2005-02-03-A Lesson on Anxiety

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Topic: Anxiety

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “This is a lesson worth remembering, so you will always know where to go for strength. I have spoken a great deal about how important it is to seek the God-Spark within you, as the presence of this Gift from God is still unknown to many. Its existence in humans must become widespread knowledge. Your Master Jesus mentioned that ‘The Kingdom of God is within.’ It is so very important that this wonderful news be made known, so the ‘innate defrauder’ of inner peace has less of a chance to gain a foothold, unless you allow this through unbridled, unreasoned and unorganized thinking, for such is the result. It would be far better that even little children were taught that something so very loving lives deep inside of them and is highly interested in their well-being. So each child would grow up knowing that it is unconditionally loved, and that there is nothing to fear in life.

“Adults set the example by their demeanor and fear-ridden conversations, which a little one feels rather than understands. We need to deal in the here and now with the fears and anxieties of the adults, so they can become saner examples, rather then have their worries and fears take possession of them to be passed on to the children. Far too many adults have an unreasoned anxiety deep within them, and never sit down and ponder why this is so. The main reason for this anxiety and fear is that they feel disconnected, like cosmic orphans, due to their personally not having developed trust in a Higher Being. This most important and necessary relationship needs to be initiated by every individual for themselves.

“Think of the inner peace you will gain when you make that God-connection your first priority in life. Think of the benefits you will gain by establishing that wonderful habit by daily setting apart the time to commune with a Creator you can confide in, and tell your troubles to. Take time to sit in the Stillness of your heart, and wait and feel that ‘mantle of peace’ fall around you and in you. Soon you will realize that you are never alone, even when you come out of this meditative Silence, because you can take this peace with you wherever you go. You will have no more need for anxiety, when for the first time you feel that you are unconditionally loved. That experience will never leave you and be forgotten, as in your mind you can always go back to re-experience this as a re-enforcement of the most wonderful moment in your earth-life.

“Many will be the experiences during these periods in the Silence, during which more is felt than actually heard by human ears, for you are learning the language from the next level of existence, that of a ‘knowing.’ These experiences are designed to elevate your thinking above the humdrum of life, to help you cope better with the things you come across on your way. This is the gift God loves He gives to His mortal children, so they can be cloaked with immortality, while yet in the material temple. It is completely up to the mortals themselves how much they are willing to gain in understanding and wisdom while still on the earth-plane. No one is ever coerced to believe, or to engage in, this exercise of flexing the beginning faith and trust muscles. To those, who do engage in these matters, great shall be their rewards in heaven, for they are blessed with a belief without seeing. They will in retrospect understand ‘how much distance they have gained’ on their eternal journeys on the way Home.”