2005-02-13-A Lesson on Reflection

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Topic: A Lesson on Reflection

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “There are times when it becomes necessary to reflect with thoughtful concentration on the issues at hand as to whether they will lead to success or failure. It is also important to from time to time discover that in looking back over your life you find that you have gained a greater understanding and that you have learned from the lessons you were taught. It is important to realize that this life serves you to grow as an independent personality. Sometimes you amaze yourself at your own reactions to certain things or sayings, and then you need to realize that there is much more to learn. If for example you react in a very childish way, you may be horrified as you thought that this was a trait you had mastered by learning patience.

“Impatience is a very difficult but important trait to overcome. It is not always easy to discover the why’s and the wherefore’s in yourself, so reflection is in order that you may gather an understanding. Reflection into your shortcomings is a hopeful sign that you have begun the maturation process, and moved to a higher level of thinking. In doing this with scrupulous honesty and sincerity, putting yourself under the looking glass, you may discover what those buttons are that trigger your impatience. This is an excellent beginning to greater self-discipline. However, once you start educating yourself, and on purpose start weeding out that which you don’t like in yourself, a time may come when you may spend too many hours in self-contemplation. As well, you may fall into the trap of berating yourself at every turn, which is not healthy either.

“Self-reflection becomes easier when you start asking for help. To get the best help available, turn within to the Source of your existence and confer with Me. I can show you when, where and how you err, so I can help you and lead you into a more satisfactory way of being and living. Truly, when you ask Me, I will surely guide you and seemingly unconsciously, you will start to feel calmer as I can then better influence you. For we -- you and I together -- are in the business of making you into a perfected image of the Creator. This is not an assignment for the slothful, who rarely ever spent time in the higher regions of the mind and never seriously reflect and entertain the thought that they can make their lives better by being more open to the divine leadings from within.

“This path of increasing awareness about were improvements are needed, are for the courageous and the stalwart awakened ones on the planet -- those who desire to make a difference while living life in mortal flesh. It is in thoughtful decisions you have made and acted upon. It is in loving services rendered. It is in overcoming of less desirable habits. It is the level of faith and trust attained. It is in the courage with which you have lived your life to the best of your ability. It is in the insights gathered along the way and the wisdom gained by having lived through the difficult periods in life and not having faltered. It is exhibiting the fruits of the spirit by living a reflective life, by being less judgmental with increasing tolerance for others and most of all by becoming more loving and more ready to forgive and forget and daring to let your inner light shine.”