2005-02-15-A Lesson on Allowing

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Topic: A Lesson on Allowing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “We will discuss today the meaning of the word allowing. It is the biggest step one can make; to allow the Spark of God within to gain free expression, and to allow this without the human self interfering. Usually it is the ego which stops the Creator from being fully expressed in the lives of humans. It takes a lot of learning on the part of the human to understand that God’s will is really the better way and more successful. It so rarely happens in the earthly estate that the Creator receives ongoing permission to have His/Her way with His/Her human counterpart. First of all a small spark of faith and trust on the human’s part is needed to make that God connection.

“This is totally the choice of the individual, and not something that is brought about by superficial words. It needs to be a totally committed faith to first hand yourself over in trust to God, and then wait within in meditative silence, knowing that an earnest petition from you will never fall on deaf ears. It is this allowing which causes a sacred communion to take place, and which may well be totally without words. And yet an understanding can occur, and new insights may dawn. If this was not possible, I would not tell you these things. This first inner wordless communication with your God-Spark is truly a state of being to be experienced first-hand, and it will never be forgotten -- that overwhelming feeling of love, which seems to flow from every pore of your body. This is the Love of the Creator for his creature.

“This love is always there, but the human seldom realizes it, or allows this to be felt. This permission is only given when the human is in a state of total surrender, perhaps in a state of unconditional thanksgiving, when the wall of misguided self-preservation is breached and for a moment one becomes totally dependent on the grace of God. This represents the momentary forgetting of ‘the little self’ and signifies a joining with the greater Self, which is hidden away in the divine blueprint and which the Spark of God brought with Him/Her for you at the moment of indwelling. In that moment you became a human of potential immortality status. From there on your ‘allowing it to happen’ began -- a chance of learning to cooperate with your God-given divinity within -- the One you are betrothed to and to become ‘at one’ with.

“It is in a growing faith and trust, in a seeking of, and in a learning to do, the will of God -- which really means the way with the most love in it -- and in the making of the daily connection with your God-Spark within. When this habit becomes established, you will soon find out that I am accessible at all times, as I am merely a thought away. It is only your allowing, which is required to make this happen. That is all I need to be allowed to come closer into your awareness, so I can be of greater service to you at all times, so that when you are in doubt of something, you can always check with Me first. This is the quality of cooperation which I desire, and which you need to make the most of our partnership together. So please, do allow Me to be a bigger part of your life. Your joy will increase exponentially, and this in turn will make your heart overflow with thankfulness towards the Creator God of all.”