2005-02-08-A Lesson on Being

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Topic: A Lesson on Being

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “To be, rather than to just do, is a secret so very seldom discovered. Being does not mean just sitting around in idleness waiting for something to happen. No, it is being your true self while doing. This is a most difficult task to achieve through self-discipline, as it entails your constantly remaining in present-centered awareness, and making the most of every opportunity coming your way in daily life. Most things are done by rote, and through habit, which in a way is good because it keeps you grounded where you are, as it is important to discharge the everyday affairs needing your attention. The being I am alluding to is to be so intense of self-expression that your higher gifts are automatically expressed in thought, word and action.

“Too often the little human self is being expressed thoughtlessly, unless you get to realize that you are infinitely more than what is being portrayed and expressed by you. This you will realize the further you travel on the road to perfection, as your imperfections will then become more glaringly obvious to you. Not necessarily will this be obvious to anyone else, but because of your private inner struggles only I, the Spark of God am privy to this, and know about this, as I know your intention and purpose of doing.

“It is to your being that I draw your attention today, because I also know of your inner longings and desires to come closer to Me so you can have that living connection with Me at all times, yes, at every moment in your life. Think of what that would mean; to have such clear channels of listening skills and communication that you would know what to do in every situation. This is not yet a possibility, because you would then not learn from your mistakes, and since you need to learn from your mistakes, and so gather the necessary wisdom, I would be doing you a great disservice to allow you such complete access to Me. It is through struggling that a soul becomes free and learns to flex its faith and trust muscles on which to soar heavenward in truth, beauty and goodness.

“Be assured, that I know exactly what I am about while I lead you through all the vicissitudes of life. It is in the daily coming to Me in the Stillness of your meditation that you will discover a little more about Me, for you need to understand that there is always more of Me to be discovered by you. Even after we shall have become one (fused together), I will still have surprises for you. Actually, they will be even greater surprises, as I can then start to disclose Myself more fully to you. Until then I have to be very careful not to upset your tender chemical system in case your mental capacity to understand might be exceeded. This cannot and must not be, as I know you far better than you can know yourself while you are still evolving into becoming. This is the reason, why I teach you to be, rather than teaching you to do. It is in the doing that you will find your true being, as your character unfolds by the building of your spiritual counterpart, and your soul is nurtured in the process, for this is what you take with you to the next level of existence after the dissolution of your physical body.”