle and a sensitive person can pick up on these vibrations. Of course here again, honesty needs to be in place, and not an attitude of pre-judgment, as so often happens when you have heard something negative about a person. Here your opinion might already be colored before you have had a change to feel your way into a situation without a pre-judgment. It is therefore very easy to have your attitude swayed in one direction or the other. Swayed attitudes can create mass hysteria.

“Be clearly aware of how your attitude, sometimes construed as moodiness, can affect the people around you, and how it can infect others. Know that you can adopt an attitude of appreciation, as this helps tremendously in uplifting the ‘atmosphere.’ You can have a positive attitude about you, because you see value in everything and everybody you come into contact with, and thus people will feel accepted in your presence. Never forget, how important your attitude is, for a positive and loving attitude lightens anyone’s path, and soon the whole world would be permeated with goodwill towards all. It is truly all in the attitude of the people themselves. You say, ‘That is not always easy.’ Yes I know, but again the solution is so very simple, as long as you make the decision and, act on this to daily come into the Stillness with Me, then I can help you with your attitude as you can act more from My attitude, which is for the highest and the best for all.