2005-02-05-A Lesson on Timidity

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Topic: A Lesson on Timidity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “There is some hesitation on your part to receive My words on timidity, but I tell you that this subject, too, is quite timely.


There are too many of your brothers and sisters who hide their lights under a bushel, because for some reason they are afraid to allow their brilliance to be seen. This can have several causes and the most obvious one is, of course, left over from early childhood when children were allowed to be seen, but not heard. At one time, and frequently even now, the opinion of a child did not count for much, and yet often the greatest truth expressed did proceed from the mouth of a child. Children are unbiased, and see truth as it exists in that moment, yet truth might well escape the attention and scrutiny of the adult. An observant child sees much, but learns early that it is not always safe to express an opinion on what it sees and hears. Well-meaning but thoughtless adults often forget their early childhood struggles when they wished ‘to be in a place that mattered,’ and where they were appreciated.

“It can be a near-endless struggle to find a comfortable niche in the pecking order of the family when there are more children and when there is much rivalry among the children. It needs the understanding wisdom of the parents to raise happy and balanced children. The parents need to present a united front and be in agreement about child rearing. More is the pity that there are no schools for the preparation for marriage and parenthood -- schools to educate and prepare young couples, and teach them that it is unrealistic to dream their own unfulfilled dreams through their children. Each child is born with its own dreams and hopes, and it is a mistake to force them into an adult-made mode of thinking to fulfill the unrealized dreams of the parent. More so, it is devastating for a child to repeatedly hear that it is not good enough, and will never amount to anything.

“These are all causes for a child to ‘crawl into its shell,’ to never truly emerge into the light of day, into the true reality of its existence. Those negative admonitions of early childhood echo down the ages, and can have timidity as a result, which is very hard to shake off. Others become more belligerent as the result of having been put down too many times, and may become somewhat boastful and bombastic to cover up a low self esteem, which is simply another form of timidity so hard to overcome. I do not wish to paint a dismal picture, but instead desire to point out that, sooner or later, a ‘window of opportunity will open up,’ allowing many to perceive things differently. Opportunities come about that can awaken one to a higher level of understanding, and of being, and the personality can free itself from past negative bondage. Happy is the soul who through honest self-evaluation realizes that he or she is a worthy and much-loved child of the Creator, who is completely unconditional in the bestowal of personality gifts.

“It is through the dawning realization of the human by his or her searching for meaning in life that he or she comes to the conclusion of the worthiness of self. Then the layers of timidity start peeling off when he or she starts to more and more decisively take their rightful place of existence in life. Such a one has found the pearl of great value -- that of being connected to the All That Is. This is a wholly personal experience which each human needs to learn for him or herself. It is the freeing up of the true inner person in the way it was intended to be, according to the divine blueprint the Creator holds in mind for each mortal on the myriad planets in the far-flung universes of space. It is through allocating you your indwelling God-spark that the Creator of all experiences life through you.”