2005-02-09-A Lesson on Building

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Topic: A Lesson on Building

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “For a few moments I desire to dwell upon the term ‘building.’


This term can be used in different ways as in building something of a material nature. In a sense, you also ‘build’ your material life here on earth towards what you are going to inherit in the hereafter, in your immortal existence. Your spiritual life right here becomes the foundation on which to build your eternal counterpart. It needs to be clearly spelled out that this is the reality, truth and fact about being alive. It therefore becomes most important to live life in the greatest present-centered awareness for which you can muster the courage. At times it is tempting to just run away from situations -- to not work through them -- although this can have its merits as a cooling-off period can be useful if tempers need to subside and rational thinking needs time to return.

“Usually, nothing gets resolved in the heat of an argument, and fighting shows a lack of maturity, which carries the great danger of loss of self-esteem and a feeling of unworthiness to the loser, which can turn into a festering resentment, because the air has not been properly cleared. Worse of all, this is how ‘buildings of trust which have been build up’ can collapse. Any relationship which has been build up, so that a bonding can take place, can be ruined by unruly tongues and hastiness, and much harm can be done because of this. At the best of times, relationships can leave much to be desired, because of differences in personalities. However, even in the greatest diversity can unity be found and represent a growing understanding and appreciation of another.

“They are these relationships, this bonding, which you bring with you into the next stage of existence to further build upon. This of course is dependent on your personal will, choice and decision making. When you grow further in your understanding, and learn to see God’s way and will in all matters, your understanding will also grow as to why you have been in certain relationships, as all have served to bring you the lessons you needed to learn. There is purpose in all things, and nothing is left undone that needs doing. Eternity is a very long time, during which mental and emotional aberrations will be eradicated and the spiritual will be enhanced. It all depends on the speed at which you are willing to progress. It also always depends on your sincerity in honoring the truth of your being as a worthy child of God.

“The greatest progress you can make in this mortal existence deals with your soul development, and how you have bonded with the Creator of all. I have told you this before but it bears repeating, that each individual is responsible for building his or her spiritual counter-part. It is entirely up to you as to how much time you spent in the Stillness to establish that connection each day with Me -- your living Spark from the Creator God. You know by now, that I am always waiting for you to come to Me, and that I will never coerce you. Ours is always, and at all times, a free-will partnership. I desire that you also aspire to come to Me, and indeed, nothing pleases Me more, for that shows Me that you are ready and willing to sincerely build on your relationship with Me. In time you will want to be with Me, always, for with Me you can be totally yourself, as there can be no secrets between us since everything is always known.”