2005-03-06-Fine Art of Cosmic Speculation

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Topic: Fine Art of Cosmic Speculation

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Tomas here, as is Merium and Anatolia. Ham is looking on, as is Abraham on his big computer in the sky that watches everything.


There is a great deal of freedom within the realm of the spirit for the amusement of those who will indulge in the fine art of cosmic speculation. There are certain fundamental laws of the universe that cannot be altered…(that will not be altered because it’s part of the foundation, and that’s all you need to know about that), but there are many variables. And, as any evolving reality -- that is to say: a reality that is not already perfect / existent in perfection – the relativity of this reality is able to be depicted in myriad ways, which run the gamut of imagination with the varying personal interests of each one, each participant.

In this way, all of life becomes a parable. Whereas it us understood by many to be an "illusion," another vantage point (the one I am offering at the moment) is the different perspective of "parable" … as symbolism for understanding the greater universe. This is essentially philosophy, children, elemental morontia philosophy.

The fact that you are an experimental planet lends itself well to your varied approaches. Because of this element of liberation, there will always be the risk-taker and high roller, if only to counter-balance the timid soul on the opposite end, and represent the full polarity. But my point here is that the idea that the one is advanced beyond the other to such an extent to be superior is often, if not 50% [of the time], incorrect, for it is merely the antithesis of the existent, in order to pull toward the "middle of the road" point of view.

But "middle of the road" does not need to mean the same as "mediocre," it does not need to mean "standardized," it could also mean, "united." And in the synergy of these united minds there is exponential power. If you look at any kind of power you will see it is greatly enhanced by the passion of its participants, and the more ingrained/ deep seated/ conditioned the value/ the mores, the harder it will be to break from it, and in that context, it operates as an essential control factor to those of the nature to push the envelope—to be the space cowboy, the cosmic explorer, devil worshiper or what have you.

We are speaking to you today as if we were like mind. We are like-minded today in our energy to delve into your consciousness, thereby hoping to, once inside, diffract and diffuse into those various elements of who we are so as to impress also your unconscious, subconscious, super-concious-ness-es. In this way you have a full consciousness experience. It enables you to be in your body but not of it. If and as you are in your body and it is responding to your mind’s commands, you are sharing this configuration of full consciousness with the driving power of the physical mechanism and those electro-chemical charges which detract from the focalized inner life.

TOMAS: Perhaps I, Tomas, now need to distinguish myself from my peers in concert with you this afternoon to inquire if in your own soul growth or consciousness-raising, you have any questions or comments as to what your current perception is.


Reneau: Thanks, Tomas. On personal health issues, or global issues, or environmental issues …?

TOMAS: You are looking to guidelines to your inquiries?

Reneau: Uh-huh.

TOMAS: Thoroah, what is your pleasure?

Thoroah: I’m trying to focus in on one particular thing and I … can’t get it.

TOMAS: Then any one of the above will suffice.

The motor skills -- the body -- is a distraction. How you manage your body, your relationship with your material world (which is an extension of your body), is the way you invest most of your energy. Our constant exhortation has been for you to stop the constant physical momentum and accustom yourself to the other side of that spectrum so as to bring some balance between the spiritual and the physical, the ethereal and the finite, for you to find your center.

What throws you off center? That is what you should be asking. What throws you off-center that you become either (a) too spiritual, as in spiritually unbalanced, or (b) mentally obsessed and fixed on a point, or (c) emotionally invested in something beyond your own best interests, or (d) physically running the show. Look to where it is that your system leaks, or falls short, or disrupts the poise of your coordinated self and the integration of your full personality. This is what I would focus on if I were in your shoes.

"Why?" you ask, "would I want to look for my weaknesses or failings or handicaps or drawbacks?"

Reneau: No. It’s not that I don’t want to look at my handicaps or shortcomings, because obviously we need to know what those are, and a lot of times I feel like it’s – "How do I know if I’m having a shortcoming when nobody tells me!" -- so sometimes that will help. Not basically so much my health or anybody’s health, (but) the mental health of the people on this planet also.

I am encouraged by stories that I hear from people that are engineering better ways to do things and lighter vehicles and less waste and more green things and lots of good ideas out there that are in spite of what seems to be happening. At least the good ideas are taking root and being developed and talked about and spread around and worked on, while some of these other, darker issues, would seem all the front page, they will eventually fall away, I am sure.

So it seems like kind of a doom and gloom out there, but on the other hand, I am very heartened by things that I read in here, about the good things that are going on. So, I think people are becoming more enlightened and speaking out more. It doesn’t seem like it, but ….

TOMAS: This is the point of your being advised to ask questions – not just of your Teachers, your elders, or your superiors … not just those who are in a position of authority, but those who are your underlings or those behind you, for in that way you find out "where they are coming from" so that your service motivation could then provide them (with) the next installment in their life’s journey.

But it is also essential that you ask questions of those with whom you have daily contact, for most of your lives are lived on automatic pilot. You go through the motions of taking care of the physical realm world. You put out the emotional fires or stoke them, according your mind’s peace. And the mind’s peace comes from the reflection that will be perfect as you seek the stillness. Therein are all the answers to all the questions. Thus we have enlightenment, nirvana. But it is alive, and will always advance a bucolic environment to an architectural sphere.

Putting things on the table so that they can be seen openly is simply sharing your inner life with God and your fellows. The difficulty has been and remains that the patterns that have been established as acceptable and unacceptable, appropriate and inappropriate are so varied, you spend most of your time trying to find where you belong in the relationship rather than freely bringing to it what you could if you were not so self-conscious about the consciousness of "most folk".

Therefore, education is the favored solution to all these ills, i.e., pollution, production, distribution, natural resources, global economy and so forth. When you can bond in the spirit and allow the subsequent configuration its own power, it will always show itself to be more than the sum of its parts. But, for many, that is a frightening prospect -- while there are many, too, who would be as frightened by the prospect of operating outside of a group consciousness, be that a team, a family, a corporation, a field of study or a gender.

We have others here today if you would like to call on someone for something specific to their field. I am here to serve you.

Reneau: Merium is here, right?

TOMAS: Merium is here, yes.

Reneau: She was introduced to my granddaughter, Persia, a couple of years ago and I just wondered if she has kept watch on her from time to time. We think she is just growing up fine and delightfully.

MERIUM: Such a fortunate child she is, yes! This is Merium, a child myself, and although I am not a frequent visitor to Persia Gray’s homestead, I am apprised of her the instant I am needful of such, and so I see how she is and she is doing well, indeed. Just because I personally do not knock on everyone’s door does not mean I don’t come to call.

There is this oversoul, to which I am a part, which often only allows me to see that which I need to see and not all that I want to see, for at this point in our upbringing, it would almost be ill-mannered of me to take off on my own initiative without regard to how my actions impacted those with whom I was connected.

It would be hard for you to comprehend, without perhaps showing you a picture of the television show Star Wars, that had a race of people who were all a part of the "Collective," an aggregation -- as interdependent and co-dependent and interconnected as is imaginable without being one cell.

These ideas about cellular structures – individuals who comprise a body (yes, like a church, which some regard as "the body of Christ") (or a student body, on campus) – although the idea of free will is such that it would not be possible for you to be swallowed up into a greater reality to your degradation and demise, it would not be possible because of the nature of God we call Love that draws all of his creation back to him. And while energetically this could be regarded as a mere agitation cycle on the washing machine, it is also your eternal life, and therefore, meaningful – at least to you, at least in potential, and at least once in awhile!

This is how government works On High. It is like descending perfection from the ultimate Paradise pattern, and as it goes out from the Isle of Paradise into the material realms … into the universes of time and space, into the superuniverses, and even beyond – into the outer rims …

Reneau: Other worlds such as this one?

MERIUM: There are many worlds such as this one, yes. And thousands not unlike you at all.

Reneau: I guess we’ll get a chance to see them all.

MERIUM: You won’t need to see them all in order to see the point.

Reneau: Um-hum.

MERIUM: You will see what you need to see in order to make your decisions. The decisions are what make the difference, and naturally your decisions will reflect your consciousness at the time that the decision was made. And therefore "at this stage of the game" there are certain statistical odds that you will do this or that or a variation thereof. But the range which you do have, and which you do use, is of interest to us in and as it affects the growth of the whole.

Thoroah: I read something today about there is something missing in our individual awareness and it regards our conscious interconnection in our DNA that has been suppressed, for whatever reason – perhaps the rebellion, and all that – and if that were to be restored to our consciousness, we would have a much better apparatus for dealing with how our individuality impacts everyone else.

Reneau: And feel a connection with people.

Thoroah: I’m wondering if that is possible. I know there’s a lot about the DNA we don’t know about, but is that something that is possibly on the list for reconnecting as this reconnecting time/ correcting time goes on?

MERIUM: This is on-going, even now, and you know this by the fact that you are discussing it -- (Chuckles) -- and others are, as well. Your question is HOW is it being upstepped, so that you can anticipate how much it will affect your life, and how much you can expect it to affect the lives of others. Is this not your question?

Thoroah: Yes, because it would just open our awareness to each other.

MERIUM: It would tell you more about who you are and what to expect from yourself and, therefore, how you would effectively interrelate better with your fellows, if at all.

Thoroah: Yes.

MERIUM: Yes. Well, of course the Life Carriers implanted your pattern and it was not taken away. It is still implanted and in time it will return to pursue its course, but it is like you are going through a knothole in time. In time you will pass this knothole and continue to grow upright. Because imperfection has put you in a position of going through a knothole is not enough to keep you from growing into a full tree, if that parable helps.

If your plasma had been upstepped by Adam and Eve in the initial plan, it is true you would not be experiencing many of the diseases you experience today, but theirs was to augment your development, which is part of the challenge for the Gods – to see how long it takes to go from life-implantation to light and life on an inhabited world, and while there are many occasions for setbacks and knotholes abound, it is still possible to attain fullness of perfection through evolution.

Reneau: Is that – our experimental planet, how long it will take us to evolve to light and life without the advantage of the upstepment that we coulda, shoulda, woulda had?

MERIUM: That certainly has become an added dimension to the initial experimental factors that were allowed as a part of the Rules of the Game, but the clever players in your past have made the game very complicated, complex, and so much of what must happen is those complexities, which are like a massive snarl or a knothole, can be put to rest and bypassed in the interest of advancement and return into perfection. But the process will involve taking with you the worlds of time and space. While you may not bring your physical address into infinity with you, you do, nonetheless, contribute to the perfection of the planet by your contribution to the planet in your life here.

Reneau: So we all make a difference with what we do--


Reneau: -- in our own back yard.

MERIUM: Yes. And your actions in your back yard, if conscious, positively affect and impact that which you affect and impact in your life as you pass by. And so what you do either advances or hinders consciousness, and love is more contagious than hate, so even while you see a great deal of distortion, it is true also that there is overall, a pattern of growth that is more about the tree and the growth of the hole, while accepting that knotholes are a part of the growth process and, in fact, are a part of the beauty of the wood. Amen.

Thoroah: I loved the knothole parable, Merium.

MERIUM: So, one day your DNA will grow up after all. You will be all that you can be in spite of the difficulties you have had to go through.

Reneau: But you mean our children’s children’s children’s DNA because we won’t be here. We’ll be off on morontia DNA.

MERIUM: Yes, you are part of the tree, ongoing through evolution. The point of revelation is to give it to you when you feel you can handle it.

Reneau: So if I can become an enlightened human being and change my DNA – switch it on, so to speak – then can that be passed onto my generation and their DNA also switched on and … like that?

MERIUM: Their DNA is congenitally affected certainly, but more to the point perhaps is the paradigm of reality which changes your environment, and that more wholesome environment, more morontial in actuality, becomes the new fabric which holds you up, and which holds up the next generation and the next and the next, so that they need not devolve back into the knothole consciousness.

Reneau: How does it keep up? Once we start enlightening and lifting, how the momentum there of spreading love to everybody, how does that keep up, generation after generation after generation, then?

MERIUM: It doesn’t always. Civilizations fall. Races of people are eradicated. Nationalities are rearranged.

Reneau: Enlightenment fades.

MERIUM: Enlightenment is put on a back burner. We’ll not see the worlds of space snuffed out by neglect. This is the point of the epochal revelations. Something will happen to compel progress to continue. This is a part of what the Life Carriers implanted and which the Michael Son and Spirit created in their union, for their Kingdom. And this is true of all the Michael Sons and Divine Ministers throughout the seven superuniverses. This is their creative potential – creating creations that will continue to create the Creator.

In the antithesis, you could think of it as the "Alien" who creates eggs, and each egg becomes a replica of it, passing on another generation of alien beings. While they are portrayed as unfriendly in your movie, they are benign in reality, and this infinite perfect egg of perfection potential is hatched to produce more eggs in which willing souls contribute to the great mechanism of the universe, made more than mechanical by the infusion of divine love – which makes it a living thing, nonetheless.

And so much of it is in how you choose to look at it. Do you choose to see your glass half empty or half full? Do you choose to see the horror or the divine? Do you look at the potential as evil or as good? How do you allow yourself to be swayed when you see the collective consciousness luring you into a shared consciousness with their terror? How do you steer frightened hoards of consciousness away from the abyss of fear into the playing field of full consciousness of the glorious light of the sun in full flower of its potential – fruition.


Perhaps you will find it helpful when you read it. Let’s take a break. Perhaps we can come back. Perhaps you have something else you would like to do. Or perhaps you will garner something in the discussion that piques your curiosity. At any rate, it has been our pleasure. Adieu.

Reneau: And ours! Thank you.