2005-03-08-Rainbow Of Light

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Topic: Rainbow of Light

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sananda

TR: Helen Whitworth



The Scribe: "Now we move to a message of the colors of the rainbow. Much has been taught so far of unity. Now we talk of separation. Of how through separation it is possible to experience the full wonder of God Reality.

"As a race, you have worked with separation for many millennia, and you are just beginning as a race to understand the concept of unity. Realize, however, that this unity is still within separation. We talk of it as an absolute, but the unity we discuss is the unity with other members of your own race, and with your position at large within the Earth, and within the Celestial Brethren assisting within this Earth.

"It is the first step towards Divine Unity, and as you evolve into this space, and you begin to identify with mass consciousness over and above individual consciousness, though still retaining your own place as an individual, then it becomes this unity of humanity, and of the Earth, that represents but a small amount of separation within the entirety of the universes.

"This therefore sums up your goals of evolution throughout the millennia of your souls existences. And, as you learn, and as you evolve, through time, through space and experience, then the unifying forces become greater within you, yet there is always separation. It is not possible to be an Ascendant Being without this separation. Your entire natures are based upon this being-ness. I use the analogy of Rainbow as has been discussed before, like light passed through a prism becomes seven colors.

"As the light moves through the prism, the colors separate slowly, becoming wider and wider until they leave the prism at their greatest width. When you then reintroduce this rainbow back into a prism, the lines become narrower. They become narrower until at the furthest point, if the prism is wide enough, they merge again to form white light.

"If you imagine a human, or any mortal on a planet within the Superuniverse, sitting between two prisms, you feel the great density of each color, then as you begin evolve you begin to move towards the second prism and these colors start to unify. But as they become narrower they are still yet color until the point of emergence at the other side. This is your journey and it will take many millennia.

"Your creation, the manifestation from the Mother Spirit IS the prism moving in the opposite direction. It is the creator that sets impulse to move the white light, and it is the Mother Spirit that provides the mechanism for doing so. If you consider Her to be the glass of the prism, and the Father to be the white light, then you will see how Mother Spirit permeates All that is manifest, and how as a manifest being there are realms that are unknown; those of the pure white light.

"However you also hold that bright white light within you, and it is this which allows you to deep within yourself feel the call of Spirit, the impulse to learn, and the impulse to move along the rays of the rainbow, seeing how they manifest at every point, in every moment, in every Now.

"This puts you in a beautiful and challenging position. By being manifest you can experience, in fact you Are, the sum of each action, each movement that is possible within the Creator, yet which at source is hidden within the pure blinding light of No Separation. And as you may only look at the sun through filters, so too your physical bodies would burn up if you saw directly to the center of the Father. This is a natural product of your nature of being.

"You are the explorers of the Universe—those who discover the myriad ways this light, and this love, can be split and can be spread, and can be made into glorious un-ending pattern. Without this split there would be All, but Nothing. Through the separation there is true Glory.


"I trust this explains some of the questions you have had, both within yourself, and from others over the past few days. It is intended to give you a sense of wonder, rather than of desperation. So go out, be as a child, exploring the Creation, born from the Fathers light and the Mothers body, and know that you are truly of Both.

"I love you, and it brings me great joy to be involved on a world such as this, with emergent souls looking once again to the light and love within their hearts.

"I Am The Scribe."