2005-02-13-Urantia Offers Unique Opportunities & Lessons

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Topic: Urantia Offers Unique Opportunities & Lessons

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Minearsia, Daniel

TR: Nancy



Opening prayer: (Nancy)

MINEARSIA: My dear children, students, and friends, I am Minearsia. I have been given the privilege of opening this session with prayer.

Allow the anxiety and concerns, distractions to melt away. Allow the Father’s love to swell up within your heart, within your soul. May you feel its golden light fill the cavity of your being and extend to encompass your siblings in prayer with you, first in the localized room, and then allow it to expand. Put those for whom you have concern into the light, into the center. Take your concerns into the center; offer them to the all-encompassing, never-ending love of the Father. Feel your receptivity open and expand that wisdom may pass easily through, as nourishment does from the mother to the developing! embryo.

Father we thank You for this opportunity to serve You in this amazing time upon Urantia. Your children hear Your call and they answer in their hearts; they respond. These students with us here today are desiring to know You and to know how they can make a difference. May our words as teachers provide nourishment, provide assistance, and provide a loving example. Glory to You O Father.



I am Minearisa. I will continue. My dear friends, these times upon Urantia are a unique opportunity for…

(Note: The session was interrupted with recorder problems, child interruptions, and teleconferencing connection difficulties.)

Dear friends, we are chuckling at your technical difficulties. Your interruptions and the mini chaos of this meeting are in many ways reflective of life on Urantia. Learning to connect in the daily routine, with the distractions, the frustration, the ups and downs is part of what we strive to assist you with. For as you learn to strengthen your connection and stay in-tune despite these ripples, your lives become more sane, for your awareness of the Father’s presence increases, and the Father is sanity. And so we smile and offer this comment as introduction. Once again, I will return to my presentation for the evening.

Life on Urantia offers unique opportunities for growth that are rare in the universe of universes. You are aware of the unique circumstances of your planet, which led to the bestowal of your Creator Son on this planet, of his many inhabited planets. And so life on Urantia is unique. But these times upon Urantia provide opportunities that are in themselves unique because of the Correcting Time.

You live in historical times. The eyes of the universe are focused on this planet and the decisions, individual and collective, that you are making.

History has times of great change and upheaval and times of relative calm. History is very much like the waters of a river. When the river is young, there are drops and steep sections through which the water tumbles rapidly and then smoothes and becomes serene, moving through beautiful pools before rushing forward once again. As rivers mature and the land becomes aged, the waters are deep but sure and move steadily. You live in times between the young and the mature, and in a section of the river that is beginning to move swiftly.

The purpose of my comments with regard to the river is to illustrate one aspect of change and to help define the coming sequence. However just as an experienced kayaker or rafter does not fear the faster moving water, with the drops and currents, but rather looks forward to and seeks out such water for the joy of the engagement, so, too, does the individual with spiritual insight and desire for growth not fear the rougher waters.

The experienced boater, sits above the difficult stretches, studies them carefully, and determines what approach he or she will take to make it through the stretch of difficult water. The spiritual aficionado has not the ability to look into the future as the boater does to read the water. Instead, the spiritual aficionado seeks within, seeks the Father, the one source of perfect knowledge, the One who knows the flow of the river, who knows the way through the rapids. And so the spiritual aficionado feels thrill, excitement, and confidence because of this training.

Now, I do not wish to imply that those who think of rapidly changing times with apprehension are not spiritual seekers, no! I am simply referring to a fact of living (which is true every day) that you do not have control (as much as many of you would desire) over even the day-to-day events of your life. Things happen.

What you do have control over is how you decide to react. And so while uncertainty, concern, and fear, are natural responses to change, these responses can be reprogrammed such as in the Pollyanna glad game in which seemingly unpleasant events are examined to find how one could react to them differently.

And so these times upon Urantia are unique and provide unique opportunities that are not available on most other planets and are not available to whole orders of beings. And while you may struggle and say "why me," "why now," another response could be "Father show me the way, I will follow You." And as this response is grasped, internalized, embraced, with it comes courage, wisdom, peace, and exorbitant love.

I am open for questions or comments. I welcome interaction with you.


(The group is quiet)

My friends I would entertain questions or comments in areas other than those directly related to my lesson.

(The group is quiet)

Then let me wish those of you who will be journeying over the next timeframe a safe journey. We look forward to the gathering in Albuquerque and the great light that is generated in such an undertaking.

Ron, my friend, be assured that you will have a plethora of spiritual supporters in your adventure.


Please stand; hold hands.

DANIEL: I am Daniel here to share my love with you.

Father be with these our friends and students as they part company to pursue individual and collective growth. May they grasp Your hand and walk with You. May they feel the warmth of Your ever-present love. And may they know Your comfort and Your peace. Until we are rejoined as one, go in peace.

END Amen Amen.