2005-02-22-Call of Spirit

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Topic: Call of Spirit

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh, Zeen

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "When you find the call of spirit upon you it is difficult, if not impossible to walk away.

"For some this comes after years of tutoring and learning of philosophy and religious teachings, for others it appears as a bolt from the blue, disrupting their lives and making them feel unsure of all they thought real, safe and certain.

"It brings with it doubt, fears and anxieties, but with the certain knowledge that they cannot remain the same as before. Whilst the immediacy of such a lightening bolt is difficult to manage, and may rock the foundations upon such a persons life has been built, it is no harder-a-path than for that person for whom the call of spirit comes many years into the learning of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha or any other religious master.

"Indeed, for these souls, though the immediacy of the call does not rock them to such depths, they often have whole buildings, even cities, rested upon the foundations, which must be demolished to rebuild such structures based solely on their own experience of the Divine within.

"Be aware, those of you who face the call in this way, that it is only by looking deep into those foundations already built, and the architects plans, that you will truly see how your beliefs have grown over time and be able to discern those you have built from your own truth, and those which have appeared solely from your conditioning and the beliefs of those around you.

"Question each and every aspect until you find your own truth, and allow demolition where necessary, until you can truly build your city of light within your own heart, fully reflecting all that You Are.

"A simple message, that reaches to the depths. I am yours, Armesh and Zeen."